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50. By Kaj Ailomaa on 2013-09-21

Make the new default wallpaper show on both of dual creens
(fixes LP: #1228635)

49. By Kaj Ailomaa on 2013-09-18

[ Len Ovens ]
* make sure grub.cfg is rebuilt (lp: #1220894)

[ Kaj Ailomaa ]
* Set default wallpaper to ubuntustudio-1310.png (lp: #1227325)

48. By Len Ovens on 2013-08-24

* Change debhelper version to 9
* Made copyright file machine readable
* Set main Grub entry to UbuntuStudio
* lib added to install file
* removed the mv applications.menu to xfce-applications.menu
* Set to no xfce session, just ubuntustudio session
* Make Lowlatency the default kernel
* changed control to depend on -menu and -installer
* Replaced custom menu file with fixed stock file to go with -menu
* removed .directory and .desktop files now in -menu
* Made etc/default/grub.d/50_ubuntustudio.cfg executable.
* Made package description more verbose to make lintian happy.
* Updated Standards-Version per lintian

47. By Len Ovens on 2013-07-21

* Moved merge line to bottom of menu file so menu editors work (LP: #1187619)
* Moved kazam and recorditnow to video menu, kdenlive in alpha order

46. By Len Ovens on 2013-06-02

Depend on fonts-droid instead of ttf-droid (LP: #1181762)

45. By Len Ovens on 2013-05-13

* Moved gmidimonitor to the midi utilities menu
* Moved virtual midi keyboards to midi utilities menu
* Moved MeterBridge to utils section
* Moved Jamin to effects menu
* Added idjc to audio menu
* Changed name of effects menu to Audio Processors
* Removed duplicate jack-keyboard from menu
* Added custom Settings manager menu and removed settings menu
* Removed duplicate usb-creator-gtk from settings manager

44. By Len Ovens on 2013-03-31

* Corrected default terminal,filemanager and mailreader (LP: #1162231)
* unset mailreader as firefox won't deal with mailto

43. By Kaj Ailomaa on 2013-03-12

[ Len Ovens ]
* Moved 40-timer-permissions.rules to /lib/udev/rules.d (LP: #1151310)

[ Kaj Ailomaa ]
* Made ubuntustudio-rock.png the default backdrop
* bumped dependency to ubuntustudio-look to 0.45~ to pick up new backdrop

42. By Len Ovens on 2013-03-06

* Moved jackeq to mixers because it is a mixer first
* Changed Photography menu icon to standard name removed icon
* Changed Publishing menu icon to standard name, not scribus
* Changed Info menu icon to standard, not gnome
* Changed Midi menu icon to standard, removed icon
* Fixed icon names for hexter and hdspmixer
* Removed Len's hexter icon since we have original now
* Fixed icon names for mixers, video and audio menus
* Fixed icon names for synths and effects
* Changed default icon theme to ubuntustudio
* Moved gtk-recordmydesktop from playback to video menu
* Changed default file manager to Thunar

41. By Howard Chan on 2012-11-19

[ Len Ovens <email address hidden> ]
* Moved ubuntustudio-extra-office starter to the top of menu
* Added MuseScore to publishing menu (type setting)

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