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234. By Till Kamppeter on 2012-09-09

debian/patches/30_driver-autodownload.patch: Fixed typos.

233. By Till Kamppeter on 2012-09-26

With the dropping of the CUPS Browsing feature from CUPS 1.6.x some
configurable settings supported by the "Server Settings" dialog do not
exist any more. This patch makes them disappear if the CUPS version in use
is 1.6.x or newer (LP: #1052897).

232. By Benjamin Kerensa on 2012-09-20

Use "Printers" not "Print Settings" to be more consistent with other
System Settings panels and the GNOME printer panel (LP: #1053189)

231. By Till Kamppeter on 2012-09-12

* debian/patches/33_scp-dbus-service-policy-kit-only-auth-on-non-gtk-systems.patch:
  Made asyncconn.py and asyncpk1.py working also without GTK, so that
  scp-dbus-service can be used on GTK-less systems like Kubuntu. Note that
  this requires authentication via PolicyKit and so scp-dbus-service can
  only run under conditions where PolicyKit is supported, which means that
  it must run as a non-root user and accessing a local CUPS daemon, via
  "localhost" or socket (LP: #902762).
* debian/system-config-printer-common.install,
  debian/control: Moved asyncconn.py and asyncpk1.py from
  system-config-printer-gnome to system-config-printer-common
  (LP: #902762).
* debian/patches/27_disable-policy-kit-support.patch: Removed, as
  cups-pk-helper is fixed now (See LP: #807261).
* debian/patches/07_allow-also-nonfree-ppds-for-single-ppd-download.patch:
  Removed, as it is not needed any more. The patch
  30_driver-autodownload.patch overrides the onlyfree setting in
  the cupshelpers::openprinting module.

230. By Till Kamppeter on 2012-08-31

* debian/patches/30_driver-autodownload.patch: Make driver auto-download
  also working when changing the driver of an existing print queue, minor
  bug fixes.
* debian/patches/30_driver-autodownload.patch,
  debian/system-config-printer-gnome.install: Integrated install-printerdriver
  helper script into the upstream build system.

229. By Till Kamppeter on 2012-08-28

debian/patches/30_driver-autodownload.patch: Added possibility to skip
automatically offered driver download, fixed display of boolean and
numeric properties of downloadable drivers.

228. By Till Kamppeter on 2012-08-28

* debian/patches/30_driver-autodownload.patch: Fix of GUI race condition
  problems, made wait window of package installation working correctly.
* debian/local/install-printerdriver: Create correct progress output
  for the package installation.

227. By Till Kamppeter on 2012-08-24

* debian/patches/30_driver-autodownload.patch: Fixes for various bugs
  found while testing.
* debian/local/install-printerdriver: Support package installation for
  unsigned packages (for example PPD-only packages).

226. By Till Kamppeter on 2012-08-23

* debian/patches/30_driver-autodownload.patch: Added support for automatic
  driver package download from OpenPrinting without needing Jockey.
* debian/local/install-printerdriver: Helper script for printer driver
  download via PackageKit.
* debian/control: Added dependency on python-pycurl.
* debian/system-config-printer-gnome.install: Install install-printerdriver.

225. By Till Kamppeter on 2012-08-07

* New upstream release
   o GIT 1.3.x snapshot from 7 August 2012
   o State of 1.3.1 release
   o Updated translations
   o Changed application name in desktop file
   o Handle Unicode URL-encoded smb URIs
   o Removed use of obsolete udev_get_sys_path()
   o Use IPP API accessors (CUPS 1.6)
   o libusb 1.0.x support in udev-configure-printer
   o Avoid usblp requirement in udev-configure-printer
   o Various other udev-configure-printer enhancements
   o More robust XML parsing of OpenPrinting responses
   o Allow test pages for remote CUPS queues
   o Support for PPD files for native PDF printers
   o Suppress cups-remote-... notification messages
   o Recommended driver tweak for HP LaserJet 12xx/13xx
   o Added --show-jobs command line option
   o Improved device list sorting
   o Use cups-config to determine serverbin directory at build time

* debian/patches/30_cupshelpers-Fix-XML-parsing-crash-on-invalid-UTF-8.patch,
  debian/patches/83_improved-sorting-of-device-lists.patch: Removed,
  incorporated upstream.

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