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12. By Scott Moser

releasing package walinuxagent version 1.3.2-0ubuntu2~13.04.1

11. By Scott Moser

releasing package walinuxagent version 1.3.2-0ubuntu2

10. By Scott Moser

* Backport of 1.3.2-0ubuntu5 from 13.10
  * disable ephemeral disk formating by default (LP: #1231490)
  * debian/patches/shadow_permissions.patch: apply the appropriate
    permissions to /etc/shadow (LP: #1188820).
  * debian/patches/verbose_logging.patch: use the appropriate log
    faculty when using verbose logging (LP: #1193404).
  * Mark bugs fixed in 1.3.2-0ubuntu3:
    - fix for race condition between cloud-init and waagent (LP: #1195524)
    - mount resource disk on /mnt (LP: #1193380)
    - move walinuxagent init functionality to cloud-init (LP: #1037723)
* Add requirement of cloud-init (LP: #1037723).

9. By Ben Howard

* Updated to 1.3.2 as part of Windows Azure requirement (LP: #1158465).
* Upstream now supports packaging; incorporated upstream packaging into
  Ubuntu Packaging.

8. By Ben Howard

Changed detection of whether or not agent is packaged to using
dpkg command. (LP: #1111690)

7. By Ben Howard

* New upstream version (LP: #1101371)
  - Add some error checking and robustness to DVD mounting operation during
  - Remove redundant check for IP and Port in LoadBalancerProbe
  - Add check to self.computername to detect empty hostname in configuration
  - Fix manual uninstall on Ubuntu
* Modified walinuxagent to recognize when its been packaged.

6. By Ben Howard

* New upstream version (LP: #1077148)
* Upstream features:
  - Added - load ata_piix.ko module loaded if needed for CDROM device support
  - Additional logging for DoDhcpWork()
  - Update sock.recv timeout from 30 to 10 seconds
  - Fix: Linux waagent deprovision, user is not deleted properly
  - Fix: Make LBProbeResponder construction more robust
  - Fix: Agent fails to provision user with public/private key pairs
  - Fix: DHCP broadcast response not received
  - Fix: Linux agent fails to delete root user password
  - Fix: Linux agent should report error messages to Fabric when
         passed an invalid hostname.
* Dropped Ubuntu specific patches
  - Removed debian/patches/000_resolv-conf.patch as upstream now supports
    resolvconf properly.
  - Removed debian/patches/001-strip-init-d.patch as redundant now that
    upstream understands Ubuntu upstart. Upstream script does not
    handle the removal of the upstart job anyway.
* Added debian/patches/000_use_package_upstart.patch to use packaged
  upstart job over in-script upstart.

5. By James Page

* Stop upgrades purging walinuxagent meta-data and configuration files
  (LP: #1079897):
  - d/{control,walinuxagent-data-saver.preinst}: Added
    walinuxagent-data-saver package to ensure that agent generated data is
    not lost on upgrade by diverting /usr/sbin/waagent during the upgrade
  - d/walinuxagent-data-saver.lintian-overrides: Override errors about use
    of dpkg-divert in this package.
  - d/control: Added Pre-Depends to walinuxagent on walinuxagent-data-saver.
  - d/prerm: Stop calling waagent --uninstall during reconfiguration
    and upgrade, specify files to remove manually for purge.
  - d/postinst: Remove divert of /usr/sbin/waagent prior to completion of
    package install.
* d/preinst: If upgrading from package version with unmanaged waagent upstart
  configuration stop the agent and remove the upstart configuration.
* d/upstart: Tidied description in upstart job.

4. By Ben Howard

* New upstream version (LP: #1078074, #1077147).
* Moved upstart job to be managed by packaging.

3. By James Page

Restrict target architectures to i386 and amd64.

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