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327. By Sebastien Bacher

* debian/patches/git_rank_exact_matches_higher.patch,
  - backport some upstream search improvements (don't follow symlinks,
    rank exact matches better than submatches, use correct order)
* debian/patches/git_reset_view_to_defaults.patch:
  - correctly reset view settings when using the option (lp: #794538)

326. By Sebastien Bacher

No change rebuild to get translations imported in launchpad.
Nautilus was set to get them from the trunk vcs, but that's buggy since
we are not following the current GNOME serie at the moment and strings
changed in 3.8. Launchpad was updated so we just need a source upload.

325. By Jeremy Bícha

* debian/patches/git_enable_copy_from_recent.patch:
  - Allow copying from Recent
* debian/patches/git_restore_from_missing_directories.patch:
  - Allow restoring deleted files when the containing directories
    no longer exist (LP: #1152706)

324. By Sebastien Bacher

* debian/patches/19_unity_open_location_xid.patch:
  - extra fixes added to the recent work, should allow a better unity
    launcher integration for the special locations.
    Thanks Marco Trevisan (Treviño)

323. By Sebastien Bacher

* debian/patches/git_enable_simple_search_engine.patch,
  - backport some patches to fix recursive directory search (lp: #1077415)

322. By Sebastien Bacher

* debian/patches/10_sync_background_to_accountsservice.patch:
  - write the background image to accountsservice when it changes,
    gnome-settings-daemon was doing that but we stopped using that plugin
    to avoid duplication so we need to do it here (lp: #1128492)

321. By Sebastien Bacher

* debian/patches/git_margin_primary_workarea_revert.patch:
  - revert a buggy fix that broke dnd between screens (lp: #1090720)

320. By Sebastien Bacher

* Renamed patches coming from the upstream vcs to be prefixed with git_
* debian/nautilus-home.desktop:
  - use --new-window in that desktop as well

[ Marco Trevisan (Treviño) ]
* debian/patches/10_reuse_already_opened_views.patch
  - Try to reuse the available windows or tabs when opening an already opened
    location (lp: #692444)
* debian/patches/12_unity_launcher_support.patch:
  - Quicklist entries to show the copy dialog should use a separator (lp: #1154109)
  - Transfer dialog should be presented using the correct timestamp (lp: #1154111)
  - Use the quicklist activation timestamp to set the application user time
    so that the opened windows will be focused (lp: #1154237)
* debian/patches/17_static_unity_quicklist.patch:
  - Use nautilus --new-window to open a New window
* debian/patches/19_add_desktop_keywords.patch:
  - Adding .desktop files keywords from upstream
* debian/patches/20_export_opened_locations_on_dbus.patch:
  - Export the opened locations to dbus (lp: #1063830)

319. By Sebastien Bacher

* debian/control.in:
  - Build-Depends on dh-migrations
* debian/nautilus.migrations, debian/nautilus-unity-launcher-icon.py:
  - script to migration the nautilus' unity launcher entry
* debian/rules:
  - use dh_migrations
* debian/nautilus-home.desktop, debian/nautilus-home.desktop.in:
  - use NoDisplay=true as a first step to deprecation, we need to keep
    the entry until the next LTS for migration reasons

318. By Sebastien Bacher

* debian/patches/16_unity_new_documents.patch: display the "new document"
  menu under unity, even if there is no template installed (lp: #1113648)
* debian/patches/git_fix_touch_double_click.patch: upstream patch to try
  to fix double click not working on touch screens (lp: #1071922)

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