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48. By Michael Terry on 2014-04-29

* debian/patches/exception-encode.patch:
  - Fix exception when backing up to a directory with utf8 characters
    in its path when using the gio backend (as deja-dup does).
    LP: #1313966
  - Fix a couple more encoding issues during exception handling. These
    bits aren't as critical, but are bundled in same patch from upstream
    and are still useful. LP: #1289288, LP: #1311176

47. By Michael Terry on 2014-04-09

* debian/patches/skip-flaky-test.patch:
  - One of the tests is failing on ppc64el because the test relies on
    guessing how many volumes duplicity will split a bunch of random
    data into. But that's an inherently sketchy guess to make.
    Just disable for now until we can work with upstream on a better

46. By Michael Terry on 2014-04-08

* debian/patches/print-encode.patch:
  - The print Python command has trouble with unicode, so for the few
    user-visible messages where we directly print to console, instead
    send the string through duplicity's log framework which can handle
    unicode gracefully. Stops frequent crashes in non-English locales.
    LP: #1286845

45. By Michael Terry on 2014-02-22

* debian/patches/getpass-encode.patch:
  - Always pass getpass a bytes string, preventing a crash when
    prompting the user for a passphrase in non-English locales.
    LP: #1276327

44. By Michael Terry on 2014-02-19

* Merge from Debian unstable. Remaining changes:
  - Enable tests during build
  - Add simple dep8 test that does a backup/restore cycle
  - Drop Recommends for various backends to Suggests
  - debian/patches/{01-reverify,02-unicode}: Disabled, upstream fixed
    the bugs these patches work around
* debian/control:
  - Add Breaks on older versions of deja-dup due to new lockfile support

43. By Michael Terry on 2014-01-30

* New upstream release
* Drop all patches, all applied upstream

42. By Michael Terry on 2013-11-18

* debian/patches/04-dont-skip-first-chunk-on-restart.patch:
  - When restarting a backup, if the file we were in the middle of
    backing up is now deleted, don't skip the first 65k chunk of the
    next file. Patch backported from upstream trunk. LP: #1252484

41. By Michael Terry on 2013-10-23

debian/control: Drop Recommends to Suggests again. We don't need
to pick favorites among the backends or clutter the image.

40. By Michael Terry on 2013-10-22

* Merge from Debian unstable. Remaining changes:
  - Enable tests during build
  - Add simple dep8 test that does a backup/restore cycle
  - debian/patches/03-ignoremissing: Backport fix from trunk to correctly
    ignore missing files in some cases.
  - debian/patches/01-reverify: Disabled, upstream fixed the bug that
    this patch is working around.

39. By Michael Terry on 2013-09-12

* debian/patches/02ignoremissing.dpatch:
  - Fix patch to not try to handle non-OSError exceptions

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