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67. By Jamie Strandboge

debian/control: remove Build-Depends on kdesdk-scripts so kdesdk
can live in universe

66. By Harald Sitter

[ Dmitrijs Ledkovs ]
* Increase the height of both source and target treeviews in the GTK+
  frontend. Thanks to Ross Lagerwall.
* Search Desktop in addition to Downloads directory for ISOs. Thanks to
  Lucian Adrian Grijincu (LP: #761646)
* Update debian/copyright to copyright specification 1.0
* Bump standards version to 3.8.3

[ Harald Sitter ]
* KDE: don't duplicate entries by improper removal of entries on update
  (LP: #992061)
* udisks: on successful format the ended callback must be called
* KDE: strip() ISO labels as some derivates end up having newlines in
  their label (e.g. netrunner)
* KDE: auto-populate the ISO list with files found in downloads dir
  (LP: #761745)

[ Jonathan Riddell ]
* KDE: do not clear formatting list in backend, fix breakage at
  end of format

65. By Evan

[ Colin Watson ]
* Clean up various pyflakes warnings.
* Only pass unicode=True to gettext.install in Python 2.
* Open subprocesses with universal_newlines=True when expecting to read
  text from them. On Python 2, this only enables \r\n conversion and the
  like, but on Python 3 this also causes subprocess-related file objects
  to read str rather than bytes.
* Use str() rather than unicode() in Python 3.
* Remove __pycache__ directories on clean.
* Use 'isinstance(obj, collections.Callable)' instead of 'callable(obj)'
  in Python 3.
* Change 'except StandardError' to 'except Exception'; StandardError was
  removed in Python 3.
* Use Python 3 name for Queue if available.
* Handle a few cases of builtins being changed to return iterators in
  Python 3.
* Just use dict.items() rather than bothering with Python 2/3
  compatibility for dict.iteritems().

[ Evan Dandrea ]
* Only clear the selected partition on the disk, not the entire disk
  (LP: #484252). Thanks Dmitrijs Ledkovs!

64. By Evan

[ Colin Watson ]
* Fix production of Ubuntu <= 10.04 images on Ubuntu >= 10.10 using
  syslinux-legacy (LP: #645818).

[ Evan Dandrea ]
* When comparing against 10.04, treat its point releases the same as
  the initial release.
* Drop code to insert 'ui' in front of 'gfxboot bootlogo' in 10.04.
  The ui command was added after 10.04.

63. By Martin Pitt

debian/control: Fix dependency: python-gobject → python-gi.

62. By Martin Pitt

[ Colin Watson ]
* Use Python 3-compatible print functions.
* Use "except Exception as e" syntax rather than the old-style "except
  Exception, e".
* Use "raise Exception(value)" syntax rather than the old-style "raise
  Exception, value".
* Use absolute imports.

[ Martin Pitt ]
* usbcreator/frontends/gtk/frontend.py: We do not have any help for
  usb-creator, so hide the Help button. (LP: #884008)

61. By Timo Aaltonen

update the maintainer address

60. By Nathan Williams

add user-friendly requests for authorization (lp: #943235)

59. By Didier Roche-Tolomelli

depends on gir unity 5.0 (for real, this time)

58. By Didier Roche-Tolomelli

Wrong target, sorry, reverting to unity 4.0 to upload to the ppa,
this time

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