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93. By Robert Ancell on 2013-10-08

* debian/patches/09_corrupt_xauth.patch:
  - Handle corrupt X authority files correctly (LP: #1234400)

92. By Sebastien Bacher on 2013-06-25

debian/guest-account: disable screen locking in a more reliable way.
Rather than trying to write a key for another user, while setting up the
guest user account, just set up an autostart desktop that will set it
during the login (lp: #951000)

91. By Timo Aaltonen on 2013-04-23

* lightdm.upstart: Add a start condition on plymouth-ready, and
  drop conditions already handled by plymouth-splash (LP: #982889).
* control: Depend on the new plymouth version that provides plymouth-ready.

90. By Michael Terry on 2013-04-15

* debian/patches/06_qt_no_keywords.patch:
  - Don't use Qt keywords like slots and signals in headers. Instead,
    use Q_SLOTS and Q_SIGNALS. This avoids breaking builds of projects
    that define QT_NO_KEYWORDS.

89. By Robert Ancell on 2013-04-15

* New upstream bugfix release:
  - Allow VNC command to be specified in lightdm.conf
  - Register enums with QObject meta type system.
* debian/watch:
  - Watch for .xz releases

88. By Robert Ancell on 2013-04-03

* New upstream bugfix release:
  - Fix build with gobject-introspection 1.35.9
  - Fix authentication cancel regression caused in 1.5.2 (LP: #1163456)
* debian/patches/fix-ftbfs-gir-scanner.patch:
  - Applied upstream

87. By Dimitri John Ledkov on 2013-04-02

Pass --symbol-prefix via LightDM_1_gir_SCANNERFLAGS rather than
LightDM_1_gir_CFLAGS, fixing build failure with
gobject-introspection >= 1.35.9.

86. By Robert Ancell on 2013-03-27

* New upstream bugfix release:
  * Fix stale X server being left behind when using LockSession D-Bus API
    (LP: #1005813)
  * Adjust AppArmor profile to also work with logind
  * Don't use GIO to access X authority files - it uses GVFS which is
    unnecessary overhead/complexity
  * Handle over/underflows when reading from greeter
  * Improve warning message when XDMCP packet has length mismatch
  * Only report test command line if it fails
  * Add more regression tests

85. By Brian Murray on 2013-03-21

debian/lightdm.upstart: Clear the virtual terminal after starting lightdm
so startup messages are not displayed when switching users or when
suspending (LP: #967229)

84. By Robert Ancell on 2013-03-08

* New upstream release:
  [ 1.5.0 ]
  - Add man page for lightdm-set-defaults (LP: #1044485)
  - Use xzip for distribution, don't distribute old metadata
  - Correctly check if display is active when session quits
  - Relicense liblightdm to LGPL-2/LGPL-3 so GPL-2 code can link against it
  - Selectively lock memory rather than calling mlockall for main daemon
  [ 1.5.1 ]
  - QLightDM: Add Qt5 version of the library: liblightdm-qt5-2 (LP: #1117355)
  - QLightDM: Add some missing role names in UsersModel
  - QLightDM: Add a backgroundPath role to UsersModel
  - QLightDM: Fix potential crash in QLightDM::UsersModel closedown.
  - Improve guest session apparmor
  - Run each test in its own /tmp dir so they can't interfere with eachother
  - Fix script hooks no longer working with latest glib (LP: #1128474)
  - Fix display clean up code
* debian/control:
  - Use standards version 3.9.4
  - Drop bzr branch
  - Build-depend on qtbase5-dev
  - Add new Qt 5 packages
* debian/patches/08_lp1059510.patch:
* debian/patches/09_lp577919-fix-chromium-launch.patch:
* debian/patches/10_selective_mlock.patch:
* debian/patches/11_runtime_dir_access.patch:
   - Applied upstream
* debian/source/format:
  - Use 3.0

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