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13. By Alessio Treglia

* New upstream release.
* Refresh patches.
* Replace libclalsadrv-dev with libzita-alsa-pcmi.
* Bump debhelper compatibility.
* Bump libclxclient-dev dependency.
* Update debian/copyright.
* Update Vcs-* tags.
* Bump Standards.

12. By Alessio Treglia

Replace libreadline5-dev with libreadline-dev (Closes: #634446)

11. By Matthias Klose

Build-depend on libreadline-dev. LP: #791278.

10. By Alessio Treglia

* debian/patches/01-makefile.patch:
  - Add -pthread flag.
  - Install aeolus_*.so into /usr/lib/aeolus, they are provided for
    internal use only.
* Switch packaging to 3.0 (quilt) format.
* Drop unneeded 02-rename_plugin_shlibs.patch:
* Change my email address, remove DMUA field.
* Add git-buildpackage config file.
* Add manpage and install it.
* Reintroduce build-dependency on libasound2-dev to hurd and kfreebsd-*.
* Introduce -S,-D options to shorten debian/rules file.
* Recommends jackd.
* Update Homepage.
* Fix debian/watch file.
* Adjust dh_install,dh_installdirs control files, shorten debian/rules.
* Update debian/copyright file.
* Remove debian/docs, AUTHORS file is unnecessary since debian/copyright
  contains all the needed information.
* Bump Standards.

9. By Alessio Treglia

No-change rebuild for JACK2 transition.

8. By Alessio Treglia

Plugins have been renamed, fix the search patch (Closes: #581714)

7. By Alessio Treglia

debian/patches/01-makefile.patch: Drop -march=native flag, it isn't valid
for Debian packages as the results are unpredictable, thanks to
Bastian Blank for reporting this (Closes: #578278).

6. By Registry Administrators

* New upstream version
* Add missing build-dependency on libreadline5-dev (Closes: #564849)

5. By Registry Administrators

* New upstream release
* Updated watch file
* Updated makefile patch

4. By Registry Administrators

Added icon to the .desktop file (thanks to Daniel James)

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