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166. By Chris Coulson on 2012-08-24

* New upstream stable release (FIREFOX_15_0_BUILD1)
  People running quantal should consider switching to the Firefox beta PPA
  next week to start testing Firefox 16, which will be released to Ubuntu
  12.10 on around 9th October
  - https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/firefox-next

* Update globalmenu-extension to 3.4 final

165. By Chris Coulson on 2012-08-22

* New upstream release from the beta channel (FIREFOX_15_0b6_BUILD1)

* Add Acholi to the locale blacklist

164. By Chris Coulson on 2012-08-20

New upstream release from the beta channel (FIREFOX_15_0b5_BUILD1)

163. By Chris Coulson on 2012-08-11

* New upstream release from the beta channel (FIREFOX_15_0b4_BUILD1)

* Update globalmenu-extension to 3.4 prerelease r435
  + Drop the edit UI workarounds
  + Fixes for LP: #1035305 - Crash when switching apps back to Firefox
    with Firebug installed
    - Keep the menu we export in sync with the document tree all of the
      time, rather than only when the menus are on screen. The HUD likes to
      open submenus without opening any of its ancestors, which can result in
      us handling events on menu nodes that are no longer in a document
      if an ancestor responds to a bubbled-up event by removing its
    - Ensure we always null check the result of nsIDocument::GetCurrentDoc
  + When tearing down a menu, make sure that we empty out our DbusmenuMenuitem
    in case the parent reuses that item for another menu. Fixes a memory leak
    and an issue where Firebug menu items are duplicated indefinitely each
    time a menu is opened

162. By Chris Coulson on 2012-07-25

* New upstream release from the beta channel (FIREFOX_15_0b2_BUILD1)

* Update globalmenu-extension to 3.4 prerelease r422
  + Fixes for LP: #1025011 - HUD search crashes Firefox when Firebug
    is installed
    - Provide our own binding for menupopup nodes which derives from the
      default binding and makes the "state" property work as if there
      were a frame
    - Make all menu nodes reference counted, and hold a strong ref when
      dispatching events, in case the event results in the removal of menu

161. By Chris Coulson on 2012-06-06

* It seems that the preferences moved back again. Thanks for that last minute
  change, it's most appreciated!
  - update debian/firefox.install.in
  - update debian/firefox.links.in
  - update debian/apport/source_firefox.py.in

160. By Chris Coulson on 2012-06-05

* New upstream release from the beta channel (FIREFOX_14_0b6_BUILD1)

* Update globalmenu-extension to 3.2.4 prerelease r338
* Refresh patches
  - update debian/patches/allow-lockPref-everywhere.patch
  - update debian/patches/plugin-for-mimetype-pref.patch
  - update debian/patches/ubuntu-codes-google.patch
  - update debian/patches/add-syspref-dir.patch
* Drop patches fixed upstream
  - remove debian/patches/revert-bmo-621446-investigation.patch
  - remove debian/patches/fix-ftbfs-in-test-poison-area-with-gcc4.7.patch
  - update debian/patches/series
* Add Keywords to the desktop file
  - update debian/firefox.desktop.in
* Update desktop file translations
  - update debian/firefox.sh.in
* Ensure that additional actions in the desktop file match the fd.o spec
  in precise and newer
  - update debian/firefox.desktop.in
  - update debian/rules
* Fix a small leak in nsPluginHost::FindPluginForType, caused by one
  of our patches
  - update debian/patches/plugin-for-mimetype-pref.patch
* When a plugin is chosen using a "modules.plugins.mimetype." pref,
  only use it if it is enabled and handles the requested mimetype
  - update debian/patches/plugin-for-mimetype-pref.patch
* Drop the application/vnd.mozilla.xul+xml mimetype from the desktop file.
  Firefox hasn't been able to view XUL files from non-chrome URI's since
  version 4.0
  - update debian/firefox.desktop.in
* Add application/x-xpinstall to the MimeType field of the desktop file
  - update debian/firefox.desktop.in
* Drop the ability to select between tree/system libraries using a single
  option in debian/rules. It adds additional complexity and was never used
  - update debian/config/mozconfig.in
  - update debian/control.in
  - update debian/firefox-dev.install.in
  - update debian/firefox-dev.links.in
  - update debian/pkgconfig/libxul.pc.in
  - update debian/rules
* Pref location changed to defaults/preferences
  - update debian/firefox.install.in
  - update debian/firefox.links.in
  - update debian/apport/source_firefox.py.in
* Update StartupWMClass to the correct name
  - update debian/firefox.desktop.in
  - update debian/rules
* Add search plugin for DuckDuckGo
* Fix LP: #1000820 - firefox-dev conflicts with xulrunner-1.9-dev for
  people with the latter still installed
  - update debian/control{,.in}
* Add Fulah to locales.blacklist

159. By Chris Coulson on 2012-05-31

* Switch back to GCC 4.7 now that the issues with bitfield stores are
  fixed, and also reenable PGO (LP: #1003733)
  - update debian/config/branch.mk
  - update debian/control{,.in}

158. By Chris Coulson on 2012-05-29

* New upstream release from the beta channel (FIREFOX_13_0b6_BUILD1)

* Fix for NSS libs not being signed, breaking FIPS
  - update debian/rules

157. By Chris Coulson on 2012-05-26

* New upstream release from the beta channel (FIREFOX_13_0b5_BUILD1)

* Switch back to gcc 4.6 until LP #1003733 is fixed. This means we also
  turn off PGO again
  - update debian/config/branch.mk
* Single quotes in preference values break the Apport hook
  - update debian/source_firefox.py.in

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