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30. By Alberto Milone on 2013-04-15

* debian/control{.in}:
  - Conflict/replace/provide xorg-driver-binary instead
    of trying to conflict with or to replace any other
* New upstream release (Catalyst 13.1):
  - Fixed issues:
    + Driver release version is added to GL_VERSION.
    + Blank VGA display after resume from suspend.
    + X crash for AMD PowerXpress™ A+I High-
      Performance mode on Ubuntu 12.10.
    + Performance of Valve Linux games.
    + Segmentation fault when exit QtOpenGL applications
      such as AMD CodeXL.
    + VariBright not working when change AMD PowerPlay™
      settings in AMD Catalust Control Center:LE.
    + VariBright doesn't work after resume from suspend
      on "Trinity" platform.
    + Flickering cursor when run some full-screen OpenGL
      games with CrossFire enabled.
    + OpenGL performance on "Southern Islands" ASICs
    + 16 re-frames doesn't work for H.264 @Level 5.1.
    + Corruption when resizing the Konsole window.
    + One display goes black after changing from multi-
      display desktop from single independent.

29. By Alberto Milone on 2013-01-22

* debian/rules:
  - Make sure that build calls build-arch (as it used to do).
  - Separate regen-from-templates from build.

28. By Alberto Milone on 2013-01-21

* debian/rules:
  - Revert change to separate regen-from-templates from
    the build target. This fixes a FTBFS.

27. By Alberto Milone on 2013-01-17

* debian/control{.in}:
  - Restore the previous conflict/replace/provide dropped
    by mistake.

26. By Alberto Milone on 2013-01-17

* debian/control{.in}:
  - Remove whitespace.
  - Conflict/replace/provide other flavours.
  - Drop all the dependencies on the linux-headers.
* debian/rules:
  - Separate regen-from-templates from build.
  - Automate debian/control generation.

25. By Alberto Milone on 2013-01-08

* New upstream release.
* debian/dkms.conf.in,
  - Add support for Linux 3.8 (LP: #1095755).
    Thanks to Robert Hooker for the patch.
* debian/substvars:
  - Remove versioned dependency on xserver-xorg-core.
* debian/10fglrx.in, debian/rules:
  - Fix paths which prevented OpenGL operations on hybrid systems
    on amd64 (LP: #1068661). Thanks to Nick Andrik for the patch.

24. By Alberto Milone on 2012-12-07

* debian/control:
  - Conflict/replace/provide new nvidia flavours.
  - Depend on other flavours of kernel headers.
* debian/10fglrx.in:
  - Fix path for powerxpress (LP: #1068661). Thanks
    to Nick Andrik and Lu Xingzhe for suggesting
    the fix.

[ Benjamin Kerensa ]
* debian/control:
  - Add ${misc:Depends} depends as needed.

23. By Alberto Milone on 2012-11-07

* debian/dkms.conf.in,
  - Add support for Linux 3.7 (LP: #1075937).

22. By Alberto Milone on 2012-09-29

* debian/rules:
  - Correct the path to Qt libraries on i386.

21. By Alberto Milone on 2012-09-27

* debian/rules:
  - Make sure that all binaries in /usr/bin are executable.
* Switch to dpkg-source 3.0 (quilt) format.

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