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17. By Francesco Fumanti

* Request for quantal to update virtkey to this release (LP: #1018828)
* debian/control, debian/rules: Add support for python3. Create two binary
  packages now: python-virtkey, python3-virtkey
  - debian/: Add python-virtkey.install and python3-virtkey.install
  - debian/control: Remove cdbs build-dependency, raise debhelper
    build-dependency to (>= 7.0.50~)
  - debian/rules: have dh_python2 create the puthon2 and python3 packages,
    and override dh_auto_install
* Reduce the number of unnecessarily linked libraries
* Make XkbGetKeyboard use correct constants (thanks Gerd Kohlberger)
* Switch to debian source format to 3.0 (quilt)
* debian/control:
  - Homepage: Change the name of the source from python-virtkey to virtkey
  - update Standards-Version to 3.9.3
* debian/copyright:
  - adjust hosting site to use virtkey instead of python-virtkey
  - add the copyright information for the year 2012
* debian/watch: replace python-virtkey with virtkey in the urls

16. By Matthias Klose

Rebuild to drop python2.6 dependencies.

15. By Steve Langasek

releasing version 0.60.0-0ubuntu4

14. By Steve Langasek

Drop the Vcs-Bzr field pointing to lp:python-virtkey, since that's the
upstream repository which doesn't correspond to where the packaging is

13. By Steve Langasek

merge fix from Evan to drop pycentral

12. By Matthias Klose

Rebuild to add support for python 2.7.

11. By Bilal Akhtar

Prevent include-links from being set in the DH_PYCENTRAL variable
before the build, this is not needed in this package and generates
broken symlinks, hence preventing the package from installing properly.
(LP: #648695)

10. By Francesco Fumanti

  * Feature freeze exception request to update to new release (LP: #619809)
  * Add methods to get the active layout symbols and group (LP: #65626)
  * Add python error exit in getKbd (LP: 526791)
  * Fix potential X resource leaks
  * Add test code to simulate missing X keyboard
  * Some code cleanup
  * Reorganize source directory and add AUTHORS, NEWS and README files
  * Add MANIFEST.in file
  * Use patch by Vincent Untz to use pkg-config instead of hardcoded paths
  * Update license to LGPL 3
  * Change source version format to major.minor.micro
  * Add some API documentation
  * debian/control:
      - Add homepage
      - Improve long description
  * debian/copyright:
      - Add hosting site
      - Add marmuta and myself
      - Update license information
  * debian/watch:
      - Add watch file

9. By Alexander Sack

rebuild rest of main for armel armv7/thumb2 optimization;

8. By Matthias Klose

Build for python2.6, include symlinks in the package.

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