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12. By Martin Pitt on 2012-10-05

* Final 2.0.0 release. Changes since our git snapshot:
  - Only do the isohybrid hack for the first partition
  - Don't complain about missing /etc/crypttab file
  - Don't complain about missing /etc/fstab file
  - Make it work without requiring the kernel to be CONFIG_SWAP=y
  - Don't require that users define UDISKS_API_IS_SUBJECT_TO_CHANGE
  - Lots of documentation updates and corrections
  - Update translations from Transifex
* debian/rules: Call dh_install with --fail-missing.
* debian/udisks2.install: Install bash completion from/to
* Add debian/udisks2.maintscript: Remove bash completion in /etc/ on

11. By Martin Pitt on 2012-09-20

* Update to current upstream git head:
  - configure.ac: raise gudev dependency
  - Update list of recovery/system partitions
  - Add support for creating exFAT filesystems and changing exFAT labels
  - Add textual descriptions for IMSM Raid members
  - Use all-caps for RAID in descriptions
  - Lots of test suite robustifications and added tests
  - Enable large file support (LP: #1039022)
  - Mount vfat with "flush" option
* Drop 00git_dev_t_annotation.patch, 00git_testsuite.patch.
* debian/control: Bump libgudev-1.0-dev build dependency as per upstream
* debian/udisks2.install: Install umount.udisks2 into /sbin; our old
  util-linux version does not yet find it in /usr/sbin/. (LP: #1019651)

10. By Martin Pitt on 2012-09-10

* debian/local/udisks2-inhibit: Fix crash when /run/udisks2 does not exist
  yet. (LP: #1048211)
* 00git_testsuite.patch: Pull latest test suite updates from trunk. This
  disables the tests for mounting XFS and reiserfs on read-only devices, as
  this is known-broken without a workaround.

9. By Martin Pitt on 2012-09-10

Upload current Debian git head, this bug breaks installation images.

debian/local/udisks2-inhibit: Fix crash when /run/udisks2 does not exist
yet. (LP: #1048211)

8. By Martin Pitt on 2012-09-07

* Add debian/local/udisks2-inhibit: Hack to disallow udisks2 mount
  operations for anyone but root while a program is running. This is similar
  to udisks 1.x's "udisks --inhibit .." command. Install it into
* mount_in_media.patch: As on Debian and Ubuntu /media is not currently a
  tmpfs, we need to put the "mounted-fs" file to a persistent path as well.
  Otherwise udisks does not clean up old mount points that it created after
  a reboot. (LP: #1043772)
* debian/udisks2.postinst: Migrate the mounted-fs file on upgrades.
* Update 00git_testsuite.patch: Pull latest test suite updates from trunk.
  This now covers handling of existing mount points, and mounting read-only
  devices, which reproduces LP #435192.

7. By Martin Pitt on 2012-09-06

* Add 00git_dev_t_annotation.patch: Add workaround annotation for
  udisks_client_get_block_for_dev(), to fix UDisks.Block.get_block_for_dev()
  on 32 bit platforms when calling it through introspection. Patch also
  committed to upstream git.
* Add 00git_testsuite.patch: Pull latest test suite updates from trunk. This
  includes a new test case for permissions for removable devices, plus some
  race condition fixes.
* mount_in_media.patch: Drop the test suite portion, included in previous

6. By Martin Pitt on 2012-08-22

Add mount_in_media.patch: Mount drives in /media, not /run/media/, to stay
FHS compatible. (Closes: #680403, LP: #1020759)

5. By Martin Pitt on 2012-07-28

* New upstream release (LP: #1030268)
  - Support Realtek rts5229 SD/MMC card readers. (LP: #1022497)
* Drop 00git_no_polkit_fallback.patch, upstream now.
* Drop debian/local/integration-test, shipped in upstream tarball now.
* debian/tests/upstream-system: Run test suite from upstream source.
* debian/tests/control: Simplify Depends: line using "@".
* debian/tests/control: Drop undefined "no-build-needed" feature.

4. By Martin Pitt on 2012-06-20

* debian/local/apport-hook.py: Fix syntax to also work with Python 3.
  (LP: #1013171)
* debian/tests/upstream-system: Ensure that /var/run/udisks2 exists.
* debian/tests/control: Add dbus-x11 dependency for dbus-launch.
* debian/control: Add XS-Testsuite header, as per current DEP-8.

3. By Martin Pitt on 2012-06-13

* New upstream release.
* debian/control: Drop ntfsprogs Recommends. It is a transitional package
  for ntfs-3g now, which we already recommend.
* Add 00git_no_polkit_fallback.patch: Fix crash if polkit is not available.
  Patch backported from current upstream git head.
* Add debian/local/integration-test: Latest integration test suite from
  upstream git. 1.99 and later will ship that in the source tarball.
* Add debian/tests/control and debian/tests/upstream-system: DEP-8
  autopkgtest (adapted from udisks package).
* debian/control: Change suggestion of cryptsetup to cryptsetup-bin, as that
  is sufficient for udisks' needs.
* debian/copyright: Fix duplicate copyright line, thanks lintian.

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