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65. By dobey on 2013-03-27

* New upstream release.
  - Use correct timer events to unbreak share files search. (LP: #1150316)

64. By dobey on 2013-02-22

* New upstream release.
  - Pass URL redirection as query instead of parameters. (LP: #1131905)

63. By dobey on 2013-01-29

* New upstream release.
  - Do all filename searching via IPC.
  - Stop animation timer when hiding loading overlay.
  - Use a standard LC_CTYPE locale when the LANG is turkish. (LP: #997326)
* debian/control:
  - Add python-mock as a build-depends for new tests.
  - Require new ubuntu-sso-client version for LANG fixes.

62. By dobey on 2013-01-10

* New upstream release.
  - Support translations on other platforms.
* debian/control:
  - Update dependencies on ubuntu-sso-client packages for new API.
  - Update standards version to 3.9.4.

61. By dobey on 2012-12-10

* New upstream release.
  - Replace simplejson usage with json. (LP: #1029094)
  - Clear search when clicking (X) icon in search entry. (LP: #1070917)
  - Raise existing window if process already running. (LP: #1063927)
  - Don't auto-publish when selecting a search result. (LP: #1065194)
  - Add a new .desktop file for the GNOME-only remix of Ubuntu.
* debian/control:
  - Switch pylint build dependency to pyflakes.
  - Remove python-simplejson from dependencies.
* debian/ubuntuone-control-panel-qt.install:
  - Add new .desktop file for GNOME remix.
  - Remove the messaging menu integration file.
* debian/watch:
  - Update to use stable-4-2 series for Ubuntu 13.04 releases.

60. By dobey on 2012-10-03

* New upstream release.
  - Accept mouse events for the shares tab search results. (LP: #1056192)
  - Fix some tests to be more multi-platform safe with filenames.

59. By dobey on 2012-09-18

* New upstream release.
  - Fix handling of space characters in share tab searching. (LP: #1042806)

58. By dobey on 2012-09-11

* New upstream release.
  - Improvements for Windows and darwin ports.
  - Include ubuntuone-installer.desktop for launching control panel.
  - Import translations into upstream source.
  - Avoid blocking UI while file share search is working. (LP: #1042885)
* debian/control:
  - Remove dependency on ubuntuone-installer. (LP: #1048669)
  - Breaks/Replaces for ubuntuone-installer, and -common and -gtk packages.
  - Only build with dh_python2.
  - Require dh-translations to build.
  - Remove the -common and -gtk packages, as they are now obsolete.
* debian/python-ubuntuone-control-panel.install:
  - Include the apport hook.
* debian/ubuntuone-control-panel.install:
  - List the translations here, so dh_translations picks them up.
* debian/ubuntuone-control-panel-qt.install:
  - Include the .desktop file, and shared data files here.
* debian/rules:
  - Don't support building without dh_python2 any longer.
  - Use dh translations module, and --fail-missing.
  - Remove some extra files that are compiled in as Qt built-in resources.

57. By dobey on 2012-08-29

* New upstream release.
  - Adding functionality to the Share Links Tab.
  - Fixed saving/restoring the speed throttling (LP: #1040899)
  - Other fixes for darwin port.

56. By dobey on 2012-08-23

* New upstream release.
  - Show error for folder subscribe if local path already exists and is not
    a folder. (LP: #1033488)
* debian/copyright:
  - Update to be more in line with dep5.
* debian/patches:
  - Remove patches included upstream.
* debian/rules:
  - Update to allow building directly on older versions of Ubuntu.

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