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63. By Corey Bryant on 2014-04-04

* Resynchronize with stable/havana (82cb9f6) (LP: #1302575):
  - [b2259b3] Don't copy the flavorid when updating flavors
  - [8db4687] Allow snapshots of paused and suspended instances
  - [cf181c1] Reduce number of novaclient calls
  - [82cb9f6] Fixing tests to work with keystoneclient 0.6.0

62. By Chuck Short on 2014-02-25

[ Chuck Short ]
* Resynchronize with stable/havana (36e0ab5) (LP: #1284643):
  - [e73ff07] run_tests.sh fails with a fresh venv due to django 1.6
    installed LP: 1250581
  - [3e93b54] Email shouldn't be a mandatory attribute LP: 1260423
  - [2c1f1f3] Wrap call to extension_supported on Launch Instance with
    try/except LP: 1262223
  - [2e11482] Unit tests failing with raise
    UnknownMethodCallError('management_url') LP: 1268631
  - [c6d38a1] Metering dashboard. Marker could not be found (havana)
    LP: 1260528
  - [2b6dfa7] keypairs can not have an '@' sign in the name LP: 1265563
  - [8ba7780] Cannot see confirmation message when working on longer pages
    LP: 1251361
  - [edd8ee4] fix help text in "Create An image" window
  - [aa55b24] Inconsistance between horizon and django_openstack_auth default
    keystone version LP: 1231357
  - [7a8eadc] LBaaS. HealthMonitor representation should be improved
    LP: 1237377
  - [02e7b6e] "neutron lb-pool-list" running by admin returns also non-admin
    load balancer pools which appear later in horizon's admin project
    LP: 1244126
  - [5520d65] create volume option is shown, even without cinder enabled
    LP: 1267438
  - [5b970a5] .tx/config in havana needs to catch up with Transifex resource
    renaming LP: 1274005
  - [6508afd] when creating instance,access security and networking tabs
    missing asterisk LP: 1252005
  - [96bd650] timeout logic causes logout when load balanced LP: 1243277
  - [36e0ab5] Import translations for Havana 2013.2.2 update

[ James Page ]
* d/static/*: Refreshed for new upstream release.

61. By Adam Gandelman on 2013-12-18

* Resynchronize with stable/havana (9668e80) (LP: #1262788):
  - [d97bba1] precision of floating point metering stats is discarded
    unnecessarily LP: 1241467
  - [53047be] "Tenant" should be "Project" (Resource Usage panel) LP: 1250942
  - [728b5d1] Subnet / Subnet details not marked as translatable LP: 1254026
  - [9465e54] missing hover hint for instance:<type> meter in Metric dropdown
    list LP: 1243241
  - [842ba5f] Default port for The MS SQL Security Group is 1433 instead of
    1443 LP: 1250029
  - [631ee65] iso8601 debug message is annoying in dashboard unit test
    LP: 1250554
  - [1361a02] only meters associated with the first instance reported appear
    in Metric dropdown list LP: 1243298
  - [599d4a5] Persistent XSS in OpenStack Web UI for Instances LP: 1247675
  - [7f804c9] Password Change needs to logout current user LP: 1226829
  - [3b621e7] The "Weight" parameter in Horizon's LBaaS member creation
    dialog is mandatory while it's only optional in the cli command
    LP: 1241004
  - [b5b102e] i18n: "Filter" in "Flavor Access" tab of "Create Flavor"
    workflow is not translatable LP: 1239927
  - [0aba596] I18n: Localization of the role "Member" LP: 1255004
  - [d66a483] detach volume dialog contains escaped html LP: 1252881
  - [37f0128] English string for "Injected File Path Bytes" is wrong
    LP: 1254049
  - [ac2815c] ./templates/base.html.c:6: warning: unterminated string literal
    LP: 1243526
  - [6d02f2e] Cannot assign different translations for present and past
    message of BatchAction LP: 1252082
  - [655dc79] Resource Usage Page table views shows statistics in a wrong way
    LP: 1249279
  - [5d9684d] lbaas pool tcp LP: 1241713
  - [040bebb] Some "Working" dialogs are not translatable LP: 1252074
  - [852e5c8] Translation update for 2013.2.1 release LP: 1258462
  - [9668e80] Updated from global requirements
* debian/patches/CVE-2013-6406: Dropped, applied upstream [599d4a5]
* debian/patches/revert-stable-havana-requirements.patch: Revert
  version bumps to dependencies in stable/havana back to what was
  shipped with Saucy.

60. By Chuck Short on 2013-10-17

New upstream release (LP: #1236462).

59. By Chuck Short on 2013-10-16

New upstream release candidate (LP: #1240665).

58. By Chuck Short on 2013-10-15

* New upstream release candidate. (#1239156)
* debian/README.compression: Updated documenation on how to
  refresh the static assets.

57. By James Page on 2013-10-04

* d/theme/css/ubuntu.css: Refresh Ubuntu theme against new Havana
  stylesheets, fixing network and chart layouts (LP: #1235249).
* d/openstack-dashboard.postinst: Allow horizon user to read and
  write data in /var/lib/openstack-dashboard inline with user and
  group permissions set in Apache configuration.

56. By James Page on 2013-10-03

[ James Page ]
* New upstream release candidate:
  - d/static: Refreshed static assets for 2013.2~rc1.
  - d/patches: Refreshed patches.

[ Chuck Short ]
* debian/control: Add python-lesscpy as a suggests to optionally
  support online compression of static assets (LP: #1226674).

55. By James Page on 2013-10-02

* Don't use /etc/openstack-dashboard for in-process generated data
  (LP: #1233752):
  - d/openstack-dashboard.{dirs,postinst}:
    + Create /var/lib/openstack-dashboard with restricted permissions,
      allowing www-data user to write a secret_key if need be.
    + Move /etc/openstack-dashboard/secret_key to correct location if
      it already exists.
  - d/p/ubuntu_settings.patch: Use /var/lib/openstack-dashboard for
    secret key storage instead of /etc/openstack-dashboard.

54. By Adam Gandelman on 2013-09-06

* New upstream release.
* debian/control: Minimum python-openstack-auth version >= 1.1.1.
* debian/control: Add python-troveclient.
* debian/static: Refresh static assets for 2013.2~b3.
* debian/patches: ubuntu_local_settings.patch -> ubuntu_settings.patch, also
  patch location of secret key in openstack_dashboard/settings.py

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