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342. By Adam Conrad

debian/patches/arm64/submitted-setcontext.diff: Update to new version
of Will's setcontext patch to fix sigmask handling bug (LP: #1306829)

341. By Adam Conrad

* Merge with unreleased 2.19 from Debian experimental, fixing more bugs:
  - Pull in arm64 patches to fix setcontext corruption (LP: #1279620)
  - Apply the IBM 2.19 branch for POWER8 bug fixes and optimizations.
  - Change M_CHECK_ACTION to abort if first MALLOC_CHECK_ bit is set.

340. By Michael Vogt

* debian/debhelper.in/libc.preinst:
  - do not show glibc/restart-services question when the system
    is uprading via the desktop session (LP: #1298281)

339. By Adam Conrad

* Merge with unreleased 2.19 from Debian experimental, fixing more bugs:
  - Fix bzero/__bzero definition on powerpc/ppc64 with static builds.
  - Enable IFUNC on arm64 builds, now that the toolchain supports it.
  - Revert removal of the XDR currency for installation-locale FTBFS.
  - Pull update from 2.19 branch, fixing bad math in __sin and __cos.
* debian/sysdeps/{i386,amd64}.mk: Build i386 flavours with -fno-regmove,
  this can be reverted when gcc-4.9 becomes the default distro compiler.
* debian/*: Drop the redundant libc6-xen packages on i386 (LP: #1271534)

338. By Adam Conrad

* Merge with unreleased 2.19 from Debian experimental, fixing some bugs:
  - debian/patches/any/local-no-malloc-backtrace.diff: Lower the default
    for MALLOC_CHECK_ to 1, and add it to the list of insecure variables
    that can't be set for suid binaries. This allows us to not backtrace
    malloc failures by default (Closes: #739913, LP: #1266492) and skips
    backtrace for suid binaries where an attacker calling into a corrupt
    malloc internal data structure with malloc could lead to Bad Things.
  - Make ldconfig stop operating on the linker entirely, so our packaged
    symlinks take precedence and hack the postinst to skip ldconfig when
    we detect a broken setup that the old ldconfig mangles (LP: #915995)

337. By Adam Conrad

* debian/patches/ppc64el/ibm-branch.diff: Drop min shlib vers to 2.17.
* debian/patches/ppc64el/lookup-hack.diff: Treat 2.18 symbols as 2.17.

336. By Adam Conrad

* debian/sysdeps/ppc64el.mk: Use --with-cpu=power7 to optimize properly.
* debian/patches/ppc64el/cvs-ppc64-MCOUNT.diff: Fix uses of CALL_MCOUNT.

335. By Adam Conrad

* debian/patches/arm/cvs-arm__{longjmp,sigsetjmp}-thumb.diff: Pull patch
  from upstream to allow building longjmp and sigsetjmp code with Thumb.
* debian/patches/arm/cvs-arm-pointer-mangle-frame.diff: Upstream diff to
  no longer apply pointer encryption to the frame pointer (LP: #1268937)

334. By Adam Conrad

debian/patches/ppc64el/ibm-branch.diff: Rebase against vfscanf patch.

333. By Adam Conrad

* debian/patches/i386/cvs-sse42-strstr*: Backport upstream commits which
  drop buggy SSE4.2 srtstr implementations in favour of an SSE2 version.
* debian/patches/kfreebsd/submitted-waitid.diff: Drop this patch pending
  the resolution of the upstream bug and the Linux/libc header mismatch.

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