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128. By Till Kamppeter on 2013-04-15

debian/patches/usb-backend-more-quirk-rules.patch: Added quirk rule for the
QinHeng CH340S USB->Parallel adapter (LP: #1000253).

127. By Till Kamppeter on 2013-04-12

* debian/local/apparmor-profile: Allow "audit_write" capability.
  (LP: #1157318).
* debian/patches/usb-backend-epson-stylus-photo-750.patch,
  debian/patches/usb-backend-more-quirk-rules.patch: Added quirk rules for
  five additional printers: Lexmark e250d (LP: #1084164), Canon PIXMA iP6000D
  (LP: #1160638), Canon MF4150 (LP: #1160638), Brother HL-1450
  (LP: #1000253), Epson Stylus Color 670 (LP: #872483), joined the quirk rule

126. By Till Kamppeter on 2013-03-25

debian/patches/airprint-support.patch: Let the DNS-SD subtype "_universal"
get added to the printer's DNS-SD registration. It is needed for iOS to
find the printers.

125. By Till Kamppeter on 2013-03-20

debian/control: Added libp11-kit-gnome-keyring to the dependencies of
the cups-binary package (LP: #1157904).

124. By Till Kamppeter on 2013-03-20

* debian/cups.maintscript: Added line "rm_conffile /etc/logrotate.d/cups
  1.6.2-1ubuntu1~" to clean up /etc/logrotate.d/cups conffile if it did not
  get moved by the mv_conffile line (LP: #1157758).
* debian/control: Added libp11-kit-gnome-keyring to the build dependencies,
  it is needed for the tests.

123. By Didier Raboud on 2013-03-19

* New upstream release
  - Adds localizations for Czech, French, and Russian
  - Adds several improvements to the USB backend on Linux
  - Fixes several printing and tool bugs

* Patches:
  - Drop all patches previously backported from upstream
  - Update all remaining patches
* Merge changes targeted at Wheezy:
  - Correct usb-backend quirk for Epson Stylus Photo 750
    (Closes: #697970)
* Manpage translation infrastructure:
  - Refresh it.
  - Allow the translation of the ipptool and ipptoolfile manpages.
  - Fix translation infrastructure typos, to get 'man cups-files.conf'
* More cups-daemon split cleanup:
  - Drop superfluous Priority snd Section settings.
  - Install the forgotten ipp14 backend.
  - Drop two unmatched lintian overrides.
  - Drop ipp and ipp14 from the cups backends selection; they are
    shipped unconditionally in cups-daemon.
  - Add long-description to the init script
  - Alter the cups-daemon short description.
* In cups-client, add 'accept' and 'reject' manpage symlinks.
* Bump private symbols version to latest upstream.

122. By Didier Raboud on 2013-02-14

[ Till Kamppeter ]
* In upstart, let the CUPS daemon start after avahi-daemon, to assure
  that the Bonjour broadcasting of shared printers works.
* Import upstream patch to add support for specifying the IPP version
  of a remote CUPS server in /etc/cups/client.conf (LP: #1069671),
  refresh the other ones affected.

[ Didier Raboud ]
* Cherry-pick more upstream enhancements:
  - Add french translation (CUPS STR: #4247)
* Refresh po4a translations
* Merge the 1.5.3-2.14 Debian release.
* Correct Replaces/Breaks versions of cups-daemon against cups to cope
  with recent Ubuntu releases (LP: #1099242).
* Make sure /e/cups/raw.{convs,types} are deleted during purge.
  (Closes: #698213)
* Take manpage translations out of the manpage-translations patch to
  ease external contributions to the .po files.
* Add usb-backend quirk for Epson Stylus Photo 750 (Closes: #697970)

[ Helge Kreutzmann ]
* Update German manpages translation. (Closes: #698965)

[ Julien Patriarca ]
* Update French manpages translation. (Closes: #700295)

[ Vincent McIntyre ]
* Document the way to make sure LPD support, as provided by cups-bsd,
  is kept enabled across upgrades. (Closes: #671347)

121. By Didier Raboud on 2013-01-14

* Cherry-pick more upstream enhancements:
  - Add french translation (CUPS STR: #4247)
* Merge cups 1.5.3-2.13 Debian release.
* Correct Replaces/Breaks versions of cups-daemon against cups to cope
  with recent Ubuntu releases (LP: #1099242)

120. By Didier Raboud on 2013-01-12

* New upstream release
   - Avahi-based Bonjour/DNS-SD/mDNS support
   - ICC-based color management with colord
   - IPP-Everywhere support
   - Moved filters not needed by Mac OS to cups-filters project at
   - Moved API of libcupsdrivers (driver.h) and of part of libcupsimage
     (image.h) to cups-filters.
   - cups-polld removed
   - Fixes: LP: #904093, LP: #1027804, Closes: #690522

[ Marc Deslauriers ]
* debian/local/apport-hook.py: Also attach AppArmor information and logs.

[ Jamie Strandboge ]
* debian/local/apparmor-profile: deny capability block_suspend. It is noisy
  and doesn't seem to actually be needed. This can be revisited if it turns
  out it is needed. (LP: #1031583)

[ Till Kamppeter ]
* debian/patches/ipp-backend-cups-1.5.4-fixes.patch,
  debian/patches/colord-support.patch: Removed, included upstream.
* debian/patches/dnssd-reg-array-linear-search.patch: Removed, not applicable
  any more.
* debian/patches/pidfile.patch,
  debian/patches/tests-ignore-usb-crash.patch: Manually regenerated to adapt
  to upstream changes.
* debian/patches/debian/patches/ppd-poll-with-client-conf.patch,
  debian/patches/pidfile.patch: Refreshed with quilt.
* debian/patches/airprint-support.patch: Fixes in the conditionals to make
  AirPrint work with the new upstream Avahi support, support for iOS 6
  clients (LP: #1054495).
* debian/patches/network-backends-snmp-queries-optional.patch: SNMP queries
  by network backends can get suppressed now by adding "?snmp=false" to the
  end of the URI. SNMP queries to Bonjour-shared CUPS queue will get
  suppressed by default.
* debian/patches/usb-backend-reset-after-job-only-for-specific-devices.patch:
  Let the USB backend only send a clean-up reset after the job if it is
  really needed (LP: #1032456), force-uni-directional access for Canon
  Pixma iP4200 (CUPS STR #4155) and iP4300 (LP: #1032385).
* debian/patches/usb-backend-more-quirk-rules.patch: Added more quirk rules
  which are not yet committed upstream: Canon MP500 (LP: #1032456), MP510
  (LP: #1050009), MP550 (CUPS STR #4155), MP560 (CUPS STR #4155), Brother
  HL-1430 (LP: #1038695), Oki Okipage 14ex (LP: #872483), Oki B410d
  (LP: #872483), all Zebra printers (LP: #1001028).
* debian/patches/cupsd-conf-remove-obsolete-browse-directives.patch:
  Removed obsolete "BrowseOrder" and "BrowseAllow" lines from cupsd.conf.
* debian/patches/get-ppd-file-for-statically-configured-bonjour-shared
  Applications could not get the PPD file for statically-configured Bonjour-
  shared print queues (CUPS STR #4159)
* debian/patches/get-ppd-file-for-statically-configured-ipp-shared
  Applications could not get the PPD file for statically-configured IPP-
  shared print queues (CUPS STR #4178)
* debian/patches/printers-c-recognize-remote-cups-queue-via-dnssd-uri.patch,
  Treat raw queues pointing to a CUPS server as remote queues (using PPD on
  server) also if they have a "dnssd://..." URI.
* debian/patches/avahi-not-considered-at-some-dnssd-conditionals.patch: At
  some points Avahi was not considered in conditionals for DNS-SD. This
  broke most of the printer sharing functionality.
* debian/patches/prevent-crash-due-to-null-host-name-or-fqdn-from-avahi.patch:
  Prevent crash due to NULL host name or FQDN from Avahi (CUPS STR #4183,
  LP: #1046982, LP: #1034045).
* debian/patches/fix-crash-on-shutdown-caused-by-broken-avahi-config.patch:
  Fix crash on shutdown caused by broken Avahi config (CUPS STR #4192,
  LP: #1036974).
* debian/patches/fix-another-spot-where-avahi-crashes-cupsd-because-it-does
  Fix another spot where Avahi crashes cupsd because it does not handle NULL
  values returned by its own APIs (CUPS STR #4200, LP: #1041013).
* debian/patches/cupsd-no-crash-on-avahi-threaded-poll-shutdown.patch:
  Fixed crash which sometimes happens on shutdown of the CUPS daemom,
  caused by a wrong shutdown sequence for shutting down the Avahi threaded
  poll (CUPS STR #4213, CUPS STR #4180, LP: #1034045).
* debian/patches/filter-out-all-control-characters-from-the-1284-device
  Do not only filter newline characters out of device IDs but any
  non-printable character (CUPS STR #4124).
* debian/patches/ipp-backend-did-not-specify-the-compression-used.patch:
  The IPP backend did not specify the compression used (CUPS STR #4181).
* debian/patches/ipp-backend-did-not-send-cancel-request-to-printers-when-a
  The IPP backend did not send a cancel request to printers when a job was
  canceled and the printer did not support Create-Job. This is to improve the
  "ipp" backend as much as possible to reduce the ned of the "ipp14" backend
  ("ipp" backend of CUPS 1.4.x added to the Debian/Ubuntu package as fallback
  in case of regressions of the current "ipp" backend).
* debian/patches/work-around-some-broken-ipp-printers.patch: Work around
  some broken IPP printers (CUPS STR #4190). Also catch late authentication
  issues so the backend doesn't just spin on a print request that will never
* debian/patches/ipp-backend-abort-the-outer-loop-if-we-get-a-failure-from
  Prevent IPP backend from falling into an infinite loop in certain
  situations (CUPS STR #4194).
* debian/patches/fix-make-check.patch: Fix "make check".
* debian/patches/ubuntu/ubuntu-disable-browsing.patch: Updated.
* debian/cups.install: Removed all references to the discontinued cups-polld.
* debian/rules: Removed lines for deletion of filters, fonts and glyphs which
  have moved to cups-filters and also the line for commenting out conversion
* debian/rules, debian/cups.install, debian/cups-common.install: Do not
  install fonts and charsets, there are none any more in CUPS.
* debian/control, debian/libcupsdriver1-dev.install,
  debian/libcupsdriver1.symbols, debian/libcupsdriver1.install:
  libcupsdriver.so got moved to cups-filters as part of libcupsfilters.so.
* debian/libcupsimage2-dev.install: image.h removed, this API has moved to
* debian/rules: Removed "--with-remote_protocols='CUPS dnssd'" from the
  ./configure command line and removed the "CUPS" from
  "--with-local_protocols='CUPS dnssd'". These settings are not supported
  any more in CUPS 1.6.x.
* debian/rules, debian/libcups2-dev.examples: Removed references to scripting/
  this subdirectory does not exist any more in CUPS 1.6.x.
* debian/libcups2.symbols, debian/libcupsimage2.symbols: Refreshed using the
  diff of the dpkg-gensymbols output during build.
* debian/cups.postinst: Clean /etc/cups/cupsd.conf from all keywords and
  settings which got obsolete with the dropping CUPS Broadcasting/Browsing
  in CUPS 1.6.x: BrowsePoll, BrowseAllow, BrowseDeny, BrowseOrder, and
  BrowseRemoteProtocols lines get removed and the "cups" argument gets
  removed from the BrowseLocalProtocols line (LP: #1052897).
* Split the "cups" binary package into "cups" and "cups-daemon".
  Installation of "cups-daemon" without "cups" gives a CUPS
  environment for raw queues only, especially as a client-only mode
  with queues pointing to remote printers set up automatically with
  cups-browsed from cups-filters. This environment gives basic
  printing support on low-footprint mobile systems, like Ubuntu for

[ Martin Pitt ]
* manpage-translations.patch: Update German manpage translations, thanks
  Helge Kreutzmann! (Closes: #670042)
* manpage-translations.patch: Update French manpage translations, thanks
  Julien Patriarca! (Closes: #670224)
* debian/README.Debian: Explain how to enable cups-lpd, thanks Vincent
  McIntyre. (Closes: #508941)

[ Didier Raboud ]
* Make sure unowned obsolete backends are removed on configure.
  (Closes: #683754)
* Update all debconf translations to cope with the ipp14 addition and
  parallel and serial removals.
* Add patch to force C locale when testing the (non-)localized PPD
  content fetch.
* Re-order patches to put the tests-fixing ones earlier.
* Rename tests-slow-lpstat.patch to
  tests-wait-on-unfinished-jobs-everytime.patch : wait on remaining
  jobs before each test. This fix the too slow architectures' FTBFS.
* When modprobe'ing usblp, respect the blacklist. Thanks to Julien
  Cristau for noticing!
* Use cups-filters' filters, type declarations, conversions, libraries
  and banners in the tests. Add cups-filters' and libcupsfilters1-dev
  Build-Depends, with a version bigger than 1.0.24-3~ (to pull bc in).
* Convert packaging repository to Git, change VCS-* fields accordingly,
  update debian/README.source.
* Merge releases targeted at wheezy.
* Refresh all patches using "quilt -p ab".
* Uploaders:
  - Add myself.
  - Remove Kenshi Muto <email address hidden> with his agreement and with
    great thanks for his past work!
* Put under Debian Printing Team umbrella.
* Drop cupsddk transitional package, was transitional in Squeeze.
* Make libcupsimage2 depend on libcupsfilters1 as functions (and
  exported symbols) moved there.
* Enable manpage translations by installing them from debian/rules
  when they exist. This allows the build to be more robust against
  non-complete translations.
* Disable pstops-based-workflow-only-for-printing-ps-on-a-ps-printer.patch,
  as it breaks the build tests in 1.6.1. Re-opens #593338.
* Remove the obsolete etc/cups/pdftops.conf and etc/cups/acroread.conf
  using cups.maintscript. (Closes: #645442)
* Drop redundant dpkg-maintscript-helper snippets in cups maintainer
* Drop redundant Priority and Section values in debian/control.
* Convert packaging to debhelper 9; drop cdbs Build-Depends.
* Drop all relationships to libcupsys2{,-dev} and cupsddk-drivers as
  they got removed before Lenny.
* In tests-ignore-usb-crash.patch, also ignore "[cups-deviced] PID *
  (dnssd) stopped with status 1" errors.
* Make sure internal libraries relationships are tight enough.
* Fix STR#4223 "lpadmin to root privilege escalation" by including the
* upstream heavy fix.
  Fixes CVE-2012-5519, Closes: #692791.
* Update most patches to cope with the above change.
* Make sure to drop CVS tags from all config files.
* Import "The scheduler did not delete job control backup files
  (STRĀ #4244)" from upstream to fix the testsuite.

119. By Till Kamppeter on 2013-01-07

* debian/control: Added Breaks/Replaces for the transition to the new CUPS
  with split-off cups-daemon binary package.
* debian/cups.maintscript: Remove obsolete conffile
  /etc/apport/blacklist.d/cups from Quantal SRU, rename conffiles which
  moved to cups-daemon.
* debian/cups.default, debian/cups-daemon.cups.default: Renamed file for
  /etc/default/cups so that it gets included in the cups-daemon binary

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