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109. By Adam Conrad

Call GnuPG with an appropriate --homedir argument (LP: #1060335)

108. By Michael Vogt

* lp:~mvo/software-properties/recv-key-lp1016643:
  - ensure fingerprint check after recv-key (LP: #1016643)

107. By Oliver Grawert

[ Oliver Grawert ]
* make sure a capitalized line for "Prompt=" lands in
  /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades to prevent ucf questions
  (LP: #1045579)

[ Michael Vogt ]
* softwareproperties/ppa.py: remove no longer applying comment (thanks to

106. By Colin Watson

* Make DEP-8 tests depend on python-dbus, python-pycurl, and
* Make software-properties-common depend on ca-certificates, for
  softwareproperties.ppa.get_ppa_info_from_lp (LP: #1052267).

105. By Colin Watson

[ Colin Watson ]
* add-apt-repository:
  - Force output encoding to UTF-8 even in non-UTF-8 locales
    (LP: #1041431).

[ sampo555 ]
* Construct the path of a PPA source file properly (LP: #972617, #994515,
  #1018327, #1037916).

104. By Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre

softwareproperties/gtk/SoftwarePropertiesGtk.py: also cover the cases where
vendor or model can't be identified; replace those unavailable strings with
"Unknown". (LP: #1028388)

103. By Michael Vogt

* lp:~mvo/software-properties/dep8:
  - add dep8 control

102. By Colin Watson

[ Colin Watson ]
* debian/rules:
  - Ensure that scripts end up with #! /usr/bin/python3, not #!

[ Robert Roth ]
* Import pycurl before using it (LP: #1044674).
* Remove QString as py3 uses native python string (LP: #1036588).

101. By Kiwinote

* softwareproperties/gtk/SoftwarePropertiesGtk.py:
  - add missing import to unblock startup (LP: #1042180)

100. By Michael Vogt

[ Robert Roth ]
* lp:~evfool/software-properties/lp1030970 :
  - Fixed the source code checkbox and the submit statistics
    checkbox labels to be left-aligned instead of centered.
* lp:~evfool/software-properties/lp997371:
  - support enabling a component via "apt-add-repository componentname"
    (e.g. "apt-add-repository multiverse") LP: #997371

[ Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre ]
* Reinstate pycurl to use for getting PPA information from Launchpad, since
  it can actually verify SSL certificates with python2. Also set
  LAUNCHPAD_PPA_CERT so that it's a valid path to the system CA certificates
  bundle to use for urllib and pycurl. (LP: #1036839)
  - CVE-2012-0955

[ Gabor Kelemen ]
* lp:~kelemeng/software-properties/bug1035544:
  - fix a bunch of missing i18n strings (LP: #1035544)

[ Michael Vogt ]
* lp:~mvo/software-properties/remove-popcon:
  - remove the "statistics" page as this is no longer used
    (LP: #1025436)

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