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109. By Robert Ancell on 2013-10-16

* debian/patches/nm-applet-use-indicator.patch:
  - Fix crash when nm-applet quits (LP: #1230148)

108. By Iain Lane on 2013-10-04

Update the previous patch to use AutostartCondition, thanks to Tim. This
fixes nm-applet on gnome-but-not-shell sessions.

107. By Tim Lunn on 2013-09-02

debian/patches/git_dont_autostart_under_GNOME.patch (LP: #1189309)

106. By Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre on 2013-03-08

debian/control: add docbook-to-man to Build-Depends, missing in the
previous upload.

105. By Rico Tzschichholz on 2013-02-07

* debian/control: make libnm-gtk-dev depend on gir1.2-nmgtk-1.0
* debian/rules: run dh_girepository

104. By Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre on 2013-02-06

* debian/control: add gir1.2-nmgtk-1.0 package.
* debian/gir1.2-nmgtk-1.0.install: install the necessary introspection
* debian/rules: run dh_install with --fail-missing.
* debian/network-manager-gnome.install: add /usr/share/locale and
  /usr/share/GConf which are unexplicably missing from the package to be
* debian/rules: move find command to get rid of .la/.a files to before
  dh_install, update to use -delete rather than piping file names to rm.
* debian/control: add libgirepository1.0-dev.

103. By Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre on 2013-02-05

* upstream snapshot 2013-01-31 18:44:13 (GMT)
  + 03760194e54eaeaf493e9b45c4835e84524d8650
* debian/patches/nm-applet-use-indicator.patch: refreshed.
* debian/patches/lp1048516_dont_req_keyring_in_greeter.patch: refreshed.
* debian/patches/lp289466_always_show_tray_icon.patch: refreshed.
* debian/patches/lp829673_gconf_hide_applet.patch: refreshed.
* debian/patches/position_dialogs_to_center_of_the_screen.patch: refreshed.
* debian/patches/hide_policy_items_env_var.patch: refreshed.
* debian/patches/lp1048520_delay_pin_dialog_in_greeter.patch: refreshed.
* debian/patches/nm-applet-use-indicator.patch: fix the addition of separator
  menu items to avoid multiple separators added in a block.
* debian/control: bump network-manager Depends and Build-Depends to the
  appropriate snapshot version.

102. By Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre on 2013-01-07

* upstream snapshot 2012-12-30 19:45:57 (GMT)
  + bac09981ba00f0f96c6a1d682b14b0883ba7e3ef
* debian/patches/nm-applet-use-indicator.patch: refreshed.
* debian/patches/mobile-wizard.patch: dropped.
* debian/control: bump Build-Depends and Depends for network-manager and
  related libraries to >=

101. By Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre on 2012-12-14

debian/patches/rebuild_menu_after_init.patch: Work around issues with
menu initialization at session start by forcing a first menu update after
30 seconds. (LP: #965895)

100. By Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre on 2012-11-19

* upstream snapshot 2012-11-05 21:30:03 (GMT)
  + 2d666bc7aa6f0b731d131319b36f07b0f2bdce16
* debian/patches/git_fix_some_leaks_80ef61b.patch,
  debian/patches/git_mac_addr_string_leakage_6dae878.patch: dropped, included
  in upstream tarball.
* debian/patches/lp328572-dxteam-connect-text.patch: refreshed.
* debian/patches/lp330571_dxteam_wired_connect_text.patch: refreshed.
* debian/patches/lp337960_dxteam_notification_icon_names.diff,
  disabled patches, they don't seem to be used (the icons don't match up with
  what is currently observable on the desktop). Let's see if someone screams.
* debian/patches/applet-wifi-menu-before-vpn.patch: refreshed.
* debian/patches/lp830178_adhoc_ip6_ignore.patch: refreshed.
* debian/patches/lp829673_gconf_hide_applet.patch: refreshed.
* debian/patches/nm-applet-use-indicator.patch: refreshed.
* debian/patches/hide_policy_items_env_var.patch: refreshed.
* debian/patches/applet_adhoc_use_wpa_rsn_part1.patch: refreshed.
* debian/patches/lp341684_device_sensitive_disconnect_notify.patch:
* debian/patches/lp460144_correctly_update_notification.patch: refreshed.
* debian/patches/make_menu_items_insensitive_based_on_permissions.patch:
* debian/control:
  - add gobject-introspection to Build-Depends.
  - add gudev-dev to Build-Depends.
  - bump network-manager and libnm-* Build-Depends and Depends to require
    at least
* debian/rules:
  - use autogen.sh with dh_autoreconf instead of calling intltoolize and
    gtkdocize manually.

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