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48. By Adam Gandelman on 2013-10-17

* Resynchronize with stable/grizzly (9666fc0) (LP: #1241202):
  - [6792499] periodic-keystone-python27-stable-grizzly fails due to"No
    module named netaddr" LP: 1212939
  - [775d7a7] Fix and test token revocation list API
  - [0876ea2] N+1 lookups in groups SQL LP: 1218675
  - [afbc75b] Disabling a tenant would not disable a user token LP: 1179955
  - [9666fc0] User operations with LDAP Identity and
    enabled_mask/user_enabled_default fail LP: 1210175

47. By Adam Gandelman on 2013-08-09

* Dropped patches, applied upstream:
  - debian/patches/CVE-2013-2157.patch: [c100fd2]
* Resynchronize with stable/grizzly (f60f742) (LP: #1210447):
  - [4b22c02] Bump stable/grizzly next version to 2013.1.3
  - [c100fd2] Force simple Bind for authentication
  - [b426022] password in clear in keystone.log LP: 1166697
  - [8ea8024] Performance issue when delete tokens for users LP: 1178063
  - [76a94c6] Editing User fails when the user already has a Primary Project
    LP: 1161963
  - [27a5b42] User roles are replaced by group roles in v3 tokens
    LP: 1197874
  - [f60f742] Unscoped tokens are revoked when assigning a role to a user
    LP: 1170186
* debian/control: Update Vcs field.

46. By Adam Gandelman on 2013-06-16

* Rebased to include latest security updates:
  - debian/patches/CVE-2013-2157.patch: Cherry-picked from stable/grizzly.

45. By James Page on 2013-05-17

* Rebase against latest security updates.
* Dropped patches:
  - debian/patches/CVE-2013-2059.patch: [678b06a]

44. By Adam Gandelman on 2013-05-14

* Resynchronize with stable/grizzly (678b06a9) (LP: #1179626):
  - [678b06a] Deleted user can still create instances LP: 1166670
  - [b874c8f] keystone ipv6 tests fail LP: 1176204
  - [3aa0f45] Set defaultbranch in .gitreview to stable/grizzly
  - [c5037dd] admin_token and LDAP password show up in log in DEBUG mode
    LP: 1172195
  - [76efb5c] residual grants after delete action LP: 1125637
  - [2b5b24e] PKI support breaks memcache token backend LP: 1119641
  - [9446a99] non-default auth plugins can't be configured LP: 1157515
  - [717f1aa] Upgrading from folsom to grizzly results in all tenants/users
    being disabled (LP: #1167421)

43. By Chuck Short on 2013-04-05

[ Adam Gandelman ]
* debian/patches/sql_connection.patch: Ensure SQL by default for all
  backends. (LP: #1158563)
* debian/rules: Reinstate use of test_overrides.conf to target upstream
  defaults when running unit tests.

[ Chuck Short ]
* New upstream release.

42. By Chuck Short on 2013-04-02

New upstream release.

41. By Chuck Short on 2013-03-28

New upstream release.

40. By Chuck Short on 2013-03-22

[ James Page ]
* d/watch: Update uversionmangle to deal with upstream versioning
  changes, remove tarballs.openstack.org.
* d/rules: Stop using packaging specific test overrides when
  running unit tests.

[ Chuck Short ]
* New upstream release.
* debian/control: Clean-up build-depends
  - Dropped pylint not needed.
  - Dropped python-all-dev and python-support not needed.
  - Renamed python-oslo-config to python-oslo.config.
  - Dropped python-prettytable no longer needed.
  - Dropped pyhthon-novaclient no longer needed.
  - Dropped pep8 no longer needed.
 * debian/control:Clean-up depends:
  - Dropped python-prettytable no longer needed.
 * Update standards

[ Adam Gandelman ]
* d/control: Bump python-keystoneclient version requirement to >= 1:0.2.3.
* debian/keystone.postinst: Run pki_setup during configure to intitialize
  PKI infrastructure for signed tokens (now enabled by default).

39. By Chuck Short on 2013-02-22

[ Chuck Short ]
* New upstream version.
* debian/patches/sql_connection.patch: Rediffed
* debian/control: Add python-oslo-config.

[ James Page ]
* Refreshed patches.
* d/keystone.template,po: Removed debconf detritus from packaging.

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