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11. By Vincent Fourmond

* Do not mess up emacs's auto-mode-alist when the packaged is
  uninstalled (but not purged), thanks to Kevin Ryde for noticing and to
  Agustin Martin to provide the patch (closes: #653253)
* Add .gnuplot to auto-mode-alist
* Bump to standards 3.9.2

10. By Vincent Fourmond

* Update to newer location of the homepage
* Switching to 3.0 (quilt)
  - dropping build-dep on dpatch
  - and debian/README.source, now useless
* Switching to dh 7
* Fix links to gnuplot info, thanks to Kevin Ryde <email address hidden>
  (closes: 602557) -> 901_gnuplot.el.info-look.diff
* Try to apply the suggestion of Kevin Ryde to get rid of the need for
  gnuplot-setup-info-look (closes: 602561)
  -> 902_automatic_info_look.diff
  (and it seems I even got it right !)

9. By Vincent Fourmond

[ Agustin Martin Domingo ]
* patches/450_gnuplot.el_make-local-hook: Call (make-local-hook)
  only for XEmacs, (add-hook) local option will already make
  hook buffer local for FSF Emacs (Closes: #600185).

[ Vincent Fourmond ]
* Many thanks for Agusting Martin Domingo for providing the fix to
  #600185 !
* Bumping to standards version 3.9.1

8. By Vincent Fourmond

* patches/900_gnuplot.el_fix_indentation to fix indentation (closes:
* Add dependency on ${misc:Depends} to take care of possible dh-induced
* Conforms to standards 3.8.4

7. By Vincent Fourmond

* Do not ignore any flavor of emacs by default (closes: #540810)
* Now conforms to standards 3.8.3
* Choose emacs23 as first choice for dependencies
* Bump debhelper compatibility level

6. By Vincent Fourmond

* New maintainer (closes: 503549). Many thanks to Ryuichi Arafune for
  maintaining gnuplot-mode before and Agustin Martin Domingo and
  Romain Francoise for their NMUs
* Using a git repository for tracking
* Added a Homepage field
* Added a debian/README.source file, so that package now conforms to
  standards 3.8.0
* Clarified debian/copyright to actually include a copyright notice
* Fixed upstream's download location in debian/copyright
* Adding emacs22 | xemacs21 as an alternative to the virtual package

5. By Agustin Martin Domingo <email address hidden>

* Non-maintainer upload.
* debian/{compat,rules} use compat file and raise level.
* debian/rules:
  - Move package build debhelper commands to build-indep
  - Add dpatch support.
  - Remove some unneeded commands.
* debian/control:
  - Raise debhelper dependency and add dpatch one.
  - Raised Standards value.
* debian/emacsen-startup:
  - Fix regexp (Closes: #446172).
  - Use debian-pkg-add-load-path-item
* debian/conffiles: Removed, dh_installemacsen will take care.
* debian/{postinst,prerm}: Removed. debhelper will take care.
* debian/copyright: Fixed copyright version.
* debian/patches/500_gnuplot.el_make-variable-buffer-local.dpatch (new):
  - No need to explicitly set buffer-local font-lock-defaults,
    it will automatically be set (Closes: #384977).
* debian/patches/850_gnuplot.el_fix-obsolete-backquotes.dpatch (new):
  - Do not use obsolete old-style backquotes and ',' markers
    (Closes: #451942).

4. By Romain Francoise

* debian/emacsen-install: Support emacs-snapshot (closes: #341285, #348878).

3. By Ryuichi Arafune <email address hidden>

* New upstream version.
* closes: fix typo in Description. closes: #203487

2. By Ryuichi Arafune <email address hidden>

50gnuplot-mode.el as conffile. closes: #132205

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