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254. By Scott Moser

* New upstream snapshot.
  * make apt-get invoke 'dist-upgrade' rather than 'upgrade' for
    package_upgrade. (LP: #1164147)
  * workaround 2.6 kernel issue that stopped blkid from showing /dev/sr0

253. By Scott Moser

* New upstream snapshot.
  * use python-requests rather than urllib2 for http (LP: #1067888)
  * handle failure of resizefs better. Specifically, do not show
    warnings or stack trace in lxc (LP: #1160462)

252. By Scott Moser

* New upstream snapshot.
  * documentation on write-files module (LP: #1111205)
  * support for specifying package versions in package installs
  * DataSourceNoCloud: allow specifyin user-data and meta-data in
    the datasource config (LP: #1115833)
  * work around bug in upstart for now (1124384)
  * support resizing btrfs fileystems
  * parse ssh keys more correctly (LP: #1136343)
  * upstart/cloud-init-nonet.conf: handle sigterm gracefully (LP: #1015223)
  * support growing partitions (LP: #1136936)
  * use --force-unsafe-io for dpkg installations to improve speed
    This is sane as it happens on instance initialization.
  * more powerful and user-suppliable cloud-config merge mechanisms
    (LP: #1023179)

251. By Scott Moser

* catchup-751-760.patch (sync to 760)
  * DataSourceConfigDrive: allow config-drive data to come from a
    CD-ROM (LP: #1100545)
  * Allow 'sr0' to be used as a source for mount config [Vlastimil Holer]
  * do not log passwords provided via config (LP: #1096417)
  * DataSourceCloudStack: Attempt to find the 'virtual router' as provided
    from dhcp responses, rather than assuming it is the default route
    (LP: #1089989) [Gerard Dethier]
    in the CloudStack environment use virtual router rather than default route
  * notify upstart after writing upstart jobs to support filesystems that
    do not support inotify such as overlayfs (LP: #1080841)
  * fix cloud-config 'lock_password' user setup (LP: #1096423)
* debian/README.source: minor improvements.

250. By Scott Moser

* cherry pick relevant patches from trunk up to revision 750
* use short form of '--stderr' argument to logger for better cross
  distro support (LP: #1083715)
* puppet: make installation configurable (LP: #1090205)
* chef: add omnibus installation method
* fix allowing cloud-config input via user-data to affect the
  apt mirror selection (LP: #090482)

249. By Scott Moser

* cherry pick relevant patches from trunk up to revision 745
* fix writing of sudoers when suders rule is a string rather than
  an array (LP: #1079002)
* add trailing slash to sudoers files that are written
* fix resizefs module when 'noblock' was provided (LP: #1080985)
* make sure there is no blank line before cloud-init entry in
  there are no blank lines in /etc/ca-certificates.conf (LP: #1077020)

248. By Scott Moser

* debian/watch: add watch file
* add 'ubuntu' user to sudoers (LP: #1080717)
* set 'ubuntu' user shell to bash

247. By Scott Moser

* New upstream release.
  * landscape: install landscape-client package if not installed.
    only take action if cloud-config is present (LP: #1066115)
  * landscape: restart landscape after install or config (LP: #1070345)
  * multipart/archive: do not fail on unknown headers in multipart
    mime or cloud-archive config (LP: #1065116).
  * tools/Z99-cloud-locale-test.sh: avoid warning when user's shell is
    zsh (LP: #1073077)
  * fix stack trace when unknown user-data input had unicode (LP: #1075756)
  * split 'apt-update-upgrade' config module into 'apt-configure' and
    'package-update-upgrade-install'. The 'package-update-upgrade-install'
    will be a cross distro module.
  * fix bug where cloud-config from user-data could not affect system_info
    settings (LP: #1076811)
  * add yum_add_repo configuration module for adding additional yum repos
  * fix public key importing with config-drive-v2 datasource (LP: #1077700)
  * handle renaming and fixing up of marker names (LP: #1075980)
    this relieves that burden from the distro/packaging.
  * group config: fix how group members weren't being translated correctly
    when the group: [member, member...] format was used (LP: #1077245)
  * work around an issue with boto > 0.6.0 that lazy loaded the return from
    get_instance_metadata(). This resulted in failure for cloud-init to
    install ssh keys. (LP: #1068801)
  * add power_state_change config module for shutting down stystem after
    cloud-init finishes. (LP: #1064665)

246. By Scott Moser

config-drive: copy metadata entry 'hostname' to 'local-hostname' to fix
config modules (set_hostname) will function as expected (LP: #1061964)

245. By Scott Moser

releasing version 0.7.1-0ubuntu5

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