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45. By Luke Faraone on 2013-03-05

Explicitly include -pthread in UAFS_XLIBS to fix build failure

44. By Russ Allbery on 2013-01-03

Restore include of <sys/param.h> in userspace builds of rx/rx_packet.h
to get a definition of MIN and MAX on, at least, powerpc. Thanks,
Andrew Deason.

43. By Luke Yelavich on 2012-09-13

Really fix for kernel 3.5. (LP: #1015925)

42. By Anders Kaseorg on 2012-09-11

* Apply upstream deltas for Linux 3.5 (Closes: #685973)
  (LP: #1015925):
  - [2b33384] Linux 3.4: replace end_writeback with clear_inode
  - [5227148] Linux 3.5: encode_fh API change

41. By Russ Allbery on 2012-08-21

* Translation updates:
  - Fix German translation encoding. Thanks, Christian PERRIER.
    (Closes: #678736)
  - Italian, thanks Beatrice Torracca. (Closes: #671640)

40. By Russ Allbery on 2012-03-28

* New upstream release.
  - Do not ignore all InlineBulkStatus errors in file server.
  - Support for Linux 3.3 and 3.4.
  - Fix incorrect kernel error handling in afs_notify_change.
  - Fix locking around RXS_PreparePacket.

39. By Russ Allbery on 2011-12-20

* New upstream prerelease.
  - Install new afsio utility.
  - Fixes performance issues in both the client and the server.
  - Rate-limit waiting for volume messages in kernel logs.
  - Avoid a possible memory allocation issue in ticket data management.
  - Disable MTU discovery.
  - Reduce the quantity of NAT pings sent by the client.
  - Various fixes for demand-attach file servers.
  - Fix volume lock violations.
  - Report the bosserver -rxbind address in a file.
  - Revert process group changes on keyring failure.
  - Various fixes for the salvager.

38. By Russ Allbery on 2011-12-07

* Apply upstream deltas to fix file corruption issue in file server:
  - [c73b6644] viced: disable accelerated copyonwrite
  - [4e05bc3b] remove CopyOnWrite2 and unused vars

37. By Russ Allbery on 2011-11-28

* Apply upstream deltas for Linux 3.1 and 3.2 (Closes: #649765):
  - [f129142] Linux: 3.1: update RCU path walking detection in
    permission i_op (Closes: #649996)
  - [7f55b45] Linux: d_delete now takes a const argument
  - [737a280] Linux: 3.2: Use set_nlink to update i_nlink
  - [364fad6] Linux: 3.1: adapt to fsync changes
  - [032736b] Linux: make sure backing_dev_info is zeroed
* Add support for armhf. Patch from Konstantinos Margaritis.
  (Closes: #645395)

36. By Russ Allbery on 2011-09-01

* New upstream stable release.
  - Rx NAT pings are not enabled until peer has answered
  - Numerous fixes to command argument parsing
  - Avoid crashing on host table exhaustion and defer clients instead
  - Rx connection reference counting is enabled
  - An Rx connection reference count leak is fixed in bulkstat
  - Handle unparsable directory objects
  - Handle Kerberos credential cache errors in aklog
* Generate stub header files that include the actual system header when
  building libuafs instead of symlinking h to the appropriate directory.
  Fixes build failures now that Debian has switched to multiarch and
  moved some of the system headers. (Closes: #639063, LP #831287)
* Fix another Doxygen call to generate a configuration file, and remove
  the generated configuration files after Doxygen runs.
* Update CellServDB to the 2011-08-14 release.

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