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14. By Stefan Fritsch on 2013-08-02

* Update Japanese translation, thanks to victory <victory deb gmail com>
  Closes: 712914
* Mark as Multi-Arch: foreign. Closes: #698787
* Bump Standards-Version (no changes).
* Run debconf-updatepo on translations

13. By Stefan Fritsch on 2012-08-26

Update Brazilian Portuguese, thanks to J. S. Júnior. Closes: #685887

12. By Stefan Fritsch on 2012-06-23

Update Czech translation, thanks to Miroslav Kure. Closes: #678673

11. By Stefan Fritsch on 2012-06-22

* Add new translations:
  - Polish, thanks to Michał Kułach. Closes: #676836
  - Simplified Chinese, thanks to YunQiang Su. Closes: #676861
* Update translations:
  - Italian, thanks to Luca Monducci. Closes: #676879
  - Danish, thanks to Joe Dalton. Closes: #676892
  - Swedish, thanks to Martin Bagge. Closes: #676938
  - Slovak, thanks to Ivan Masár. Closes: #676974
  - Russian, thanks to Yuri Kozlov. Closes: #677009
  - Spanish, thanks to Javier Fernández-Sanguino. Closes: #677099
  - French, thanks to Christian Perrier. Closes: #676934
  - Bulgarian, thanks to Damyan Ivanov. Closes: #677112
  - Dutch, thanks to Jeroen Schot. Closes: #677356
  - German, thanks to Florian Rehnisch. Closes: #677695
  - Portuguese, thanks to Miguel Figueiredo. Closes: #677734
  - Catalan, thanks to Innocent De Marchi. Closes: #677905

10. By Stefan Fritsch on 2012-06-09

* Add support for subject alternative names. Thanks to Jonas Smedegaard for
  the patch. Closes: #645515
  (Sorry to all translators for adding a template so close to the freeze.)
* For "make-ssl-cert generate-default-snakeoil", if the FQDN is too long,
  put it in the SubjAltName and use the simple hostname as CN.
  Closes: #674598
* Add Catalan translation. Thanks to Innocent De Marchi. Closes: #628373
* Bump Standards-Version (no changes).
* Switch VCS to git
* Fix lintian warnings about build-arch/build-indep targets in debian/rules.

9. By Stefan Fritsch on 2010-12-12

Add Danish translation, thanks to Joe Hansen. Closes: #606736

8. By Stefan Fritsch on 2010-10-02

Make default key length 2048 bits. Closes: #598732

7. By Stefan Fritsch on 2010-08-08

* Update Brazilian translation. Thanks to Flamarion Jorge. Closes: #592157
* Run debconf-updatepo.
* Switch to source format 3.0.
* Bump Standards-Version (no changes).
* Remove Adam Conrad from Uploaders. Thanks for your work in the past.

6. By Stefan Fritsch on 2009-11-11

* Fix purging in case the snakeoil ssl key has been removed manually.
  Closes: #555042
* Remove directories and hash symlink on purge.
* Use dpkg-statoverride for changing the group of /etc/ssl/private.
* Downgrade dependency on openssl-blacklist to a suggests. All vulnerable
  keys should be upgraded by now.

5. By Stefan Fritsch on 2009-11-01

* Print error message if debconf fails. Closes: #288045
* Print error message if openssl fails. LP: #132714
* Create group even if user tweaked NAME_REGEX. Closes: #540016
* Update Slovak translation, thanks to <email address hidden>. Closes: #514376
* Fix typo. Closes: #536083 LP: #352157
* Fix lintian warnings:
  - Update copyright file
  - Update to debhelper 7
  - Override postinst-uses-db-input warning
* Remove empty directories on purge.
* Bump standards-version (no changes)

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