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24. By Colin Watson

[ Joey Hess ]
* Improve error message when a decompressor is not available,
  to indicate which package has been built with bzip today.
  Closes: #644719

[ Otavio Salvador ]
* Fix --print-debs support when using --foreign param. Closes:

[ Colin Watson ]
* pkgdetails_perl: Use the last of a sequence of stanzas for the same
  package name, rather than the first (closes: #649319).

23. By Colin Watson

Add (Ubuntu) precise as a symlink to gutsy.

22. By Joey Hess <email address hidden>

* Guess host OS based on uname for non-Debian systems. Closes: #637363
* Clarify "target" in usage message.
* Fix support for running debootstrap on a FreeBSD host to create a kFreeBSD
  chroot or jail. Thanks, Arno Toell.
* Search PATH for programs, rather than checking hardcoded locations.
* Support using md5 and shaN programs, as found on FreeBSD, in addition
  to md5sum and shaNsum.
* When FreeBSD (not kfreebsd) is the host, don't chroot to mount special
* When debootstrapping on FreeBSD, warn if necessary modules are not
  loaded. Thanks, Arno Toell.
* Workaround for umount bug #634107, which broke pbuilder and "debootstrap ."
  Closes: #631087

21. By Colin Watson

[ Robert Millan ]
* Don't build devices.tar.gz if building on GNU/kFreeBSD (closes:
* Don't use --arch when we specifically care about the host architecture
  (closes: #637298).

20. By Otavio Salvador

[ Joey Hess ]
* Mention minbase variant in --help. Closes: #632418
* Use md5sums for sarge, which did not consistently have sha1sums
  everywhere. Closes: #633158

[ Colin Watson ]
* Improve text of error message when decompression command is not

19. By Joey Hess <email address hidden>

Use md5sums for woody and potato, which only had those checksums
in the Packages files. Closes: #627365

18. By Colin Watson

[ Mark Hymers ]
* Don't use the Build-Essential: yes field in Debian, use the
  build-essential package. Closes: #619700.

[ Colin Watson ]
* If ubuntu-keyring is installed, check Release signatures against it when
  bootstrapping Ubuntu gutsy and later.
* Recommend ubuntu-keyring rather than debian-archive-keyring on
  Ubuntu-derived systems.

17. By Joey Hess <email address hidden>

[ Joey Hess ]
* Recommend debian-archive-keyring, and if it is installed,
  default to checking gpg signatures of the Release file against it
  when bootstrapping sid, squeeze, wheezy, etch, and lenny.
  Closes: #560038
* Add --no-check-gpg option that can be used to disable release file
  verification. Closes: #624229
* Needs base-installer 1.117.
* Add a warning message if the keyring file is not available, and
  --no-check-gpg is not specified.
* Clear all global variables used for options, so that unclean
  environment doesn't break debootstrap. Closes: #621657
* Removed the --boot-floppies switch and mode. Assuming this has
  not been used in 10 years.

[ Colin Watson ]
* Resolve dependencies from all requested components (LP: #740167).

16. By Colin Watson

* Cherry-pick from trunk:
  - Resolve dependencies from all requested components (LP: #740167).

15. By Colin Watson

[ Joey Hess ]
* Support bootstrapping oldstable. (Lenny could already be bootstrapped
  using that suite name.)

[ Colin Watson ]
* Add (Ubuntu) oneiric as a symlink to gutsy.

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