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17. By Dmitry Shachnev

* New release.
  - Handle Message-Id decoding failures.
  - Show only 20 latest messages by default, add an option to
    configure maximal messages count (LP: #1049669).
  - Do not use "except:" statements.
  - Use logger module for console printing.
* Remove /usr/bin/um-url from install file (it is handled by dh_link).

16. By Dmitry Shachnev

* New bugfix release.
  - Prevent potential crash in check_email when email is not valid.
  - If the default collection does not exist, try to create it. This
    really fixes the ItemNotFoundException problems (LP: #1165548).
  - Fix the version number in the help message.

15. By Dmitry Shachnev

* New bugfix release.
  - Remove useless str() wrap in try_establish_connection().
  - Handle socket errors in mark_message_as_read().
  - Handle UnicodeEncodeErrors in try_establish_connection().
  - When unable to get the default secretstorage collection, wait
    a second and try again using a different method (LP: #1162135).
  - Do not use star imports, to get pyflakes working.

14. By Dmitry Shachnev

* New bugfix release.
  - Fix NameError on first run (LP: #1153160).
  - Fix for deprecations in PyGObject 3.8.

13. By Dmitry Shachnev

* New release.
  - Add a GUI option to play sounds (LP: #1046294).
  - mark_message_as_read(): handle IMAP errors here.
  - Switch from subprocess.Popen() to subprocess.call().
  - Support notification filtering:
    + Add X-GNOME-UsesNotifications=true to unity-mail.desktop.
    + Set 'desktop-id' hint for every notification.
  - check_email(): Make the check always pass when email = login
    (LP: #1123092).
  - on_mm_item_clicked(): Don't mark mail as unread when urlid is set.
  - Port to SecretStorage library:
    + Depend on python3-secretstorage.
    + Edit existing items in the secret collection instead of
      replacing them.
* Recommend gnome-session-canberra (>= 0.28-4).
* Update desktop file description (LP: #1080094).

12. By Dmitry Shachnev

* New bugfix release.
  - check_email: correctly handle cases when email is the same as login
    (LP: #1088373).
* debian/rules: remove __pycache__ on clean.

11. By Dmitry Shachnev

* New bugfix release.
  - Fix generation of fallback message-ids.
  - Handle header decoding errors, return raw headers on failures.
  - Ensure that alarm is always cancelled after folder update
    (LP: #1084882).
  - Replace "except:" with "except SomeException:" in two places to
    ensure that it won't try to handle TimeoutException.
  - try_establish_connection: fix error message being never shown by
    moving it before sys.exit() call, slightly simplify the code.
* Updated my e-mail address.

10. By Dmitry Shachnev

* New bugfix release (LP: #1061047)
  - Don't show dialog twice on startup (LP: #1058803)
  - Handle dialog errors in on_dialog_response() handler
  - Skip accounts with empty username
  - Handle login failures in try_establish_connection()
  - Make print_error() a global function to fix NameError in

9. By Dmitry Shachnev

* New bugfix release (LP: #1056063)
  - Correctly handle unicode folder names with spaces
  - Call check_email with right account id
  - Handle exceptions when printing to stderr (LP: #1056037)
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.4, no changes needed
* debian/rules: Tweak the PYTHON3 variable to make sure the scripts
  get a correct shebang line, thanks Colin Watson
* unity-mail.desktop: Add "NotShowIn=Messaging Menu;" header to two
  actions to prevent them from being shown in the Messaging Menu
  (LP: #1055972)

8. By Dmitry Shachnev

* New release (LP: #1045325)
  - Port to libmessaging-menu (LP: #1040259)
    + Add new Message class as a replacement for old message tuples
    + Move "Mark all as read" action to the launcher quicklist
    + Move some code from um-url to config.py
    + Call subprocess.Popen with shell=True
  - Properly convert non-ascii folder names to UTF-7 bytestrings
    (LP: #1043786)
* Recommend gir1.2-messagingmenu-1.0

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