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103. By Chuck Short on 2013-04-24

* debian/nova-cells.upstart: Fix typo in upstart job. (LP: #1163218)
* debian/control: Add iptables dependency. (LP: #1172393)

102. By Chuck Short on 2013-04-04

New upstream release.

101. By Chuck Short on 2013-04-02

[ James Page ]
* d/control: Promote novnc and websockify to Depends for
  nova-novncproxy (LP: #1066845).

[ Chuck Short ]
* New upstream release.

100. By Chuck Short on 2013-03-20

[ Chuck Short ]
* New upstream release.
* debian/patches/avoid_setuptools_git_dependency.patch: Refreshed.
* debian/control: Clean up dependencies:
  - Dropped python-gflags no longer needed.
  - Dropped python-daemon no longer needed.
  - Dropped python-glance no longer needed.
  - Dropped python-lockfile no longer needed.
  - Dropped python-simplejson no longer needed.
  - Dropped python-tempita no longer needed.
  - Dropped python-xattr no longer needed.
  - Add sqlite3 required for the testsuite.

[ James Page ]
* d/watch: Update uversionmangle to deal with upstream versioning
  changes, remove tarballs.openstack.org.

99. By Chuck Short on 2013-02-22

[ Chuck Short ]
* New usptream release.
* debian/patches/debian/patches/fix-ubuntu-tests.patch: Refreshed.
* debian/nova-baremetal.logrotate: Fix logfile path.
* debian/control, debian/nova-spiceproxy.{install, logrotate, upstart}:
  Add spice html5 proxy support.
* debian/nova-novncproxy.upstart: Start on runlevel [2345]
* debian/rules: Call testr directly since run_tests.sh -N gives weird return
  value when tests pass.
* debian/pyddist-overrides: Add websockify.
* debian/nova-common.postinst: Removed config file conversion, since
  the option is no longer available. (LP: #1110567)
* debian/control: Add python-pyasn1 as a dependency.
* debian/control: Add python-oslo-config as a dependency.
* debian/control: Suggest sysfsutils, sg3-utils, multipath-tools for fibre
  channel support.

[ Adam Gandelman ]
* debian/control: Fix typo (websocikfy -> websockify).

98. By Jamie Strandboge on 2013-01-24

* SECURITY UPDATE: fix lack of authentication on block device used for
  - debian/patches/CVE-2013-0208.patch: adjust nova/compute/api.py to
    validate we can access the volumes
  - CVE-2013-0208

97. By Adam Conrad on 2013-01-19

Make nova-compute-kvm prefer qemu-system over kvm for the new qemu.

96. By Chuck Short on 2013-01-11

[ Chuck Short ]
* New upstream release.
* debian/patches/ubuntu-show-tests.patch: Dropped no longer needed.
* debian/nova-xcp-plugins.install: Fix xcp-plugins empty packages
* debian/control: Drop python-nose in favor or testrepository
* debian/control: Add python-coverage as a build dep.
* debian/rules, debian/control: Run pep8 tests.
* debian/*.init: Remove they are not needed and take up space
* debian/control, debian/nova-cells.{install, logrotate, upstart}: Add
  cells support.
* debian/patches/fix-ubuntu-tests.patch: temporarily disable failing tests.
* debian/control, debian/nova-baremetal.{install, logrotate, upstart}: Add
  nova baremetal support.
* debian/control: Remove python-support.

[ Adam Gandelman ]
* debian/*.manpages: Install Sphinx-generated manpages instead of
  our own.
* debian/nova-compute-*.conf: Specify the newly required compute_driver
  flag in addition to libvirt_type.
* debian/control: Specify required python-webob and python-stevedore

[ Yolanda Robla ]
* debian/*.upstart: Use start-stop-daemon instead of su for chuid
  (LP: #1086833).
* debian/rules: Remove override of dh_installinit for discriminating
  between Debian and Ubuntu.
* debian/nova-common.docs: Installing changelogs from rules
* debian/rules: Replacing perms in /etc/nova/logging.conf for 0644
* debian/control: adduser dependency on nova-compute.
* debian/control: added section oldlibs and priority extra on
* debian/nova-xvpvncproxy.postrm: removing because of duplicates.

[ James Page ]
* d/control: Add ~ to python-sqlalchemy-ext versioned dependencies to
  make backporting easier.
* d/control: Updated nova-volume description and depdendencies to
  mark it as a transitional package, moved to oldlibs/extra.
* d/p/fix-libvirt-tests.patch: Dropped; accepted upstream.
* d/control: Added python-stevedore to BD's.
* d/*.postrm: Dropped postrm's that just run update-rc.d; this is not
  required when deploying upstart configurations only.
* d/nova-scheduler.manpages: Add man page for nova-rpc-zmq-receiver.
* d/rules: Install upstream changelog with a policy compliant name.
* d/control: Mark nova-compute-xcp as virtual package.
* d/control: nova-api-os-volume; Depend on cinder-api and mark as
  transitional package.
* d/nova-api-os-volume.lintian-overrides: Dropped - no longer required.

95. By Chuck Short on 2012-11-23

[ Adam Gandelman ]
* debian/control: Ensure novaclient is upgraded with nova,
  require python-keystoneclient >= 1:2.9.0. (LP: #1073289)
* debian/patches/{ubuntu/*, rbd-security.patch}: Dropped, applied
* debian/control: Add python-testtools to Build-Depends.

[ Chuck Short ]
* New upstream version.
* Refreshed debian/patches/avoid_setuptools_git_dependency.patch.
* debian/rules: FTBFS if missing binaries.
* debian/nova-scheudler.install: Add missing rabbit-queues and
* Remove nova-volume since it doesnt exist anymore, transition to cinder-*.
* debian/rules: install apport hook in the right place.
* debian/patches/ubuntu-show-tests.patch: Display test failures.
* debian/control: Add depends on genisoimage
* debian/control: Suggest guestmount.
* debian/control: Suggest websockify. (LP: #1076442)
* debian/nova.conf: Disable nova-volume service.
* debian/control: Depend on xen-system-* rather than the hypervisor.
* debian/control, debian/mans/nova-conductor.8, debian/nova-conductor.init,
  debian/nova-conductor.install, debian/nova-conductor.logrotate
  debian/nova-conductor.manpages, debian/nova-conductor.postrm
  debian/nova-conductor.upstart.in: Add nova-conductor service.
* debian/control: Add python-fixtures as a build deps.

94. By Chuck Short on 2012-10-12

[ Adam Gandelman ]
* Move management of /var/lib/nova/volumes from nova-common to
  nova-volume. Ensure it has proper permissions. (LP: #1065320)
* debian/patches/avoid_setuptools_git_dependency.patch: Remove
  setuptools_git from tools/pip-requires to avoid it being automatically
  added to python-nova's runtime dependencies. (LP: #1059907)

[ Chuck Short ]
* debian/patches/rbd-security.patch: Support override of ceph rbd
  user and secret in nova-compute. (LP: #1065883)
* debian/patches/ubuntu/fix-libvirt-firewall-slowdown.patch: Fix
  refreshing of security groups in libvirt not to block on RPC calls.
  (LP: #1062314)
* debian/patches/ubuntu/fix-ec2-volume-id-mappings.patch: Read deleted
  snapshot and volume id mappings. (LP: #1065785)

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