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16. By Peter Drysdale

[ Peter Drysdale ]
* gcc 4.8 compliance a by-product of EsounD removal. (Closes: #701362)
* Add patch to enable compiling of with clang 3.0.
* Stop clobbering compiler/ld flags in festival build, it is not polite.
* Remove support for EsounD which has been deprecated by Gnome
* Fix Lintian flagged spelling error.
* Add missing dependency on libaudiofile-dev. Thanks
  to Alessio Treglia. (Closes: #657603)

[ Sergio Oller ]
* Add patch to enable native PulseAudio support. Original implementation by
  Matthias Clasen.
* Add patch to enable native ALSA support. (Closes: #638394)
* Original work on release-5 bug fast-tracked to wheezy.

15. By Peter Drysdale

Add Conflicts libestools2.0-dev, libestools1.2-dev
to ensure smooth upgrades (closes: #694059)

14. By Samuel Thibault <email address hidden>

[ Samuel Thibault ]
* control:
  - Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.3 (no changes).
  - Set libestools2.1 multi-arch: same.
* rules: Install libraries to multi-arch path.

[ Peter Drysdale ]
* Add Pre-Depend on multiarch-support as flagged by lintian
* Add qualification to unqualified method calls in templates
  allowing compiling with gcc>=4.7.
* Remove old compiler switch fno-shared-data which is not present
  after gcc>=4.0.

13. By Peter Drysdale

[ Samuel Thibault ]
* control: Depend on hardening-check.
* rules: Set DEB_BUILD_HARDENING=1 to enable hardening.
* patches/fmt.diff: Fix format security issue.

[ Peter Drysdale ]
* compat: bump to debhelper 8
* Move to dh style minimum format for rules.
* Move to source format 3.0 quilt.
* Refresh contexts, clean up some patches, and del. obs. uncompiled patches
* Provide individual patch headers and remove misleading
  uniform headers about patching for GCC (Closes: #616341)
* Clean build system and drop obsolete compiler patches.

12. By Kumar Appaiah <email address hidden>

* Make libestools2.1-dev provide libestools2.0-dev, so that binNMUs can
  be facilitated.
* Add missing copyright entries.

11. By Kumar Appaiah <email address hidden>

* New upstream release
* Bump soname; shlibs etc. updated
* Update patches and rules file to handle symlinks with just x.y
  versioning as opposed to x.y.z by appropriately ignoring the absence
  of the minor version number. Also fix major version detection in
* Update watch file to handle "release" in version number

10. By Kumar Appaiah <email address hidden>

* Update speech_class_EST_WaveFile.cc.diff to fix audsp related
  crashes. (Closes: #601294)
* Update Standards Version to 3.9.1 (no changes needed)

9. By Kumar Appaiah <email address hidden>

[ Kartik Mistry ]
* debian/control:
  + [Lintian] Added missing ${misc:Depends}
  + Updated Standards-Version to 3.8.4 (no changes needed)
* debian/patches/const_char.diff:
  + Added missing patch header
* Removed unused patch invalid_const_char_conversion_fixes.diff

[ Kumar Appaiah ]
* New upstream release.
* Standards Version is now 3.9.0 (No changes needed)
* Update debian/rules to specify version numbers.

8. By Kumar Appaiah <email address hidden>

[ Kartik Mistry ]
* debian/patches/invalid_const_char_conversion_fixes.diff:
  + Added patch to fix invalid_const_char_conversion_fixes.diff, Thanks to
    Ilya Barygin <email address hidden> (Closes: #548521)
* debian/control:
  + Don't Recommends speech-tools, use Suggests instead to not pull unwanted
  speech-tools-doc package while installing -dev package

[ Kumar Appaiah ]
* Fix build system to avoid unresolved symbols, so that the build is
  possible with binutils-gold. Thanks to Peter Fritzsche for his help
  with this. (Closes: #558964)

7. By Kartik Mistry

* debian/control:
  + Updated Standards-Version to 3.8.3
  + [Lintian] Removed duplicate section for speech-tools binary
  + [Lintian] Updated package descriptions
  + Wrapped up Depends and Build-Depends
* Added debian/README.source file
* debian/*.1:
  + [Lintian] Fixed manpage warnings of undefined .P
* debian/patches/include_EST_ChannelType.diff:
  + Added missing patch description

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