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8. By Adam Conrad

Move libs from AM_LDFLAGS to LIBS to fix linking with --as-needed

7. By Barak A. Pearlmutter

* Adopt package (closes: #435702)
* New upstream release (closes: #438943)
  - Contains dpms patch (closes: #421279)
* Update packaging:
  - remove mention of propsel from description (closes: #500147, #695167)
  - new upstream home page and repository
  - upstream has autoconf/automake, switch to use it
  - dh9, harden
  - bump standards version

6. By Ralf Treinen <email address hidden>

* QA upload.
* Build-dependencies: changed xutils to xutils-dev (closes: #485530),
  dropped x-dev.
* debian/control: Added Homepage (closes: #438944)

5. By Mohammed Adnène Trojette

* QA upload.
* Add md5sums to debian/rules.
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.7.2.
* Use [ ! -f Makefile ] || $(MAKE) clean.

4. By Romain Francoise

* New upstream release:
  + The maximum number of mouse buttons is now 20 (closes: #157082).
  + The window title can now be set with the new -title option
    (closes: #364202).

* debian/control: Bump Standards-Version to 3.7.0, no changes needed.
* debian/rules: Add empty binary-indep target.

3. By Randolph Chung <email address hidden>

Forgot to fix the maintainer in debian/control. Fixed now...
(Closes: #155262)

2. By Adrian Bridgett <email address hidden>

* use debhelper rather than cpbs - it's more standard and gives us FHS
* compile with "-g -O2" as per policy
* merge in patch from Tor Slettnes <email address hidden> to map buttons and not
  send any which the remote end can't handle (closes: #80629, #56252)
* patches downloaded from http://www.eax.com/other/x2x-1.27-1.28.patch:
  - unofficial x2x-1.28 patch from Adam Sulmcki <email address hidden>
    which adds an error handler (closes: #56252). NB: I have only applied
    the cleanup parts of the patch since #80629 fixes the problem better.
    I've left the patch in debian/errorhandler.diff in case it's needed in
  - from Greg J. Badros <email address hidden>:
    - fix for the feedback loop which can arise
    - save some screen estate
* patch from Ben Harris <email address hidden> to change title of window
  (closes: #54045)

1. By Adrian Bridgett <email address hidden>

Import upstream version 1.27

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