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138. By James McCoy

[ James McCoy ]
* Document which scripts use libdistro-info-perl. (Closes: #708311)
* Make curl return a proper exit code for HTTP errors. (Closes: #720508)
* mk-build-deps: Define the deb's version when parsing a debian/control
  file. (Closes: #721939)
* checkbashisms: Sort the keys of the bashisms hashes to provide
  consistently ordered output. This avoids false positive failures in the
  test suite.

[ Charles Pigott ]
* Fix POD issues. (LP: #1226318, Closes: #719828)

[ Translation updates ]
* French, David Prévot.

137. By James McCoy

[ gregor herrmann ]
* debcommit: Add the source package name to commit/tag messages. (Closes:

[ Paul Wise ]
* In chdist bash completion, don't print warnings if ~/.chdist is missing
* Support 'new' in the rmadison URL list.

[ James McCoy ]
* dpkg-buildpackage: Use "dpkg-checkbuilddeps -A" for arch-indep builds.
  Bump dpkg-dev Depends to 1.16.4 accordingly.
* Suppress "given/when is experimental" warnings when using Perl 5.18.
* mk-build-deps: Take Build-Conflicts(-Indep) into account. (Closes:
* debcommit: Use "git status --porcelain" to check for a dirty working
  directory. (Closes: #712166)
* uscan: Add "Accept: */*" header to fix downloading from Alioth. Thanks to
  Dmitry Smirnov for the patch. (Closes: #712261)
* transition-check: Work around Pod::Simple change which causes Perl 5.18's
  pod2man to fail. (Closes: #714599)
* licensecheck:
  + Check haskell files. Thanks to Jens Petersen for the patch.
  + Handle differing lengths of comment leaders when autodetecting comments.
    (Closes: #714835)
* uscan/rc-alert: Fix roff errors in man pages. Thanks to Eric S. Raymond
  for the patch. (Closes: #712701)
* dscverify: Use ~/.gnupg/trustedkeys.gpg, if available. (Closes: #600048)

[ Chris Boot ]
* bts: Fix no-mutt option. (Closes: #709999)

[ Daniel Kahn Gillmor ]
* Enable OpenPGP signature verification (Closes: #610712)

[ Yaroslav Halchenko ]
* licensecheck: Check .go (Go) files (Closes: #711467)
* wnpp-check: Add bug URL to output and reorder columns to ease reading.
  (Closes: #715572)

[ Bernhard R. Link ]
* uscan: properly cope with colons and minus signs in upstream versions.
  (Closes: #658999)

[ Phillip Hands ]
* licensecheck:
  + allow plural: copyright notices
  + ignore "copyright holders"
  + alternative BSD-3 wording "authors" and "_any_ contributors"
  + ignore #defines containing (c)
  + fix "copyright ownership"
  + ignore "copyright statement"
  + ignore "copyright string"
  + ignore coyright (claim|is|in), and fix test
  + ignore "copyright to"

136. By James McCoy

[ Julian Gilbey ]
* Correct git location in debian/copyright file (Closes: #703853)

[ James McCoy ]
* licensecheck: Regex-escape file contents that are used as part of a
  pattern. (Closes: #704434, LP: #1164261)
* bts:
  + Accept the "jessie" and "jessie-ignore" tags. (Closes: #705817)
  + Email $<email address hidden> when reassigning a bug to src:$pkg.
    (Closes: #707636)
* uscan: Define local replacements for die/warn instead of setting
  $SIG{__DIE__}/$SIG{__WARN__} to prevent breaking die/warn in other
  modules. (Closes: #669942)
* licensecheck: Fix invalid regular expression syntax. (Closes: #706232)
* debchange:
  + Set Wheezy as the default --bpo target. (Closes: #703633)
  + Recognize oldstable backports while oldstable is supported. (Closes:
* rc-alert: Change description of I flag to reference wheezy instead of
  lenny. (Closes: #683491)
* who-permits-upload:
  + Use consistent formatting in the "SEE ALSO" section of the POD.
  + Fix spelling mistakes.
  + Fix handling of encoding.
* Move debian/bug/* so dh_bugfiles handles installing them.
* Upload to unstable.

[ Christoph Berg ]
* dget: "--all pkg" will download all binaries for source package pkg.

[ Raphael Geissert ]
* checkbashisms: Fix false positives in $_ checks. (Closes: #691389)

[ Arno Töll ]
* New script who-permits-upload, which retrieves information about Debian
  Maintainer access control lists. (Closes: #688830)

[ David Prévot ]
* Formating manpages review. (Closes: #707299)

[ Translation updates ]
* French, David Prévot.
* German, Chris Leick.

135. By Stéphane Graber

No change rebuild to change default Ubuntu distro from raring to saucy.

134. By Benjamin Drung

[ Laurent Rineau ]
* licensecheck:
  - Fix the detection of (L|A)GPL. (Closes: #700938)
  - Fix comments pattern detection. (Closes: #700944)

[ Benjamin Drung ]
* wnpp-check: Correct download links to fix regression from previous release.
* Switch to debhelper 9.
* Convert Python scripts to python3 (Closes: #680313).
* Move git repository to collab-maint.
* Remove Julian Gilbey, Mohammed Adnène Trojette, Christoph Berg,
  Stefano Zacchiroli, Adam D. Barratt, and Luk Claes from uploaders list.
  Thanks for your work.

[ James McCoy ]
* debdiff: Handle control files with odd permissions. Thanks to Julian
  Gilbey for the patch. (Closes: #702610)
* mk-build-deps: Skip malformed stanzas instead of outright failing.
  (Closes: #679631)

[ Dmitrijs Ledkovs ]
* wrap-and-sort: Add trailing comma option (Closes: #703323).

[ Markus Wanner ]
* uscan: more debug info to allow checking uversionmangle patterns.

133. By Dimitri John Ledkov

Add trailing comma option to wrap-and-sort.

132. By Benjamin Drung

* Merge from Debian experimental. Remaining changes:
  - Convert python scripts to python3. (Closes: #680313)
    Debian bug #695259 needs to be fixed to get the change into Debian.

131. By Dimitri John Ledkov

Open control file as bytes and write out encoded utf-8. (LP: #1099589).

130. By Dimitri John Ledkov

Readd devscripts python2 module for ubuntu-dev-tools. (LP: #1099091).

129. By Matthias Klose

* Convert python scripts to python3. Closes: #680313.
* Drop python-unittest2 b-d (only needed for python < 2.7).

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