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26. By James Page on 2012-03-22

d/autofs5.autofs.upstart: Drop wait-for-state from configuration as
waiting for NIS to start is already handled in the NIS package by
the start-ypbind upstart configuration which supports autofs
(LP: #958704).

25. By Clint Byrum on 2012-03-10

* d/autofs5.autofs.upstart: Wait for NIS if it is installed. Also
  use the more generic runlevel event to start (LP: #573919)
* d/control: Depend on upstart >= 0.9.7-2 since we rely on wait-for-state.

24. By Chris Halse Rogers on 2012-02-17

* debian/rules:
  - Don't strip symbols during the build; let dh_strip turn them into dbgsym
    packages instead. Thanks, Adam Stokes! (LP: #924002)

23. By Dave Walker on 2011-07-14

* debian/patches/non-ipv6-hostname-lookups.patch: Resolve regression of not
  being able to lookup non IPv6 hostnames, patch courtesy of upstream.
  (LP: #810397)
* debian/control:
  - Removed dpatch from build-dep as package is now using
    quilt to handle patches.
  - Bumped standards to 3.9.2, no changes required.
* debian/rules: Added targets build-arch & build-indep to satisfy lintian.

22. By Chuck Short on 2011-07-03

* New upstream release:
  - Dropped upstream patches
  - Refreshed debian/patches/17ld.patch.

21. By Chuck Short on 2011-05-27

* Refresh upstream patches.
* Convert to dpkg-source 3.0 quilt format.

20. By Clint Byrum on 2011-04-09

* Remove mounting TYPE=nfs from start conditions, change to
  start on filesystem and started networking to still solve
  bug 733914 as well. (LP: #752730)
* Re-add sourcing of /etc/default/autofs to get OPTIONS so
  upgrades won't lose their settings.

19. By Chuck Short on 2011-04-02

* Improve autofs.conf upstart script. Prevent race
  when trying to start networking. (LP: #733914)
* debian/autofs5-ldap.install: Install schema in the right place.
  (LP: #699855)
* Suggest smbfs if you want to use cifs. (LP: #579857)
* Dropped 13ldap_module_linkage.dpatch no longer needed.
* Refresh with missing upstream patches.

18. By Chuck Short on 2011-02-14

Add missing space to autofs.conf which was stopping autofs job
from ending at shutdown (LP:#718664).

17. By Matthias Klose on 2011-01-07

Fix FTBFS with ld --no-add-needed.

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