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11. By Jeremy Bícha

* Refreshed dependencies
* Added libnss-myhostname to desktop (LP: #1162478)
* Added system-config-printer-gnome to desktop (LP: #1163674)
* Moved xterm to desktop-recommends

10. By Jeremy Bícha

* Refreshed dependencies
* Added gnome-calculator to desktop
* Removed gcalctool from desktop
* Removed gwibber from desktop-recommends

9. By Colin Watson

* Refreshed dependencies
* Added deja-dup-backend-ubuntuone to desktop-recommends
* Removed libreoffice-help-en-us from desktop-recommends [amd64 i386]

8. By Jeremy Bícha

* Update package description
* Use dh9
* Refreshed dependencies
* Added gnome-documents to desktop
* Added gnome-mahjongg to desktop-recommends [amd64 armhf i386]
* Added gnome-mines to desktop-recommends [amd64 armhf i386]
* Added gnome-sudoku to desktop-recommends [amd64 armhf i386]
* Removed gnome-games from desktop-recommends [amd64 armhf i386]

7. By Jeremy Bícha

* Refreshed dependencies
* Added firefox to desktop-recommends
* Added firefox-gnome-support to desktop-recommends
* Added libreoffice-calc to desktop-recommends [amd64 i386]
* Added libreoffice-gnome to desktop-recommends [amd64 i386]
* Added libreoffice-help-en-us to desktop-recommends [amd64 i386]
* Added libreoffice-impress to desktop-recommends [amd64 i386]
* Added libreoffice-math to desktop-recommends [amd64 i386]
* Added libreoffice-ogltrans to desktop-recommends [amd64 i386]
* Added libreoffice-pdfimport to desktop-recommends [amd64 i386]
* Added libreoffice-presentation-minimizer to desktop-recommends
  [amd64 i386]
* Added libreoffice-writer to desktop-recommends [amd64 i386]
* Added xul-ext-ubufox to desktop-recommends
* Removed abiword from desktop-recommends
* Removed epiphany-browser from desktop-recommends
* Removed gnumeric from desktop-recommends
* Removed linux-headers-generic from desktop-recommends [amd64]
* Removed linux-headers-generic-pae from desktop-recommends [i386]
* Removed linux-headers-omap4 from desktop-recommends [armhf]
* Removed mesa-utils from desktop-recommends
* Removed pulseaudio-module-gconf from desktop-recommends

6. By Jeremy Bícha

* Refreshed dependencies
* Added im-config to desktop-recommends
* Removed im-switch from desktop-recommends

5. By Jeremy Bícha

* Dropped armel
* Refreshed dependencies
* Added deja-dup-backend-cloudfiles to desktop-recommends
* Added deja-dup-backend-s3 to desktop-recommends
* Added libpam-xdg-support to desktop
* Added linux-headers-omap4 to desktop-recommends [armhf]
* Added python3-aptdaemon.pkcompat to desktop-recommends
* Added software-center to desktop-recommends
* Added ubuntu-release-upgrader-gtk to desktop
* Added update-manager to desktop (LP: #1071008)
* Added update-notifier to desktop
* Removed gnome-packagekit from desktop-recommends
* Removed gnome-panel from desktop-recommends
* Removed indicator-datetime from desktop-recommends
* Removed indicator-printers from desktop-recommends
* Removed metacity from desktop
* Removed onboard from desktop-recommends
* Removed python-cloudfiles from desktop-recommends
* Removed xcursor-themes from desktop-recommends

4. By Jeremy Bícha

* Refreshed dependencies
* Added plymouth-theme-ubuntu-gnome-logo to desktop-recommends
* Added plymouth-theme-ubuntu-gnome-text to desktop-recommends
* Removed indicator-sync from desktop-recommends
* Removed plymouth-theme-ubuntu-logo from desktop-recommends

3. By Jeremy Bícha

* Refreshed dependencies
* Added evolution to desktop-recommends
* Added mesa-utils to desktop-recommends
* Added python-cloudfiles to desktop-recommends

2. By Jeremy Bícha

* Refreshed dependencies
* Added gnome-tweak-tool to desktop
* Added gstreamer1.0-alsa to desktop
* Added gstreamer1.0-plugins-base-apps to desktop
* Added gstreamer1.0-pulseaudio to desktop
* Added software-properties-gtk to desktop
* Added indicator-datetime to desktop-recommends
* Added indicator-sync to desktop-recommends
* Added libqt4-sql-sqlite to desktop-recommends
* Moved gnome-packagekit to desktop-recommends
* Moved gnome-panel to desktop-recommends
* Removed caribou from desktop (LP: #1044537)
* Removed gnome-applets from desktop
* Removed indicator-appmenu from desktop-recommends
* Removed jockey-gtk from desktop-recommends
* Removed ubuntu-docs from desktop-recommends

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