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16. By Bas van den Dikkenberg on 2014-04-07

Include "autotools-dev" addon for dh in debian/rules to allow
config.{sub,guess} to be regenerated. (Closes: #743873)

15. By Logan Rosen on 2014-04-09

* Merge from Debian unstable. Remaining changes:
  - Use autotools-dev to update config.{sub,guess} for ppc64el.

14. By Martin Pitt on 2014-03-12

Build --with autotool_dev again to fix ppc64el FTBFS.

13. By Bas van den Dikkenberg on 2014-03-03

* Add patch to fix pointer casting in src/msg.c:transfer_gzfile_in
  to fix FTBFS on 64-bit big-endian architectures (Closes: #740505):
  - debian/patches/endian.patch
* Replace debian/patches/disable_tests.patch with debian/patches/fixskiptest,
  so that only test 6 and 7 are skipped when there is no PRNG available.
* Add patch for the test function wait_for_backup_to_finish to check
  for the existance of /var/spool/burp/testclient/lockfile instead
  of the symlinks /var/spool/burp/testclient/{working,finishing}
  (Closes: #740547):
  - debian/patches/wait_for_backup_to_finish.patch
* Now using autoreconf for better portability:
  - Change dh $@ to dh $@ --with autoreconf in debian/rules file.
  - Add dependency on dh-autoreconf in debian/control.
* Change dh_verbose to 1 to solve compiler-flags-hidden warnings in
  debian/rules file.
* Remove obsolete overrides in rules file:
  - override_dh_auto_install
  - override_dh_install
  - override_dh_installdocs
* Using dh_auto_configure instead of just running ./configure with the
  following options in debian/rules:
  - prefix /usr
  - sysconfdir /etc/burp
  - sbindir $${prefix}/sbin
  - mandir $${prefix}/share/man
  - C/CPP/LD flags uses exported build flags
* Add debian/burp.install and debian/burp.dirs.

12. By Logan Rosen on 2013-12-17

Use autotools-dev to update config.{guess,sub} for new arches.

11. By Bas van den Dikkenberg on 2012-06-08

New upstream release version 1.3.8

10. By Bas van den Dikkenberg on 2012-05-30

Fixed unescaped - signes in man pages

9. By Bas van den Dikkenberg on 2012-05-29

* New upstream release version 1.3.6
* Removed unneeded Lintian Overides
* Update copyrights file to new standard

8. By Bas van den Dikkenberg on 2012-05-04

Fixes building isues with hppa and powerpcspe and sparc64
Changed debhelper version to (>= 8)

7. By Bas van den Dikkenberg on 2012-04-28

* New upstream release version 1.3.3
* Fixed make error during build process
* Fixed compression directive not fully functional only numeric value
  allowed Debian bug: (Closes: #665843)
* Fix "Build of version 1.3.2 failing" (Closes: #669107)
* Tidy up "Raw partition" (Closes: #670598)
* Prevent client from browsing backups (Closes: #670599)
* Prevent client from running a restore (Closes: #670600)
* Fix "Document or implement ability to prevent *client* from initiating
   manual backup (Closes: #670601)

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