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35. By Francois-Rene Rideau <email address hidden> on 2013-10-22

New release:
* Run-program much improved, with a slight backward incompatibility.
  See the new documentation about it.
* Portability enhanced, with more robust Windows support,
  plus patches for CCL, CLISP, LispWorks, XCL.
* UIOP improved, with a README, more docstrings, a few new functions
  (println, writeln, stripln, ensure-gethash, vomit-output-stream),
  and bugfixes (to ensure-function, with-temporary-file, split-string).
* Debian installations that don't export XDG_DATA_DIRS will benefit
  from the fix to split-string, as the bug was basically disabling
  the default source-registry entry for /usr/share/common-lisp/source//
  Closes: #723977
* Minor tweaks to the defsystem, mostly to print more information
  in some situations, less in other situations, but also to better
  handle systems with secondary names like foo/bar, a fix for user
  functions in output-translation, and to :version (:read-file-...)
* Documentation somewhat updated.

34. By Francois-Rene Rideau <email address hidden> on 2013-09-03

UIOP:DIRECTORY* fixed to NOT follow symbolic links on LispWorks.
Fix handling of :at key in :read-file-form.
Fix package issue for system-definition-error (lp #1206173).
Some docstring updates. Also documentation updates.

33. By Francois-Rene Rideau <email address hidden> on 2013-06-02

Add some backward-compatibility to the debian package,
with a symlink from asdf.lisp to build/asdf.lisp.

32. By Francois-Rene Rideau <email address hidden> on 2013-05-27

ASDF fixes issues with the debian package itself.
It also includes fixes to run-program and run-shell-command.

31. By Francois-Rene Rideau <email address hidden> on 2012-08-25

* ACL: handle SMP vs non-SMP builds in Allegro 9.0
* MKCL: add support for ManKai Common Lisp
* ECL: merge improvements from ECL git. Refactor ECL support somewhat.
* Remove broken-fasl-support: first, cormanlisp is supposed to have fixed it;
  second, cormanlisp is dead;
  third, one can now (setf *load-system-operation* 'load-source-op) instead
  while using asdf:load-system.
* renaming ends-with to string-suffix-p to avoid conflict with alexandria.
* Refactor load-system to use *load-system-operation*,
  and change require-system and module-provide-asdf to use that.

Also note:
* We recommend you use asdf-utils to access the utilities in asdf.
  Some time next year, we may stop exporting the utilities from asdf itself.
* To avoid conflicts between alexandria, fare-utils, xcvb-driver,
  asdf-utils, etc., you can use xcvb-utils that solves the conflicts.
  Or you can use fare-utils:define-package-mix that will help you
  automatically resolve them.

30. By Francois-Rene Rideau <email address hidden> on 2012-07-17

* add new :compile-check argument to compile-file* and around-compile-hook.
  This allows for consistency check of .fasl output before the file can
  possibly be seen by other builds (i.e. no race condition).
* export more utilities for dealing with pathnames from environment.

29. By Francois-Rene Rideau <email address hidden> on 2012-06-12

* require is now mapped to the recently defined require-system,
 not to load-system anymore.
* more sensible inheritance semantics for default-component-class,
 which can be either a class or a class name.
* accept wildcards in directory-files for physical pathnames. lp#1000842

28. By Francois-Rene Rideau <email address hidden> on 2012-04-28

* New features:
  * Most importantly, encodings.
    ASDF now lets you specify an :encoding for a system, module or component,
    that is used when loading or compiling Lisp files. See the documentation.
    By default, the only useful value is :utf-8, and
    we recommend you use UTF-8 everywhere.
    We intend to make UTF-8 the default in the future
    (current default is the legacy behavior of using whichever implicit
    default your underlying implementation is currently configured to use).
    An extension asdf-encodings is available that supports more encodings,
    including autodetection of encoding from either emacs-style declaration
    -*- Mode: Lisp ; coding: utf-8 -*- or content.
  * require-system works like load-system, but won't try to load or update
    systems that have already been loaded, as listed by loaded-systems.
    More generally, you can specify a list of systems as :force-not argument
    to load-system and the specified systems won't be loaded or updated.
  * You can specify :force-not and a list of systems when loading a system,
  * You can now specify :hostname in your asdf-output-translations,
    so you can easily share a home directory via the network
    yet split its fasl cache between several subtly different machines.
* Bug Fixes:
  * lp#982285. since 2.014.4, the default source-registry
    was skipping anything from /usr or XDG_DATA_DIRS,
    because of a missing test in getenv-absolute-pathnames. Fixed in .15.
  * In 2.019.9 aka 2.20, ECL support was broken by using
    a function in the wrong package (defined in cl-user). Fixed in .1.
  * logical-pathname support was somewhat broken since 2.017.6,
    due to the way most implementations fail to read physical namestrings
    when *default-pathname-defaults* is a logical-pathname.
    Fixed, together with other logical-pathname issues,
    and a test case was added to the test suite to ensure no further regression.
    Works great modulo quirks around implementation bugs on CLISP and Allegro.
  * Make upgrading ASDF more robust on CMUCL, LispWorks, SBCL.
* Minor tweaks:
  * Use :unspecific in pathname components on more implementations.
  * export and/or document more utilities.
  * add a few missing compatfmt for Genera.

27. By Aron Xu on 2012-02-02

[ Aron Xu ]
* Team upload for new upstream release.
* Clean up unneeded debian/patches.

[ Francois-Rene Rideau ]
* Portability: support the new CCL fasl numbering API
* Bug fixes: handle various configuration corner cases better
 (thanks to Sergey Katrevich and Rupert Warwick).
* Feature: Robert Goldman fixed and documented WEAKLY-DEPENDS-ON.

26. By Francois-Rene Rideau <email address hidden> on 2011-11-27

* UI: Create and use a load-systems abstraction,
 in view of using it in a system-granular parallelizing backend. (.15)
* Usability: when a system can't be found, there's now a restart to retry
 finding a system after reinitializing the source-registry (.10).
* Feature: :around-compile now accepts lambda expressions, and also strings,
 so you can specify future wrappers that can't even be read yet. (.11, .12).
* Filesystem: recursing through logical pathnames in LispWorks (.2, .3),
 on SBCL as on CMUCL, have asdf:subdirectories follow symlinks (.8., .9)
* Configuration: modify user-configuration-directories and
 system-configuration-directories to return all valid directory names
 even when they don't exist yet so you may create them (.6), also output
 name of non-existing configuration file when opening them for writing (.7),
* Internals: strcat (.5), split locate-systems from find-systems (.6)
* Portability: Debugged CormanLisp support (.1).
 Fix type declaration for SCL (.17).
* Bug fix: don't drop pathname components without a / at the end
 when reading a path using GETENV (.18). (Bug from 2.017.27)
Closes: #647544.
* Bug fix: don't redefine reinitialize-instance in ways that break
 its contract and its clients (such as asdf-dependency-grovel).
 Use change-class to reset slots (.16), but not to 'standard-object,
 which breaks ecl, rather to a proto-system class (.19), and not
 using keys with breaks genera (.21). (Bug from 2.017.3)
* Bug fix: buglet in maybe-add-tree (.4)
* Upgrade: unintern internals of signature changed in 2.017.12 (.13),
 have *system-definition-search-functions* not be a defparameter,
 but a defvar with a fixup (.14), clear *systems-being-defined* when
 upgrading asdf but re-find them immediately because they may be needed
 as part of a higher operation (.14).
 Unintern some more functions that have changed signature (.20).

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