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12. By Pino Toscano <email address hidden>

Upload to unstable.

11. By Pino Toscano <email address hidden>

[ Pino Toscano ]
* Switch to my @debian.org address, I'm a DD since a while now.
* Remove "DM-Upload-Allowed" from control, no more neeed now.
* Add "Vcs-Git" and "Vcs-Browser" in control.
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.3, no changes required.
* Switch format to "3.0 (quilt)".
* Small touch to the description libspectre1.
* Refer directly to the /usr/share/common-licenses/GPL-2 file instead of
  the "GPL" symlink.
* Bump to debhelper compatibility v9:
  + bump compat to 9.
  + bump debhelper Build-Depends to >= 9.
  + add "Pre-Depends: ${misc:Pre-Depends}" to libspectre1.
  + adjust install paths to multiarch locations.
* Set libspectre1 as Multi-Arch: same.
* Remove ${shlibs:Depends} from libspectre-dev and libspectre1-dbg.
* Update copyright with my entry.

[ Sune Vuorela ]
* Change my email address to the @debian.org one.

10. By Jamie Strandboge

No change upload to rebuild against new libgs

9. By Debian Krap Maintainers <email address hidden>

[ Pino Toscano ]
* New upstream release:
  + calls ghostscript in a more secure way. (Closes: #583634)
* Set the source format to 1.0, for the moment.
* Add "DM-Upload-Allowed: yes" in control.

8. By Debian Krap Maintainers <email address hidden>

[ Pino Toscano ]
* New upstream release (Closes: #578353):
  + provides updates config.{guess,sub}. (Closes: #566283)
  + should fix display and stability issues on powerpc. (Closes: #525928)
* Add myself to the uploaders (as comaint mostly).

7. By Debian Krap Maintainers <email address hidden>

* New upstream release.

[ Pino Toscano ]
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.8.4, no changes required.
* Drop Build-Depend on autoconf, automake, autotools-dev, and libtool, as we
  don't autoreconf anymore.
* Adjust Build-Depends based on what the upstream configure checks:
  + add pkg-config >= 0.9.0.
  + set libgs-dev >= 8.62.
* Pass --list-missing to dh_install.
  + specify the .la file is not installed.

6. By Debian Krap Maintainers <email address hidden>

[ Pino Toscano ]
Restore debug symbols (d'oh! to uncommitted changes).

5. By Debian Krap Maintainers <email address hidden>

++Changes by Armin Berres:

Remove ununsed libspectre.la from -dev package (Closes: #548341).

4. By Debian Krap Maintainers <email address hidden>

 +++ Changes by Sune Vuorela:

* Switch Maintainer field to krap team and remove Matthew, he seems absent.
  We hope he comes back.
* Add me to uploaders.
* Autoreconf; fixes FTBFS: (Closes: 543074)
  - Add post-patches and clean targets.
  - Update DEB_AUTO_UPDATE_AUTOMAKE to 1.12.
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.8.3.
* Move -dbg package to debug section.

+++ Changes by Ana Beatriz Guerrero Lopez:

* Add README.source file.
* Small packaging copyright update.

3. By Matthew Rosewarne <email address hidden>

* New upstream release.
  + Fixes rendering of Mozilla-generated files. (Closes: #484645)
  + Correctly loads EPS files with TIFF previews. (Closes: #490309)
* Make prune-ghostscript script actually work.
* Update Autotools instead of direct patching.
  + Add Build-Depends on autoconf, automake, and libtool.
  + Switch to from CDBS simple patch system to quilt.
  + Rewrite strip_ghostscript.patch as use-system-ghostscript.patch.
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.8.0, no changes required.
* Fix watch file.
* Adjust descriptions.

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