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10. By Dimitri John Ledkov

* Build depend on python[3]-all, as building arch:all against multiple
  supported pythons.
* Build against supported versions, instead of requested.

9. By Alberto Milone

* New upstream release: 0.5.0:
  - Support for Python 3.
  - API cleanup.
* Packaging changes to allow shipping both the Python 2
  and the Python 3 libraries.

8. By Matthias Klose

Rebuild to drop python2.6 dependencies.

7. By Alberto Milone

[ Alberto Milone ]
* new upstream release:
    - Correct the instructions on how to get the documentation.
  + 1-example.py:
    - Use the right function to get the device position properly.

[ Colin Watson ]
* debian/control, debian/rules:
  - Convert to dh_python2 (LP: #788514).

6. By Alberto Milone

* new upstream release:
  + xutils.py:
    - make isDriverInSection() return True only if all of the specified
      sections contain the driver. This prevents isDriverEnabled() from
      returning false positives.
  + 1-test.py:
    - Modify the test for testIsDriverEnabled() so as to test the correct
    - Add two more tests for IsDriverEnabled().

5. By Alberto Milone

* new upstream release:
  + xorgparser.py:
    - Add "InputClass" to the whitelist of xorg.conf sections so that
      the validator doesn't raise an error about it.

4. By Alberto Milone

* new upstream release: 0.4.2:
  + xorgparser.py:
    - remove harmless but useless lines after an Exception in getValue()
    - make sure that if optiontype != None the option (differently from
      the value) is always put in quotation marks in addOption()
  + 0-test.py:
    - add a test for the quotation marks check in addOption()

3. By Alberto Milone

* new upstream release: 0.4:
  + xorgparser.py:
    - preserve commented lines inside sections too
    - add removeSection()
    - add commentOut{Option|SubOption|Section|SubSection}()
      o the new "Comments" key in self.globaldict contains commented options and
        subsections before these are merged into self.comments
      o when a whole section is commented out, its content and its subsections are
        immediately moved to self.comments
      o commented lines are not meant to be uncommented
      o commented lines are ignored by the validator
    - add getSubSections()
      o return the subsections contained in the section passed as an argument
    - separate __getOptionsToBlacklist() from removeOption() so that it can be shared
      with commentOutOption()
    - docstrings clean-up
  + 0-test.py:
    - add tests for the new methods in xorgparser.py

2. By Alberto Milone

* xorgparser.py:
  - make sure that globaldict is preserved when
    writing its content to the destination file (use tempdict)
  - do not close file objects in writeFile()
* 0-test.py: add testWriteFile1(), testWriteFile2() and

1. By Alberto Milone

[ Alberto Milone ]
* add getBrokenReferences() to xorgparser.Parser()
* move getPosition() and isSection() to xorgparser since they are now required
  by getBrokenReferences(). Move the relevant tests to 0-test.py
* remove all the arguments from xutils.XUtils.checkNFixSection()
* make checkNFixSection() rely on getBrokenReferences()
* Parser.__process() will now check the following additional cases:
  - if duplicate sections are found
  - if broken references are found
  - if there are sections which don't have an identifier but should
    have one (except for completely empty sections, which are ignored
    and don't appear in globaldict)
* clean up Parser.getIds()
* remove sys.exit from Parser.getReferences()
* disable checkDuplicateOptions by default
* move getIdentifier and isSection to xorgparser
* move all the validator methods to __complianceRules()
* add getBrokenReferences() to xorgparser
* add validateOptions to the default checks
* improve getDefaultServerLayout() in xorgparser so that if one default ServerLayout
  is set, its existence will be checked
* make sure that each ServerLayout has at least 1 reference to a Screen section
* print something useful for debugging when raising ParseException
* update the README with a note on case-sensitive section names

[ Martin Pitt ]
* debian/rules: Remove some cruft.
* debian/control: Rename package x-kit to python-xkit for conforming to
  Python package naming policy. Also fix section to be 'python'.
* debian/rules: Run the test suite during build and clean up the spewage.
* Add debian/python-xkit.examples: Ship examples/ directory.
* debian/control: Add Vcs-Bzr:.

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