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58. By dobey on 2012-07-26

* debian/control:
  - Change Recommends of ubuntu-sso-client-gui to Suggests. (LP: #1029552)

57. By dobey on 2012-06-27

* New upstream release.
  - Handle type annotation when printed from gsettings. (LP: #1007109)
  - Remove back buttons in sign in/up pages. (LP: #1009107)
  - Disable tests broken by GTK+ 3.5 behavior change. (LP: #1014772)
  - Remove code duplication with dirspec. (LP: #1016151)
  - Stop using deprecated dict iteritems/itervalues calls. (LP: #1016707)
  - Stop using deprecated exception handling method. (LP: #1016711)
* debian/control:
  - Update dependencies.
* debian/*.install:
  - Remove modules that duplicated code with dirspec.
* debian/patches:
  - Remove upstreamed patches.

56. By dobey on 2012-06-18

* debian/control:
  - Remove explicit build-dep on python-support.
  - Remove unneeded build-dep on simplejson.
  - Remove python-qt4reactor build-dep as it is not in main.
* debian/rules:
  - Disable running the tests due to qt4reactor not being in main.

55. By dobey on 2012-06-15

* New upstream release.
  - Remove some code duplication in web client. (LP: #904842)
  - Handle starting with the -testsability argument. (LP: #984964)
  - Log more details for SSL validation failure. (LP: #987405)
  - Use the new dev-tools API in tests. (LP: #988809)
  - Use the network detection page before signup/login. (LP: #996025)
  - Fix size of password assistance label in reset dialog. (LP: #999885)
  - ubuntu-sso-login-qt crashed with TypeError in got_state. (LP: #1003692)
* debian/control:
  - Update dependencies to allow running unit tests during build.
* debian/patches:
  - Remove upstreamed patches.
* debian/patches/00_bug711413.patch:
  - Trap DBusException when connecting to session bus. (LP: #711413)
* debian/patches/01_bug882055.patch:
  - Tell libsoup to use strict ssl with system ca certs. (LP: #882055)
* debian/rules:
  - Enable unit tests during build.
* debian/watch:
  - Update to use stable-4-0 series for Quantal.

54. By Natalia Bidart on 2012-05-07

* debian/patches/01_lp-994632.patch:
  - Made the service use the Qt UI if available, and if no UI is installed,
  propagate a decent error instead of AssertionError (LP: #994632).

53. By dobey on 2012-04-11

* New upstream release.
  - Fix for test failures. (LP: #973345)
  - Add necessary OpenSSL exception to license. (LP: #968555)
* debian/copyright:
  - Update to proper dep5 format.
  - Update for OpenSSL exception.
* debian/patches/00_bzr837-lp-960657.patch:
  - Client hangs on account creation. (LP: #960657)
* debian/watch:
  - Update for new release.

52. By Natalia Bidart on 2012-04-04

* debian/control:
  - Added missing dependency on python-imaging for ubuntu-sso-client-qt
    (LP: #973311).

51. By Natalia Bidart on 2012-04-03

* New upstream release:
  - Restoring transparency for the overlay widget (LP: #969455).
  - Converting to unicode some data returned by webclient in
    QByteArray format (LP: #961315).
  - Fixed the issue where we use an empty proxy url when the proxy
    was not set in gsettings (LP: #969280).
  - Forced white background (LP: #961346).
* debian/watch:
  - Updated url to fetch tarball from latest milestone.

50. By Natalia Bidart on 2012-03-21

* New upstream release:
  - Do not allow ssl errors to be ignored (LP: #959390).
  - Handle wrong credentials properly in qtnetwork webclient
    (LP: #957317).
  - Use HTTPClientFactory to allow replacing the reactor used to connect
    (LP: #929207).
  - Decode the content of help_text (LP: #951371).
  - Adding missing file for translation (LP: #951376).
  - Adding a general error message when the argument received by
    build_general_error_message is not a dict (LP: #865176).
  - Adding some checks to setup_page (LP: #951461).
  - Adding a padding to the right margin of the reset layout, and align
    one of its layout to the left (LP: #945065).
  - Executing hide_error when the user click the refresh captcha link,
    not inside of the _refresh_captcha method, because this is executed
    automatically when a captcha error is generated, so we will always
    miss the error message (LP: #955010).
  - Removing the align property from the label that wasn't necessary
    and was breakint the work wrap. Also adjust the height of the widget
    depending if it has more than one line (LP: #940392).
  - Improve logging operations (LP: #934500).
  - Making LINK_STYLE to be unicode (LP: #950953).
  - Setting the window title equal to the app_name (LP: #949744).
  - The _move_to_email_verification_page wasn't receiving the params
    that the signal emits (LP: #945066).
  - Improve the grammar for the CLOSE_AND_SETUP_LATER button text
    (LP: #949978).
  - Changed the way in which we deal with proxies to work around bugs
    found in the QNetworkAccessManager (LP: #957313).
  - Stopped listening to the proxyAuthenticationRequired to avoid the
    dialog showing more than once (LP: #957170)
  - Made changes in the way the webclient is selected to ensure that qt
    is used when possible (LP: #957169).
  - Connected the WebKit browser correctly so that the tc page gets
    loaded (LP: #933081).
  - Added code to check if the browser with the t&c was already loaded.
    If it is just show the t&c page, otherwise perform the request
    (LP: #956185).
  - Added a translatable string to give more context of the ssl cert
    info to the user (LP: #948119).
  - Provided the logic required for the Qt webclient implementation to
    detect ssl errors and spawn the ssl dialog to allow the user accept
    the ssl cert exceptions (LP: #948134).
  - Changed the qt webclient implementation to use a proxy factory so
    that the correct proxy is chosen according to the request
    (LP: #950088).
  - Added the required code to allow the webclient use authenticated
    proxies and request the creds when needed (LP: #933727).
  - The tooltip should not be shown for titles and subtitles when
    no cut off was needed (LP: #949741).
  - Enable platform-specific styling (LP: #953318).
  - Only import DBus on Linux (LP: #956304).
  - Don't hard-code font sizes.
  - Remove usage of weight property as a numeric; just use bold
    property instead (LP: #953062).
* Removed patches which were included upstream.
* debian/watch:
  - Updated url to fetch tarball from latest milestone.
* debian/ubuntu-sso-client-qt.install:
  - Install Qt UI executables for providing proxy authentication support.
* debian/control:
  - Added new dependency on python-openssl to python-ubuntu-sso-client.
  - Improved description for ubuntu-sso-client-qt binary package.

49. By Natalia Bidart on 2012-03-07

* debian/patches/fix-945066.patch:
  - The _move_to_email_verification_page callback wasn't receiving the
    params that the signal emits, thus attempts to verify an email weren't
    succeeding (LP: #945066).
* In previous changelog there is a typo when specifying the updated
  Standards-Version, it should have been 3.9.3 instead of 3.9.93 (though the
  control file was correctly changed).

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