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41. By Martin Pitt on 2013-07-05

* debian/tests/control: Install libgl1-mesa-glx for the tests, so that
  the fglrx packages don't fail to install.
* debian/tests/system: nvidia-{310,313} are now transitional, drop tests and
  test nvidia-319{,-updates} instead.

40. By Martin Pitt on 2013-06-19

debian/tests/system: Accept stderr messages from the
TestUbuntuDrivers.test_bcmwl() test, as this spits out lots of libkmod
errors due to the rather thin umockdev environment.

39. By Martin Pitt on 2013-06-18

* debian/tests/system: Port to umockdev.
* share/fake-devices-wrapper: Fix fake bcmwl modalias.

38. By Martin Pitt on 2013-06-18

Make test failures non-fatal on powerpc.

37. By Martin Pitt on 2013-06-18

Skip test_system_driver_packages_bad_encoding() on powerpc. It's not
obvious why it fails there, and without a porter box there is little we
can do.

36. By Martin Pitt on 2013-06-18

* debian/tests/system: Drop usage of fakesys.py, should not actually be
* Drop tests/fakesysfs.py, not used any more and obsolete.
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.4 (no changes necessary).
* UbuntuDrivers/detect.py, system_aliases(): Tone down "Cannot read modalias
  file" warning into a debug statement; this isn't particularly interesting
  or an error the user could do something about, and it breaks tests on

35. By Martin Pitt on 2013-06-14

* detect.py, _get_db_name(): Call "udevadm hwdb" instead of the old
  /lib/udev/*-db helpers; the latter don't exist any more. This brings back
  vendor/product names. Bump udev dependency accordingly. (LP: #1186777)
* share/fake-devices-wrapper: Rewrite using umockdev, our fakesys.py does
  not work any more with current libudev.
* Port test suite from fakesys.py to umockdev. Add umockdev build-dependency
  for this (see MIR LP #1190926)

34. By Martin Pitt on 2013-03-18

* debian/tests/system: nvidia-current is now a transitional package, so
  change tests to test -304.
* debian/tests/system: Add tests for nvidia-310 and -313-updates.
* debian/tests/system: Drop sl-modem test case. We don't officially support
  it, and it's broken at the moment. The package build test should move into
  sl-modem itself if anyone is interested in keeping it alive.

33. By Alberto Milone on 2013-01-30

* UbuntuDrivers/detect.py:
  - Add get_linux() which returns the linux metapackage name.
* UbuntuDrivers/kerneldetection.py:
  - Rely on the source name only for "-lts" packages (a special case).
  - Add KernelDetection.get_linux_metapackage().
* tests/ubuntu_drivers.py:
  - Add more tests with different kernel names.
  - Extend test coverage to both get_linux() and get_linux_headers()
    from UbuntuDrivers/detect.py.

32. By Alberto Milone on 2013-01-29

[ Martin Pitt ]
* hybrid-detect.c: Fix detection of i386 architecture. Thanks Dennis
  Baurichter! (LP: #1096354)

[ Alberto Milone ]
* NvidiaDetector/nvidiadetector.py: Exclude -current from the
  recommended flavours. The -current flavour is now a transitional
  package therefore we should not recommend it any more.
* UbuntuDrivers/kerneldetection.py, UbuntuDrivers/detect.py,
  tests/ubuntu_drivers.py: Add support for checking and suggesting
  the required linux headers.

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