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126. By Oliver Sauder

* Merge from Debian unstable. Remaining changes:
* debian/patches:
  - port-to-libindicate-0.7.patch: dropped as obsolete
  - port-to-messaging-menu.patch: rebased
  - ubuntu-example-feeds.patch: removed feedlist_ru.oplm changes
    added .patch extension
  - add_X-Ubuntu-Gettext-Domain.patch: Added .patch extension
  - libunity.patch
* debian/control: libunity-dev, libmessaging-menu-dev
* debian/liferea.indicate: Removed as obsolete
* debian/rules: enable messaging-menu

125. By Dimitri John Ledkov

Port to messaging-menu. (LP: #1040259)

124. By Andrew Starr-Bochicchio

* New upstream release.

* Remerge on Debian unstable. Remaining Ubuntu changes:
 - debian/control: Build depend on libindicate-dev, libindicate-gtk-dev,
   and libunity-dev.
 - debian/liferea.{indicate,install}: Ship indicator desktop file.
 - debian/rules: Enable libindicate.
 - Ubuntu specific patches: ubuntu-example-feeds, add_X-Ubuntu-Gettext-Domain
   libunity.patch, and port-to-libindicate-0.7.patch.

* indicator_include_config.h.patch: Dropped, applied upstream.
* libindicate.patch: Already had been disabled, drop completely.
* libindicate_increase_version.patch: Simply changed configure.ac to look
  for libindicate-0.7, no need for it to be a separate patch. Add changes
  to port-to-libindicate-0.7.patch and drop. Not that this really
  works as expected anymore. Thanks bug #1040259!
* debian/watch: New releases are in .tar.bz2 format, so look for those.
* debian/control: Transition libwebkit-dev build dependency to
* Enable hardening in debian/rules and build depend on dpkg-dev (>= 1.16.1~).

123. By Chow Loong Jin

* debian/patches:
  - port-to-libindicate-0.7.patch: Replace deprecated
    indicate_indicator_set_property_icon() call with
    indicate_gtk_indicator_set_property_icon() (LP: #976120)
  - indicator_include_config.h.patch: Include config.h for HAVE_LIBINDICATE

122. By bojo42

* New upstream release (LP: #290666, #371754, #741543, #716688)
* Merge from Debian unstable (LP: #935147), remaining changes:
* debian/patches:
  - drop gtk-status-icon.patch & notification-append as in upstream
  - drop fix_systray_behavior as mostly upstreamed and rest seems unused
  - 01_ubuntu_feedlists: update & rename, move planets to "Open Source"
  - add_X-Ubuntu-Gettext-Domain: rebase
  - libunity.patch: rebase, apply before indicator patch (liferea_shell.c)
  - libindicate_increase_version.patch: exclude from libindicate.patch
  - deactivate libindicate.patch, seems partly upstreamed and needs rework
* debian/control: libindicate-dev, libindicate-gtk-dev & libunity-dev
* debian/liferea.indicate & liferea.install: ship indicator desktop file
* debian/rules: enable libindicate

121. By Ken VanDine

* debian/patches/libindicate.patch
  - pkgconfig update for indicate-0.7
* debian/control
  - bumped build depends for libindicate-dev to 0.6.90

120. By Didier Roche

* debian/control:
  - build-dep on latest libunity-dev for ABI break

119. By Didier Roche

* debian/control:
  - build-dep on latest libunity-dev for ABI break

118. By Jeremy Bicha

* New upstream release.
* Merge with Debian, remaining changes:
* debian/control:
  - Build-depends on libindicate, dh_autoreconf, & libunity
* debian/rules:
  - Run dh_autoreconf & update translations
  - Build with libindicate
* debian/liferea.install: Install indicator files
* debian/patches/01_ubuntu_feedlists
* debian/patches/fix_systray_behavior
* debian/patches/add_X-Ubuntu-Gettext-Domain
* debian/patches/gtk-status-icon.patch: Refreshed
* debian/patches/libindicate.patch: Fixed an undefined reference
* debian/patches/notification-append
  - Support libnotify 0.7, use instead of Debian's libnotify0.7 patch

117. By Ken VanDine

* debian/patches/libindicate.patch
  - Updated to look for indicate-0.6
* debian/control
  - bumped libindincate build depends to >= 0.5.90

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