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214. By Dimitri John Ledkov on 2014-02-25

releasing package armel-cross-toolchain-base version 1.104

213. By Dimitri John Ledkov on 2014-02-25

* Bump eglibc to 2.19.
* Bump kernel to 3.13.
* Bump binutils to 2.24 (belated).
* Refresh eglibc patches.
* Regeneration debian/control.
* Add rsync, xmlto build-dep.

212. By Dimitri John Ledkov on 2013-12-18

[ Dimitri John Ledkov ]
* Bump eglibc to 2.18.
* Bump gcc to 4.8.
* Explicitly use /dev/null as quilt config file.
* Drop not-needed any more binutils-version.diff gcc overlay patch
* Remove binutils-gold build-conflict, and regenerate control.
* Refresh eglibc/ubuntu/disable-selinux.patch.
* Add symlinks and rdfind build-dependency.
* Speed up build, by building eglibc in parallel.
* Remove Marcin Juszkiewicz from maintainers, thanks a lot for your
  awesome work and good luck on the Red side ;-)
* Bump linux-source to 3.12.

211. By Matthias Klose on 2013-06-17

* Update to kernel version found in saucy.
* Provide symlinks for the non-default multilib files in the
  libc6{,-dev}-armel-armhf-cross and libc6{,-dev}-armel-cross packages.

210. By Colin Watson on 2013-02-08

* Merge packaging from armhf-cross-toolchain-base 1.101:
  - Bump eglibc to 2.17.

209. By Matthias Klose on 2013-01-20

Merge packaging from armhf-cross-toolchain-base 1.100.

208. By Matthias Klose on 2013-01-20

Merge packaging from armhf-cross-toolchain-base 1.99.

207. By Matthias Klose on 2012-12-14

* Stop building the libgcc packages from this source.
* Remove the the libc6 dependency on libgcc1.

206. By Matthias Klose on 2012-12-06

* Stop building the dummy packages.
* Include the stubs-<abi>.h header for the non-default architecture
  in the libc6-dev-<arch>-cross package. Ugly hack, should really
  be built within this source package.
* Drop obsolete patches for toolchain packages.
* Allow libelf-dev as a build dependency.

205. By Marcin Juszkiewicz on 2012-11-19

* Make use of all toolchain improvements in raring.
* Use only gcc-4.7 for bootstrap.
* Bumped linux-source to 3.7
  * added hacks to get linux-libc-dev_armel.deb built
* Bumped eglibc to 2.16
  * Disabled SELinux support in eglibc - it is there for nscd which we do
    not use.
  * Added debconf(-2.0) to list of ignored deps for dpkg-cross.
* Bumped gcc-4.7 to 4.7.2-5
  * install libgcc* packages after build-gcc2
  * added workaround for LP: 1078736
  * removed svn-doc-updates.diff from debian/rules.patch - it is broken
* Forced --disable-werror for cross binutils - aarch64 needs that - LP: 1079676

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