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193. By Dustin Kirkland  on 2013-03-12

* usr/bin/byobu:
  - these ulimit tests are bash-specific
* usr/lib/byobu/raid:
  - fix degraded raid detection regression

192. By Dustin Kirkland  on 2013-02-08

[ Dustin Kirkland ]
* debian/rules:
  - check bash syntax at build time, to avoid LP: #1119446, #1119345 again
* usr/lib/byobu/include/constants:
  - ensure that we have something in BYOBU_ULIMIT

[ Lukas Stabe <email address hidden> ]
* usr/lib/byobu/logo:
  - display logo surrounded by spaces on OSX
* usr/lib/byobu/time_binary:
  - fix time_binary printing "\n" and killing other output
* usr/lib/byobu/updates_available:
  - make updates_available aware of homebrew
* usr/lib/byobu/time, usr/share/byobu/status/statusrc:
  - add an option to time to hide seconds

191. By Dustin Kirkland  on 2013-02-07

* usr/bin/byobu-launch: LP: #1119446, #1119345
  - fix shell syntax regression

190. By Dustin Kirkland  on 2013-02-06

[ Dustin Kirkland ]
* usr/lib/byobu/mail: LP: #1118364
  - support maildir format
* debian/rules, usr/bin/byobu, usr/bin/byobu-launch,
  usr/lib/byobu/include/common, usr/lib/byobu/include/constants:
  - clean up some bashisms (better portability)
  - checkbashisms at build time, show but don't fail

[ Lukas Stabe ]
* usr/bin/byobu-launcher-install:
  - better fish launcher conditional, per actual fish user

189. By Dustin Kirkland  on 2013-01-28

* configure.ac, Makefile.am, === removed directory
  usr/share/byobu/ec2, usr/lib/byobu/ec2_cost,
  usr/lib/byobu/include/Makefile.am, usr/share/byobu/ec2/Makefile.am,
  usr/share/byobu/ec2/rates.eu-west-1, usr/share/byobu/ec2/rates.us-
  east-1, usr/share/byobu/ec2/rates.us-west-1,
  - use a smarter algorithm for estimating ec2 cost
  - include ec2instancespricing.py from
* debian/postinst, usr/bin/byobu-config, usr/bin/byobu-select-session,
  usr/lib/byobu/include/ec2instancespricing.py: LP: #996559, #988471
  - use env for shebang in development tree
  - fix this up in the postinst
    + seems racy -- there's got to better way of handling this???
* usr/bin/byobu-launcher-install, usr/bin/byobu-launcher-uninstall:
  - LP: #1002137
  - support fish shell in the installer
* usr/bin/byobu-select-session:
  - fix python exception
* usr/bin/byobu, usr/share/byobu/keybindings/f-keys.tmux: LP: #1103449
  - fix regression, re-enable blank window titles in both screen and tmux

188. By Dustin Kirkland  on 2013-01-19

* usr/share/byobu/keybindings/f-keys.tmux:
  - use $BYOBU_SHELL_TITLE in tmux too
* usr/share/byobu/windows/Makefile.am:
  - fix lintian warning, install as DATA rather than SCRIPTS
* debian/po/de.po, debian/po/en_GB.po, debian/po/es.po,
  debian/po/pt.po, debian/po/ru.po, debian/po/templates.pot,
  - re-add this file, not sure when/how it got removed, fixes lintian
* usr/share/man/man1/byobu.1, usr/share/man/man1/byobu-quiet.1,
  - fix lintian info messages
  - point to byobu.co in NEWS file
* usr/bin/byobu-select-profile:
  - find a suitable hash sum utility (fixes Mac OS X)
* usr/lib/byobu/uptime:
  - handle multiple white space with a single digit hour on Mac OS X
* usr/bin/byobu-select-profile, usr/bin/byobu-ugraph,
  usr/lib/byobu/include/cycle-status, usr/lib/byobu/ip_address,
  - the sed found in Mac OS X seems to really prefer a -e before expression
* usr/share/byobu/pixmaps/Byobu.png:
  - image added for Mac OS X packaging
* usr/bin/byobu-config:
  - throw an error message when we can't import snack
* Applications/Byobu.app/Contents/MacOS/Byobu:
  - add an application launcher for Mac OS X

187. By Dustin Kirkland  on 2013-01-15

[ Dustin Kirkland ]
  - update build docs referencing git repo
* usr/lib/byobu/cpu_freq, usr/lib/byobu/date, usr/lib/byobu/entropy,
  usr/lib/byobu/include/shutil, usr/lib/byobu/ip_address,
  usr/lib/byobu/load_average, usr/lib/byobu/memory,
  usr/lib/byobu/menu, usr/lib/byobu/processes, usr/lib/byobu/time,
  usr/lib/byobu/time_utc, usr/lib/byobu/uptime, usr/lib/byobu/users:
  - finally got my hands on a Mac OS X box!
  - fixed a bunch of status scripts to work on Mac OS X
* AUTHORS, debian/copyright, po/bg.po, po/sv.po, README,
  usr/bin/byobu-layout, usr/bin/byobu-reconnect-sockets,
  usr/bin/byobu-select-session, usr/lib/byobu/entropy,
  usr/lib/byobu/include/cycle-status, usr/lib/byobu/include/mondrian,
  usr/lib/byobu/menu, usr/share/byobu/keybindings/f-keys.screen,
  - updated email address from <email address hidden> to <email address hidden>
* debian/copyright, debian/source_byobu.py, etc/profile.d/Z97-
  byobu.sh, experimental/byobu-classroom, usr/bin/byobu,
  usr/bin/byobu-config, usr/bin/byobu-ctrl-a, usr/bin/byobu-disable,
  usr/bin/byobu-enable, usr/bin/byobu-export, usr/bin/byobu-janitor,
  usr/bin/byobu-launch, usr/bin/byobu-launcher, usr/bin/byobu-
  launcher-install, usr/bin/byobu-launcher-uninstall, usr/bin/byobu-
  quiet, usr/bin/byobu-select-backend, usr/bin/byobu-select-profile,
  usr/bin/byobu-shell, usr/bin/byobu-silent, usr/bin/byobu-status,
  usr/bin/byobu-status-detail, usr/lib/byobu/apport,
  usr/lib/byobu/arch, usr/lib/byobu/battery, usr/lib/byobu/color,
  usr/lib/byobu/cpu_count, usr/lib/byobu/cpu_freq,
  usr/lib/byobu/cpu_temp, usr/lib/byobu/custom, usr/lib/byobu/date,
  usr/lib/byobu/disk, usr/lib/byobu/disk_io, usr/lib/byobu/distro,
  usr/lib/byobu/ec2_cost, usr/lib/byobu/fan_speed,
  usr/lib/byobu/hostname, usr/lib/byobu/include/common,
  usr/lib/byobu/include/constants, usr/lib/byobu/include/dirs,
  usr/lib/byobu/include/notify_osd, usr/lib/byobu/include/shutil,
  usr/lib/byobu/ip_address, usr/lib/byobu/load_average,
  usr/lib/byobu/logo, usr/lib/byobu/mail, usr/lib/byobu/memory,
  usr/lib/byobu/network, usr/lib/byobu/notify_osd,
  usr/lib/byobu/processes, usr/lib/byobu/raid, usr/lib/byobu/rcs_cost,
  usr/lib/byobu/reboot_required, usr/lib/byobu/release,
  usr/lib/byobu/services, usr/lib/byobu/swap, usr/lib/byobu/time,
  usr/lib/byobu/time_utc, usr/lib/byobu/trash,
  usr/lib/byobu/updates_available, usr/lib/byobu/uptime,
  usr/lib/byobu/users, usr/lib/byobu/whoami,
  usr/lib/byobu/wifi_quality, usr/share/byobu/profiles/byoburc,
  usr/share/byobu/profiles/classroom, usr/share/byobu/profiles/common,
  usr/share/byobu/profiles/NONE, usr/share/byobu/profiles/screenrc,
  usr/share/byobu/profiles/tmux, usr/share/byobu/profiles/tmuxrc,
  usr/share/byobu/status/status, usr/share/byobu/status/statusrc,
  usr/share/man/man1/byobu.1, usr/share/man/man1/byobu-config.1,
  usr/share/man/man1/byobu-ctrl-a.1, usr/share/man/man1/byobu-
  enable.1, usr/share/man/man1/byobu-export.1,
  usr/share/man/man1/byobu-janitor.1, usr/share/man/man1/byobu-
  launcher.1, usr/share/man/man1/byobu-launcher-install.1,
  usr/share/man/man1/byobu-layout.1, usr/share/man/man1/byobu-quiet.1,
  usr/share/man/man1/byobu-screen.1, usr/share/man/man1/byobu-select-
  backend.1, usr/share/man/man1/byobu-select-profile.1,
  usr/share/man/man1/byobu-select-session.1, usr/share/man/man1/byobu-
  shell.1, usr/share/man/man1/byobu-silent.1,
  usr/share/man/man1/byobu-status.1, usr/share/man/man1/byobu-status-
  detail.1, usr/share/man/man1/byobu-tmux.1:
  - updated email address from <email address hidden> to <email address hidden>
* usr/bin/byobu-select-session: LP: #1098102
  - fix regression with Python2.6 compatibility, use Popen instead of

[ Przemek Wesolek ]
* usr/bin/byobu-status: LP: #1003938
  - go through cat due to possible tmux/epoll bug

186. By Dustin Kirkland  on 2013-01-10

* usr/bin/byobu-config: LP: #1097922, #1098102
  - ensure byobu-config works even if ~/.profile doesn't exist
* usr/bin/byobu-ctrl-a: LP: #1098229
  - fix typo that breaks ctrl-a selection behavior
* usr/bin/byobu: LP: #1026595
  - fix readlink detection; we were using BYOBU_TEST before it was defined
  - instead, try to greadlink -f .; operationally the same
* usr/lib/byobu/include/dirs: LP: #1025998
  - more XDG annoyances
  - use $HOME/.config/byobu as BYOBU_CONFIG_DIR if it exists
* === added symlink usr/bin/byobu-screen, === added symlink
  usr/bin/byobu-tmux, === target is byobu: LP: #1022882
  - add symlinks to repo, makes it easier to use byobu straight out of
* usr/bin/byobu-select-profile: LP: #946112
  - fix byobu interactive color selection in tmux
* usr/lib/byobu/distro, usr/lib/byobu/release: LP: #1004722
  - use sw_vers utility on Mac to determine distro and release

185. By Dustin Kirkland  on 2013-01-09

[ Iain Lane ]
* usr/bin/byobu-select-session:
  - Handle `screen -ls' returning 1. (LP: #1098341)

184. By Dustin Kirkland  on 2013-01-09

* usr/bin/byobu-status:
  - move tmux-specific width code into tmux case block
* usr/bin/byobu-config, usr/bin/byobu-ctrl-a,
  - update python code for python3 compatibility
* usr/bin/byobu-select-session:
  - update python code for python3 compatibility

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