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115. By James Page on 2013-10-13

* New upstream release candidate (LP: #1239156):
  - d/p/fix-boto-versioning.patch: Cherry picked fix from upstream gerrit for
    test failures with boto < 2.13.
* d/control: Add epoch to versioned dependencies for python-oslo.config.

114. By Chuck Short on 2013-10-04

debian/patches/native-lxc-hypervisor.patch: Update
rootwrap.d/compute.filters to allow nova-network to start.
(LP: #1235373)

113. By James Page on 2013-10-04

[ Chuck Short ]
debian/patches/fix-novnc-regression.patch: Fix regression caused
by use of more recent version of websockify upstream (LP: #1235044).

112. By Chuck Short on 2013-10-03

* New upstream release candidate.
* debian/control:
  - Dropped python-setuptools-git, python-carrot, python-unittest2,
    python-daemon, python-gflags, python-cheetah, python-glance,
    python-lockfile, python-routes, python-xattr, python-novaclient,
    python-pycurl, python-keystone, python-libxml2, python-pyparsing,
    and python-d2to1.
  - Suggest python-ldap for python-nova.
  - Added python-mock, python-greenlet, python-keystoneclient,
    python-anyjson, python-jsonschema, and python-six
  - Bumped versioned dependencies for python-fixtures, python-testtools, and
  - Added versioned depends for python-cinderclient, python-neutronclient,
    python-boto, python-paramiko, python-amplib, python-eventlet,
    python-glanceclient, python-oslo.config, python-paramiko, python-six
* debian/patches/fix-requirements.patch: Rediffed
* debian/patches/native-lxc-hypervisor.patch: Add native lxc support.
  (LP: #1220701)

111. By Chuck Short on 2013-09-13

debian/tests: Removed tests for nova-compute-xen and nova-compute-xcp.

110. By Chuck Short on 2013-09-09

* New usptream release.
* debian/patches/avoid_requirements_cheetah.patch: Dropped
* debian/patches/fix-sqlalchemy-0.7.9-usage.patch: Dropped
* debian/patches/fix-requirements.patch: Refreshed.
* debian/patches/path-to-the-xenhost.conf-fixup.patch: Refreshed
* debian/control: Add python-jinja2
* debian/control: Dropped python-cheetah

109. By Chuck Short on 2013-07-19

debian/control: Fix python-sqlalchemy dependency.

108. By Chuck Short on 2013-07-19

[ Adam Gandelman ]
* d/patches/requirements_drop_requests_vers_cap.patch: Remove
  upper version limit on requests dependency, which was capped upstream
  to fix centos-related gating issues.
* debian/control:
  - Set version requirement python-kombu (>= 2.5.12).
  - Set version requirement python-pyparsing (>= 1.5.6).
  - Add websockify to nova-spiceproxy Depends.
  - Add spice-html5 to nova-spiceproxy Depends (LP: #1197119)
* Add nova-xvpvncproxy upstart (LP: #1197163)

[ James Page ]
* d/control: Update VCS fields for new branch locations.

[ Chuck Short ]
* New upstream release.
* debian/patches/fix-requirements.patch: Combined several
  patches into one.
* debian/control: Replace python-quantumclient with python-neutronclient.
* debian/patches/fix-sqlalchemy-0.7.9-usage.patch: Temporary patch to address a FTBFS
  with sqlalchemy 0.7.9.
* debian/patches/avoid-failing-test.patch: Skip failing test on buildds.

107. By Adam Conrad on 2013-07-06

Depend on python-oslo.config instead of python-oslo-config.

106. By Chuck Short on 2013-06-19

[Yolanda Robla]
* debian/tests: added autopkgtests

[ Adam Gandelman ]
* debian/control: Set version requirements python-pbr (>= 0.5.11),
  python-d2to1 (>= 0.2.10).

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