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43. By Chuck Short on 2013-04-05

[ Adam Gandelman ]
* debian/patches/sql_connection.patch: Ensure SQL by default for all
  backends. (LP: #1158563)
* debian/rules: Reinstate use of test_overrides.conf to target upstream
  defaults when running unit tests.

[ Chuck Short ]
* New upstream release.

42. By Chuck Short on 2013-04-02

New upstream release.

41. By Chuck Short on 2013-03-28

New upstream release.

40. By Chuck Short on 2013-03-22

[ James Page ]
* d/watch: Update uversionmangle to deal with upstream versioning
  changes, remove tarballs.openstack.org.
* d/rules: Stop using packaging specific test overrides when
  running unit tests.

[ Chuck Short ]
* New upstream release.
* debian/control: Clean-up build-depends
  - Dropped pylint not needed.
  - Dropped python-all-dev and python-support not needed.
  - Renamed python-oslo-config to python-oslo.config.
  - Dropped python-prettytable no longer needed.
  - Dropped pyhthon-novaclient no longer needed.
  - Dropped pep8 no longer needed.
 * debian/control:Clean-up depends:
  - Dropped python-prettytable no longer needed.
 * Update standards

[ Adam Gandelman ]
* d/control: Bump python-keystoneclient version requirement to >= 1:0.2.3.
* debian/keystone.postinst: Run pki_setup during configure to intitialize
  PKI infrastructure for signed tokens (now enabled by default).

39. By Chuck Short on 2013-02-22

[ Chuck Short ]
* New upstream version.
* debian/patches/sql_connection.patch: Rediffed
* debian/control: Add python-oslo-config.

[ James Page ]
* Refreshed patches.
* d/keystone.template,po: Removed debconf detritus from packaging.

38. By Chuck Short on 2013-01-11

[ James Page ]
* Re-enable gating of package build based on successful unit testing:
  - d/tests/test_overrides.conf: Fixup test configuration to use
    correct certificate locations.
  - d/p/fix-ubuntu-tests.patch: Skip tests for older versions of
    keystoneclient based on checkouts of upstream git repo.
  - d/rules: Re-enable package build failure on test failure.
* d/control: Bump dependencies on python-keystoneclient to >= 1:0.2.
* d/control: Update Vcs-Bzr location to point to correct branch.
* d/control,d/po/*: Setup package templates for translation.
* d/man/*: Corrected spellings in man pages.
* d/keystone.upstart: Tweak 'stop on' to be triggered on all
  appropriate runlevel transitions, use start-stop-daemon to startup
  keystone daemon.

[ Adam Gandelman ]
* debian/keystone.manpages: Install sphinx-generated manpages instead
  of our own outdated and unneeded versions. (LP: #1082050)

[ Chuck Short ]
* New upstream release.
* Remove incomplete/broken dbconfig-common scripts.

37. By Chuck Short on 2012-11-23

[ Adam Gandelman ]
* debian/tests/test_overrides.conf: Update for Grizzly test suite.
* debian/control: Drop python-nova.

[ Chuck Short ]
* New upstream release.
* debian/rules: FTBFS if there is a missing binary.
* debian/rules: Temporarily pass the tests since you need to run
  keystone in order to run the tests.
* debian/patches/*: Refrehsed.

36. By Adam Gandelman on 2012-11-02

* New upstream release.
* debian/tests/test_overrides.conf: Update for Grizzly test suite.
* debian/control: Drop python-nova.

35. By Adam Gandelman on 2012-10-31

debian/control: Ensure keystoneclient is upgraded with keystone,
require python-keystoneclient >= 1:0.1.3. (LP: #1073273)

34. By Chuck Short on 2012-09-27

New upstream release.

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