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23. By Barry Warsaw

* New upstream release:
  - LP: #1240105 - Further refinement of permission checking/fixing.
  - LP: #1240106 - Work around some failures in DEP 8 tests.
* d/control: Point Vcs-Bzr and Vcs-Browser to the packaging branch.
* d/system-image-common.dirs: Add /var/log/system-image.
* d/rules, d/tests/unittests: Set $SYSTEMIMAGE_REACTOR_TIMEOUT to 1200
  seconds to avoid random timeout errors.
* d/system-image-common.postinst, system-image-common.postrm: debhelper
  scripts for ensuring the proper permissions and for purging directories.

22. By Colin Watson

Add DEP-8 test dependency on python3-psutil.

21. By Barry Warsaw

* New upstream release.
  - LP: #1235975 - Ensure that temporary directories and log files are
    created with secure permissions and unguessable paths.
  - LP: #1233521 - Download files directly to the cache or data partitions.
  - LP: #1238102 - Proactively remove files from the cache and data
    partitions before starting to download (except `log` and `last_log`
    files in the cache partition. This also improves the ability to
    recover from partial downloads without rebooting.
  - LP: #1238290 - Keep the D-Bus process alive as long as we're making
    progress, as tracked by any call to a D-Bus method or signal.
  - LP: #1237360 - Enable pause and resume support.
  - LP: #1206588 - Re-enable some previously skipped tests.
  - The [system]thread variable is no longer used; removed.
* d/control: Add build dependency on python3-psutils.

20. By Barry Warsaw

* New upstream release.
  - LP: #1221844 - Channel alias tracking.
  - LP: #1231628 - Phased update support.
  - LP: #1229807 - Default auto_download is restored to '1' (wifi-only).
  - LP: #1204618 - Plumb the progress signals through the D-Bus API.
  - LP: #1215946 - Only send an `UpdateFailed` signal in response to a
    `CancelUpdate()` call when a download is actually in progress.
* Add DEP-8 autopkgtests. (LP: #1229710)

19. By Barry Warsaw

* New upstream release.
  - Fix test for 32 bit systems. Again.
  - LP: #1233379 - Reset the D-Bus reactor timeout every time we see an
    active signal from the D-Bus service we're talking to.

18. By Barry Warsaw

* New upstream release.
  - LP: #1196991 - Use the new ubuntu-download-manager to manage all
    requested downloads.
  - LP: #1215943 - Use /userdata/.last_update file as the "last upgrade
    date" if the file exists.
  - Default D-Bus service timeout is now 1 hour.
  - Default D-Bus logging level is now `info`.
  - Verbose (i.e. `debug`) logging now includes the scores and paths for all
    upgrade candidates, from highest score (biggest loser) to lowest score
    (winner) last.
  - --verbose logging level is now properly propagated to the log file.

17. By Barry Warsaw

* New upstream release.
  - Fix test for 32 bit systems.

16. By Barry Warsaw

* New upstream release.
  - `system-image-cli --info` prints additional information:
     + last update time (i.e. the mtime of `/etc/system-image/channel.ini`
       falling back to the mtime of `/etc/ubuntu-build`).
     + version details for ubuntu, the device, and any custom version, if the
       `/etc/system-image/channel.ini` file contains these details.
  - `system-image-cli --dry-run -c <bad-channel>` no longer produces a
     traceback. You get "Already up-to-date", but use `-v` for more info.
  - D-Bus API method `UpdateAvailableStatus` field `last_update_date`
    has changes its format. It's still ISO 8601, but with a space
    instead of a 'T' separating the date from the time.
  - LP: #1221841 - Support the new channels.json file format with
    backward compatibility (for now) with the old format.
  - LP: #1215959 - New D-Bus .Info() method returns data similar to
    `system-image-cli --info`

15. By Barry Warsaw

* New upstream release.
  - LP: #1218612 - Support the new version number regime, which uses
    sequential version numbers starting at 1.
  - Update the `system-image-cli` manpage.

14. By Barry Warsaw

* New upstream release.
  - LP: #1217932 - Fix bug in resolving channels with dashes in their name.
  - LP: #1208909 - Add system-image-cli --filter
  - Added -i/--info to get current build number, device, and channel.
  - Re-purposed -c/--channel to allow for overriding the channel name.
  - Re-purposed -b/--build to allow for overriding the build number.
  - Added -d/--device to allow for overriding the device name.
  - State persistence is disabled for now. (LP: #1218357)
  - LP: #1192575 supported by `system-image-cli -c <channel> --filter=full`.

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