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47. By Matthieu Baerts

* New upstream release. (bug-fix version)
* Detailed Upstream ChangeLog (3.3.0 -> 3.3.1)
  - Sound applet: fixed the display of the icon when the rendering is
    'icon only' and also on reload
  - GMenu: fixed a compilation error when using GTK2 and gnome-menu3
  - Shortcuts: with GTK 3.6 and newer, gtk bookmarks is now available in
    '~/.config/gtk-3.0/bookmarks' instead of '~/.gtk-bookmarks'
* debian/control: Bumped Cairo-Dock (core) version

46. By Matthieu Baerts

* New upstream release.
* Detailed Upstream ChangeLog (beta 2 -> release)
  - Dbus: don't notify of startup if the applet is already controling a
  - Dialogs: tooltip view: fixed the position of the widget inside the
    dialog when it's placed on top of the screen
  - Folder: watch for drop events onto the docks only
  - GMenu:
    - Apps: set the desktop environment to correctly exclude apps
    - Search: When there is no result, display 'Launch this command'
    - Search: launch app: do not restrict to the left click
    - Search: match: display name: locate a substring instead of compare
      the first chars
  - Indicator-Generic: forced the 'data' to be a GldiModuleInstance
  - logout: select shutdown menu item: do not create a list and iter all
    menu items, just save the pointer
  - Messaging Menu: Indicator3: detach the icon at startup: the icon is
    inserted when the entry will be added
  - Messaging Menu: with old versions of libindicator: fixed tiny memory
  - po: updated translations
  - Switcher: correctly update the icon by listening more signals
  - Switcher: fixed the drawing of the desktop name in the desklet when
    it's larger than the desklet
  - Terminal: when dropped something in the terminal, take the data and
    not only the text + give the focus just after
  - All: menu functions have been renamed in libgldi
  - All: remove useless g_print
* Some bugs have been fixed:
  - logout: UPower: invalid fastbin entry LP: #1212981
  - logout: Use logind for suspend/hibernate/poweroff/reboot LP: #1175810
  - keyboard: cairo-dock crashes on keyboard layout swtcher LP: #668061
  - keyboard: Cairo-dock is unable to get CAPS Lock and NumLck values
    LP: #476842
  - quick-browser: Error Message LP: #660261
  - recent-events: Move from zeitgeist-1.0 to zeitgeist-2.0 LP: #1197569
* debian/control: bumped Cairo-Dock (core) version

45. By Matthieu Baerts

* New upstream snapshot.
* Detailed Upstream ChangeLog:
  - GMenu: align the search box entry with all other entries
  - GMenu: now the results replace the current menu instead of adding
    a new window
  - GMenu: Added a separator after the GtkEntry
  - GMenu: app_match: Compare key and properting ignoring cases
  - GMenu: compilation error: With GLib 2.37.93, dirent.h is now included
    (in glib/gdir.h) but '__USE_BSD' is not defined and then DT_DIR and
    DT_LNK are not defined.
  - GMenu-old: also add support for cinnamon-menu-editor
  - Indicator-Generic: No need to reload all indicator if 1 is modified
  - logout: removed unused 'logout required' feature
  - Mail: don't use startup-notify feature since the applet doesn't
    control the application
  - Mail: removed unused variables
  - Music-player: use gldi_icon_launch_command
  - PowerManager: force (re)draw during the init/reload (add emblem)
  - Recent-Events: used a longer search bar (expanded and filled)
  - Recent-Events: update the result each time a new key is pressed
  - Switcher: update the icon if a new window is added/removed or delay
    the update if the wallpaper is modified (to avoid fading effect)
  - Status-Notifier: Hide the icon if there is no item
    (if there is nothing to display)
  - Misc: DBus: Third-party applets: bumped version -> 3.3.0
  - Misc: updated to match the core API -> 3.3-beta2
  - Misc: po: updated translations

44. By Matthieu Baerts

* New upstream snapshot.
* Short Upstream ChangeLog:
  - Added support of logind in the Logout applet
  - Upgraded the Dbus API to be even more powerful
  - Added a search box in GMenu applet
* debian/rules:
  - ROOT_PREFIX CMake flag is no longer needed
* debian/control:
  - Bumped Cairo-Dock-Core version
  - libzeitgeist-2.0-dev replaces libzeitgeist-dev
  - cairo-dock-plug-ins: removed consolekit and upower dependences:
    logind is now fully supported and used by default
  - cairo-dock-plug-ins: Suggests:
    - Added alacarte: to edit Applications Menu
    - Added new 'indicators' which can be useful for Cairo-Dock Session

43. By Jonathan Riddell

Rebuild with libical 1.0

42. By Iain Lane

Depend on CK and UPower, since we use their D-Bus interfaces.

41. By Matthieu Baerts

* New upstream release. (bug-fix version) LP: #1168840
* Detailed Upstream ChangeLog:
  - DBus:
    - Python interface: Translations: avoid blank dialogues when using
      special characters from .mo files with Python2.
    - Force the height of the menu, since GTK doesn t update it correctly
  - GMenu:
    - Preload icons at startup: removed this option: it s no longer
      needed when using libgnome-menu-3 and it can slow down the
      creation of this menu
    - Fix: LP: #1070663
  - Indicator-Generic:
    - If no indicator found, stay in the plugin mode to not create an
      useless icon
    - New indicators was not automatically launched: Monitor the
      indicator3 dir in order to reload indicators when these files are
  - Indicators: Generic & Messaging Menu: LP: #1094592
    - Do not insert or detach icons if it s not necessary
  - Translations: Imported translations files from Launchpad
* debian/control:
  - Bumped Cairo-Dock versions
  - 'cairo-dock-plug-ins' provides 'indicator-renderer' thanks to
    'Indicator-Generic' applets (and 'Indicator-applet3' internal lib)

40. By Matthieu Baerts

* New upstream release.
* Upstream ChangeLog:
  - Clock: iCal: don't add a new task if the uid is NULL
  - DBus interfaces: install python interfaces for both python2 and 3
  - Dock rendering: fixed the drawing of the 3D and Curve views when the
    alignment is not centered
  - Fixed a few compilation errors and warning for FreeBSD
  - GMenu: init: load all menus and submenus in a separated thread and
    not in the mainloop to avoid tiny freezes at startup
  - GMenu: split the applet in two directories: one if libgnome-menu-3 is
    available and another one (GMenu-old) if libgnome-menu is available.
  - GMenu: if the user wants to show the menu before it's loaded, set a
    pending event
  - gvfs integration: hidden files were not correctly handled
  - po: Imported translations from Launchpad
  - Shortcuts: Disk usage: some sentenses was not translatable
  - Shortcuts: for a bookmark that points to a volume mount it before
  - Shortcuts: if the user wants to show the menu before it's loaded, set
    a pending event
  - ShowDesktop: Gnome-Shell workaround: add a small delay before
    triggering the desktop Exposé or Gnome-Shell will not respond
  - Sound-control: ignore alsa callbacks that are not 'value changed'
  - Status-Notifier: don't reset the icon if not in compact mode
* debian/control:
  - Used the newer version of libgnome-menu (libgnome-menu-3-dev)
  - Bumped Cairo-Dock versions
  - Build-Depends: Added python3 in order to install both python 2 and 3

39. By Matthieu Baerts

* New upstream snapshot.
* Short Upstream ChangeLog:
  - New applet: Screenshot
  - New plug-in: Sound-Effects
  - Added Gnome-Shell support
  - Added GDM support for user switching
  - Added support for all the Unity indicators
  - Countless bug-fixes and improvements
* debian/rules:
  - CMake flags: switch to ON/OFF
* debian/control:
  - Bumped Cairo-Dock versions
  - Added a few indicator applets as 'Suggests'
* debian/cairo-dock-plug-ins.install
  - cairo-dock-unity-bridge has been renamed.

38. By Matthieu Baerts

* New upstream release. (bug-fix version)
* Detailed Upstream ChangeLog:
  - Clock: If seconds are not shown, redrawn the applet each time at 00
     second (before the timer wasn't started with a delay and the applet
     was redrawn between 00 and 60 seconds)
  - GMenu: Editor: also check if 'menulibre' is available
  - RSSreader:
    - Make the text selectable in the dialog
    + Fixed incorrect duration of the dialog when no URL/connection
  - MusicPlayer: if the music player has given a wrong .desktop filename,
     check if it's a valid name before doing something more
  - Status-Notifier:
    + When the icon theme changes, remove the previous one first
    + Position of the Menu: e.g. with Dropbox: the menu is out of the
       screen every time something has changed in this menu (it displays
       'connecting', free space available, etc.): we need to reposition it.
    + Fixed lots of corner cases (mainly for Skype)
    + Added full support of the Ubuntu indicator application API, for
       program that only use this one (and not the standard Status-Notifier
       API), like Skype
    + Implemented an horrible hack for Skype (it only creates its item when
       the host appears, not if the host already exists)
    + Updated the property HasStatusNotifierHostRegistered to
    + Check for item unicity on creation (fixes the Skype double item)
    + E.g. with Dropbox, the menu is firstly drawn out of the screen and
       then it's ok
  - Misc.:
    + CMakeLists.txt: DBusMenu GLib and GTK are needed for Indicator-Applet
* debian/control:
  - Bump Cairo-Dock versions

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