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24. By dann frazier on 2013-08-17

* Cherry pick two changes from Debian to fix FTBFS (LP: #1213278):
  [ Axel Beckert ]
  - Update debian/patches/13split_info_files.(d)patch to change now ambiguous
    makeinfo option --split to --split-size. Fixes FTBFS with texinfo 5.x.
  - Use doc/screen.info* instead of listing every file indiviually in

23. By Colin Watson on 2012-10-08

Rebuild for new armel compiler default of ARMv5t.

22. By Kees Cook on 2011-06-06

* Cherry-pick two upstream crash fixes (LP: #375625).
  - 09CHERRY_7cb17d54.dpatch
  - 09CHERRY_45d0c395.dpatch

21. By Daniel Hahler on 2011-04-09

Fix "$TERM too longsorry" error when length of $TERM is more than 20
bytes. Upstream bug: http://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?30880

20. By LaMont Jones on 2010-12-03

Suggest byobu, rather than Depend. LP: #681831

19. By Dustin Kirkland  on 2010-11-05

* debian/patches/61-silence_command_from_echo.dpatch:
  - print "command from..." when command is "echo" is unnecessary,
    annoying, LP: #671486

18. By Loïc Minier on 2010-06-18

* Fix typo in upstart job: "filesystem" rather than "filesystems";
  LP: #595898.
* Remove debian/=screen.debhelper.log.
* Add "task" to the upstart job as it isn't a service; also use "script"
  rather than "pre-start script" for clarity.
* Use find -delete rather than find -print0 | xargs rm to avoid starting two
* Rewrite "if test foo || ! test bar" into "if [ foo ] || [ ! bar ]" for

17. By Dustin Kirkland  on 2010-06-17

debian/screen-cleanup.upstart: start on filesystem, rather than
local-filesystem, in case /var is remote

16. By Dustin Kirkland  on 2010-06-14

debian/screen-cleanup.upstart, debian/init: convert screen to an
upstart script to fix some bugs where /var/run is not mounted when
screen-cleanup runs, LP: #574773

15. By Dustin Kirkland  on 2009-11-10

* Merge from debian testing, remaining changes:
  - debian/control:
    + maintainer updates, recommend byobu
  - debian/patches/33increase_max_winmsg_renditions.dpatch:
    + upped hardcode value from 80 to 256
  - debian/patches/56-source-file-not-found-warning.dpatch:
    + sourcing a file that's not found should fail more gracefully
  - debian/patches/58-show-encoding-hardstatus.dpatch:
    + show encoding in hardstatus
  - debian/patches/59-no-beep-on-write-acl.dpatch:
    + instead of beeping on all displays, report failure to attached display
  - debian/patches/60-byobu-pointer.dpatch:
    + helpful text pointing new screen users to byobu

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