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33. By PS Jenkins bot

[ Bill Filler ]
* fixes a regression with the G+ homepage not scrolling properly
  without a proper user-agent string
* Ship a screenshot of the app for the apps lens.
* Use consistently select_single(…) and select_many(…) in the
* Allow client applications that embed an UbuntuWebView to define
  their own override mechanism that will take precedence over the
  default one.
* Fix 1237548: webapps shouldn't expose a org.freedesktop.Application
  interface on DBUS (LP: #1237548)
* Expose the correct DPR on the UbuntuWebView component.

[ David Barth ]
* Fix a problem with Facebook images being served at low-resolution.

[ Ubuntu daily release ]
* Automatic snapshot from revision 386

32. By PS Jenkins bot

[ Alexandre Abreu ]
* Handle URL open requests and expose a org.freedesktop.Application
  interface on DBUS. (LP: #1230404)

[ David Barth ]
* UA overrides for google domains, youtube, twitter. Also
  login.ubuntu.com. (LP: #1233270)

[ Olivier Tilloy ]
* Hide the activity view when validating the address bar. (LP:
* Reverted revision 343: now all domains expand consistently in the
  activity view, even if they contain only one entry. (LP: #1235137)
* Better UA override rule for mobile twitter (don’t pretend to be an
  android). Thanks Adnane Belmadiaf for the tip!. (LP: #1233270)
* Fix the height of the webview container when in landscape
  orientation. (LP: #1235328, #1234949)

[ Ubuntu daily release ]
* Automatic snapshot from revision 376

31. By PS Jenkins bot

[ Alexandre Abreu ]
* Harden the set of accepted url patterns. (LP: #1226690)
* When the browser is requested to create a new tab (from a new window
  request), open the new tab externally when in webapp mode. (LP:

[ Robert Bruce Park ]
* Enable hardening, and fix some lintian warnings.

[ Olivier Tilloy ]
* Use a different port for the test server when a zombie process
  doesn’t release the default one, and use cleanup functions instead
  of tearDown() for improved robustness. (LP: #1231492)
* Live bookmarking functionality in the activity view. Known
  shortcoming: in the activity view, one should be allowed to bookmark
  a domain that contains only one page. This is currently not the
  case, it will be addressed separately.
* Expose a single contextual menu for both images and hyperlinks. (LP:

[ Ubuntu daily release ]
* Automatic snapshot from revision 367

30. By PS Jenkins bot

[ Omer Akram ]
* use input_device creation from the uitoolkit emulators.

[ Ubuntu daily release ]
* Automatic snapshot from revision 357

29. By PS Jenkins bot

[ Bill Filler ]
* add user-agent override for mail.google.com. (LP: #1227941)

[ Alexandre Abreu ]
* Fix issue w/ with invalid webapp component id/access when filtering
  urls. (LP: #1231228)

[ Olivier Tilloy ]
* Update the licensing information for assets. (LP: #1194916)

[ Ubuntu daily release ]
* Automatic snapshot from revision 354

28. By PS Jenkins bot

[ daker ]
* Added support for confirm dialogs. (LP: #1169758)
* Added support for Prompt dialogs. (LP: #1169759)

[ Adnane Belmadiaf ]
* Added support for confirm dialogs. (LP: #1169758)
* Added support for Prompt dialogs. (LP: #1169759)

[ Alexandre Abreu ]
* The application name is being set from the APP_ID during the init
  phase of the webbrowser app but it is later being overwritten
  because of the applicationName property in the browser MainView. One
  option could be to get rid of the applicationName property update
  altogether but it is being used by the MainView to update the domain
  for the i18n plugin which is itself flawed in a way since it does
  not fallback on the Qtcore::applicationName but requires the
  applicationName property of a MainView to be set explicitely. . (LP:

[ Olivier Tilloy ]
* When the activity view cannot be found, return None instead of
  raising an exception, as that’s what tests expect.
* Contextual menus with specific actions for links and images when
  they are long-pressed.
* Fix dependencies alignment in debian/control.
* Adjust margins in the chrome to be consistent with the default
  toolbar. (LP: #1223946)
* New assets and visual tweaks for the expanded activity view. (LP:
* Updated translation template.
* Go directly to the entry instead of expanding the timeline view when
  there is only one entry for a given domain. This change has been
  requested by design.
* Very basic support for ini-style read-only settings. This is a
  temporary solution until Settings support lands in the SDK. At the
  moment, only the default homepage can be customized. To change the
  default homepage, one can write the following line to
  ~/.config/webbrowser-app/settings.conf:     homepage =
* Match domains for overriding the UA string by starting from the full
  domain name, and iterating down to the TLD. This ensures that if
  there is an override rule for "b.a.c", it will get precedence over
  another existing rule for "a.c".

[ Ubuntu daily release ]
* Automatic snapshot from revision 346

27. By PS Jenkins bot

[ Ted Gould ]
* Adding single instance marker to the desktop file.

[ daker ]
* Added support for Alert dialogs. (LP: #1169757)
* Added support for HTTP/Proxy auth. (LP: #1212980)
* Added certificateVerificationDialog component. (LP: #1227055)

[ Adnane Belmadiaf ]
* Added support for HTTP/Proxy auth. (LP: #1212980)
* Added certificateVerificationDialog component. (LP: #1227055)

[ Olivier Tilloy ]
* Generate translation templates only for files under src/app/. Files
  under src/Ubuntu/… are the UbuntuWebView component, and they
  shouldn’t have any translatable strings.
* Fix the selection rectangle size and position when zoomed and
  scrolled. (LP: #1131160)
* Added support for HTTP/Proxy auth. (LP: #1212980)
* Ensure the chrome is hidden when the permission request dialog is
  shown. (LP: #1226635)

[ Ubuntu daily release ]
* Automatic snapshot from revision 331

26. By PS Jenkins bot

[ Olivier Tilloy ]
* Use the new Panel API (open() and close() methods instead of setting
  the value of the 'opened' property).
* Unskip a test. No clue why it started failing only recently, it
  should have failed since the beginning, because the OSK animation
  prevented a reliable double-click simulation.

[ Ubuntu daily release ]
* Automatic snapshot from revision 321

25. By PS Jenkins bot

[ Alexandre Abreu ]
* Add a 'maximized' command line parameter mostly to enhance the
  control for webapps launch.

[ Olivier Tilloy ]
* Use the value of APP_ID to set the application name. This ensures
  that webapps (which run with a unique app ID) will write their data
  where they ought to, and that they won’t have access to other apps’
  cache and cookies. (LP: #1226085)
* Add a unity action to clear the navigation history.
* Override the UA string for facebook.com to ensure we’re getting
  touch-enabled content. Without this override, we were getting
  unstyled mobile content from the 90s. Impersonating an iphone or
  android would offer to install the respective applications when
  logging in. The 'Firefox' token gets us the right content (and
  pretending to be AppleWebKit seems to be necessary too, otherwise
  the layout is busted). (LP: #1215002)

[ Ubuntu daily release ]
* Automatic snapshot from revision 318

24. By PS Jenkins bot

[ Alexandre Abreu ]
* chrome selection.
* Navigation support. (LP: #1187917)
* Handle window raise event from webapps. The event might be occur for
  example when the app is being raised from the messaging menu etc.
  And additional proxy object is used to give access from the qml
  browser back to the native window object.
* Add a command line argument for webapps that allows one to specify
  the root path for installed webapp searches. The uses cases are
  multiple, among other things local testing, and click packages
  (where webapps are installed in /opt/) and should be looked up
  there. For click webapps, the desktop-click hook will set the CWD
  when starting the app to the local click app folder and aa_exec will
  make sure that all is properly setup. Given the containment rules
  for click apps, the webbrowser-app should be told where to look for
  the webapp content (javascript snippet) and not follow the usual
  desktop rules (and the Exec line from the webapp desktop file should
  explicitly specify where to look for it based on CWD). .
* Tweak title to remove the ubuntu browser references when run as a

[ daker ]
* Added support for IP adresses. (LP: #1166063)

[ Olivier Tilloy ]
* Temporarily skip a test that consistently fails on devices. This is
  to unblock autolanding of a large number of valid merge requests
  that have been sitting there for too long.
* Remove unused runtime dependency on qtdeclarative5-hud1.0. It had
  crept back in by accident at revision 242. (LP: #1221344)
* Skip a test that is flaky (for a known reason) on slow

[ Ubuntu daily release ]
* Automatic snapshot from revision 312

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