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155. By Michael Vogt on 2014-04-11

* debian/python3-aptdaemon.test.install:
  - install all test deb files
* debian/patches/dbus_timeout.patch:
  - fix pep8 issue
* debian/patches/fix-configparser.patch:
  - do not crash when "#" are in comments
* debian/patches/py3_inheritable.patch:
  - set status-fds inheritable to fix InstallFiles()
* debian/tests/control:
  - add missing fakeroot dependency
  - add missing lintian dependency

154. By Michael Vogt on 2014-04-10

* debian/patches/dbus_timeout.patch
  - increase dbus timeouts to avoid a dbus timeout error if a
    policykit authentication dialog is not answered for a while
* debian/patches/lp1266844.patch:
  - workaround for LP: #1266844, thanks to Brian Murray

153. By Matthias Klose on 2014-02-20

Rewrite the python shebang path to /usr/bin/python3.

152. By Martin Pitt on 2013-10-24

* Merge with Debian unstable. Remaining Ubuntu changes:
  - Build-depend on dh-translations and use it in debian/rules.
  - Add upstream_lintian_2.5.18.patch: Recently updated lintian 2.5.18
    dropped $LINTIAN_ROOT, adjust tests accordingly (cherrypicked from
    upstream trunk). Fixes autopkgtest.
  - fix_ftbs.patch: Fix FTBFS (LP: #1226100) with latest pep8 version.
* Move Vcs-Bzr to trusty branch.

151. By Martin Pitt on 2013-10-14

Add upstream_lintian_2.5.18.patch: Recently updated lintian 2.5.18 dropped
$LINTIAN_ROOT, adjust tests accordingly (cherrypicked from upstream
trunk). Fixes autopkgtest.

150. By Sebastian Heinlein on 2013-09-17

* debian/patches:
  - fix_ftbs.patch: Fix FTBS (LP: #1226100) with latest pep8 version

149. By Sebastian Heinlein on 2013-08-28

* New upstream release:
   - Updated and improved PackageKit 0.8 D-Bus interface support
   - Configuration file conflicts now default to replace
   - Colored console output
   - Minor bug fixes
   - Require the latest PackageKit-Glib version
   - Add breaks for the obsoleted PackageKit client libraries of the 0.7.x
* debian/patches:
   - apt-dbus-text-api.patch: merged upstream
   - debconf-flush.patch: merged upstream
   - fix-gobject-io-add-watch.patch: merged upstream
   - fix-lp898851.patch: merged upstream
   - lp1058038.patch: merged upstream
   - upstream-dropped-lintian-check.patch: merged upstream
   - upstream-pep8-fixes.patch: merged upstream
   - fix-high-trust-pkcompat.diff: updated

148. By Martin Pitt on 2013-06-06

* Update Vcs-* to saucy branch.
* Add upstream-dropped-lintian-check.patch: Drop
  missing-pre-dependency-on-multiarch-support, it was dropped from saucy

147. By Colin Watson on 2013-04-02

Flush debconf-communicate stdin after writing to it
(LP: #1163142, #1163163).

146. By Brian Murray on 2013-03-22

*debian/patches/fix-lp898851.patch: Workaround a random crash during
 progress dialog. Thanks to Sebastian Heinlein for the patch. (LP: #898851)

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