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65. By Timo Aaltonen on 2013-01-17

use-sigsafe-logging.patch: Upstream commit from master, use signal
safe logging with input ABI 18. (LP: #1100586)

64. By Timo Aaltonen on 2012-08-14

[ Maarten Lankhorst ]
Add -dbg package

63. By Timo Aaltonen on 2012-08-01

control: Bump the build-depends for new xserver.

62. By Maarten Lankhorst on 2012-06-28

* Removed patches:
  - 125_option_rec_revert.patch
  - 126_ubuntu_xi22.patch
* Bump xserver to 1.12 minimum

61. By Chase Douglas on 2012-06-07

* Enable right button clickpad area by default (LP: #972727)
  - Upstream has this enabled. We had it disabled for Precise due to the
    feature landing well after feature freeze. This change puts us back in
    sync with upstream.

60. By Maarten Lankhorst on 2012-05-21

* Merged from Debian unstable
* Refreshed patches for indentation changes
  - 101_resolution_detect_option.patch
  - 118_quell_error_msg.patch
  - 124_syndaemon_events.patch
  - 125_option_rec_revert.patch
* Add temporary patches, for upstream git commits on synaptics-1.6-branch
* Fix memory corruption by driver (LP: #941953) FDo #49439
 - 201-Avoid-out-of-bounds-access-by-running-num_active_tou.patch
 - 202-Ignore-pre-existing-touches.patch
* Fix FDo #49966
 - 203-Fix-coasting-for-negative-ScrollDelta.patch
* Fix jumpy cursor after suspend/resume
 - 204-Reset-open-slots-array-on-device-disable.patch
* Fix another resume bug
 - 205-Reset-hw-x-y-to-INT_MIN-and-skip-HandleState-until-w.patch
* Fix division by 0 or infinite loop with zero scroll distance FDo #49965
 - 206-Don-t-allow-for-scroll-distances-of-0-49965.patch

59. By Chase Douglas on 2012-05-07

* Update to upstream version 1.6.0
  - Bug fixes only
  - Fully fixes touchpad bugs on suspend/resume (LP: #968845)
* Drop patches merged upstream
  - 200_fix_four_tap.patch
  - 201_fix_touch_count.patch
  - 202_touch_record_bounds_check.patch
  - 203_fix_coasting_speed.patch
  - 204_monotonicise_hw_timestamp.patch
  - 205_end_touches_on_disable.patch
* Refreshed 130_dont_enable_rightbutton_area.patch

58. By Chris Halse Rogers on 2012-04-24

* debian/patches/204_monotonicise_hw_timestamp.patch:
  - Cherry-pick patch from upstream to ensure the timestamps used when
    determining velocities are monotonic. In certain circumstances the
    timestamps from hardware events can be less than the timestamps
    from the preceeding artificially-generated events.
    + Fixes occasional huge jumps in pointer position.
    + Fixes two-finger scrolling in GTK+3 windows (such as Nautilus and
      Evolution) failing some time after login. (LP: #982771)
* debian/patches/205_end_touches_on_disable.patch:
  - Upstream patch to reset touch state on device disable.
    + Fixes touchpad not working after suspend on some MacBook models
      (LP: #968845)

57. By Chow Loong Jin on 2012-04-13

* Fix coasting speed on multitouch touchpads (LP: #930938)
  - Add patch 203_fix_coasting_speed.patch

56. By Chase Douglas on 2012-04-09

* Fix crash on Apple trackpads when touching with more than 10 fingers
  (LP: #974017)
  - Add temporary patch 202_touch_record_bounds_check.patch

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