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186. By David Henningsson

Fix patch not to cause 100% CPU (LP: #1170313)

185. By David Henningsson

Fix stale pulseaudio processes after logout (LP: #1167192)

184. By Martin Pitt

Another no-change rebuild against libudev1 to pick up transitive

183. By David Henningsson

[ Kaj Ailomaa ]
* 0108-module-jackdbus-detect-channel-config.patch
  Adds channel configuration to module-jackdbus-detect
* 0110-module-jackdbus-detect-channel-config-default.patch
  Sets default channel config for module-jackdbus-detect to 2,
  as jack is not well adapted for anything beyond mono or stereo

182. By David Henningsson

Fix sound suddenly stops working, seems particularly frequent with VLC
(LP: #1129990, LP: #1127872)

181. By Luke Yelavich

* Update libpulse0 symbols
* Pulseaudio should have a hard dependency on the binary version of libpulse0
  to guard against libpulsecommon ABI breakage.

180. By Luke Yelavich

[ Luke Yelavich ]
* debian/control: Update Vcs-Bzr field for raring
* Bump upstream version and rules/shlib files to 3.0.

[ David Henningsson ]
* New upstream release (3.0)
* 0100-resampler-Fix-volume-on-downmix-to-mono.patch,
  Dropped, applied upstream
* 0002-In-KDE-only-start-pulseaudio-from-the-KDE-specific-d.patch:
  Dropped, Debian dropped it and we got it from there
* 0002-add-padsp-wrapper-check.patch:
  Dropped, makes no sense now that OSS is disabled in the kernel
* 0008-delay-gnome-autostart.patch:
  Dropped per Martin Pitt's recommendation (incompatible upstream change)
* 0101-alsa-mixer-Fix-the-analog-output-speaker-always-path.patch,
  Added from upstream stable-3.x tree
* Other patches refreshed
* debian/control: PulseAudio binary package is no longer
  "Multi-Arch: foreign" (LP: #1078543)
* debian/control, pulseaudio-module-bluetooth.install:
  Update for new bluetooth dependency (libsbc)
* debian/watch: Change to .xz by default (because Debian does)
* debian/pulseaudio.init: Don't claim to support reload (Debian BTS: #690736)
* debian/rules, debian/pulseaudio.manpages: Fix installation of default.pa
  (Debian BTS: #690416)
* debian/rules: disable hal compat module
* debian/pulse-alsa.conf, debian/README.Debian,
  debian/pulseaudio-esound-compat.links, debian/pulseaudio.init,
  debian/pulseaudio.install: Sync with Debian.
* debian/manpages/esdcompat.1: Remove, already upstream.
* debian/control: Sync build-dependencies with debian, in particular,
  - add fftw3 development library
* debian/control: Cosmetic changes (sync with Debian)
* debian/pulseaudio.postinst: Remove ancient upgrade stuff - we won't support
  direct upgrades from 8.04 to 13.04+ anyway

[ Luke Yelavich ]
* 0104-alsa-ucm-Fallback-to-stereo-duplex.patch: Added from upstrea git
  stable tree to fix ucm related issues.
* Disable use of UCM in PulseAudio for now.

179. By David Henningsson

* 0101-alsa-mixer-Remove-analog-output-lfe-on-mono.patch:
  Fix muted audio on startup in Virtualbox VM (LP: #1016969)
* 0020-stream-Return-error-in-case-a-client-peeks-to-early.patch:
  Fix clients crashing when asking for data, but there is no data
  to hand out (LP: #1058200)

178. By Luke Yelavich

[ David Henningsson ]
Fix clipped audio on downmix to mono (LP: #416190)

177. By Luke Yelavich

Merge changes that were accidentally squashed from 2.0-0ubuntu2.

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