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7. By Alessio Treglia on 2013-02-03

pm_linux/Makefile: Fix linking order, regression introduced
by the previous upload. (LP: #1110326)

6. By Alessio Treglia on 2012-12-23

* debian/patches/11-pmlinuxalsa.patch:
  - Avoid SIGSEGV when it receives data for devices which
    might have already been closed. (LP: #1073484)
  - Fix some other pointer issues:
    + alsa_in_close() didn't clear midi-descriptor.
    + Some other uses of midi->descriptor didn't do NULL-check of
      the pointer.

5. By Daniel T Chen on 2010-02-14

* New upstream release
* debian/patches/: Refresh/rediff

4. By Paul Brossier on 2009-11-13

Add -lpthread to ALSALIB (closes: #556070)

3. By Paul Brossier on 2009-09-16

* New upstream version, uses epoch (closes: #501132)
* debian/watch: update to match new download location and version
  numbering (closes: #450055), but still fails due to zip format
* Add depends on quilt, move patches to debian/patches
* Add Homepage to debian/control
* debian/control: use ${binary:Version}, bump to S-V 3.8.3
* debian/compat: bump to 5
* debian/copyright: update to match license.txt and add missing copyrights
* debian/patches/02_pmlinuxalsa.diff: remove merged hunks
* debian/patches/04_ptlinux.diff: remove merged hunks
* debian/patches/05_makefile.diff: merge and link portmidi to porttime,
  thanks to Willem van Engen (closes: #515712)
* debian/rules: use pm_linux/Makefile, ship CHANGELOG.txt and make sure
  source and header files are not executable
* debian/README.source: refer to quilt documentation
* debian/libportmidi-dev.install: do not try to install unexisting files
* debian/patches/{06_pm_test_mm,07_pm_test_sysex,08_pm_test_qtest}.diff:
  get rid of missing include and parenthesis, fix long int formatting
* debian/rules: do not compress header files

2. By Paul Brossier on 2005-09-27

* Initial release (closes: #280656)
* Add shared libraries and installation target to Makefile, add
  pm_test/Makefile for examples/.
* Patch pm_linuxalsa_term as suggested by Predrag Viceic, freecycle author.
* Minor fixes to prevent compilation warnings.

1. By Paul Brossier on 2005-09-27

Import upstream version 20041117

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